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Monday, January 12, 2015

James Carroll Littrell: 1880-1965

James Carroll Littrell was the son of Timmons Seburn Literal and Mary Catherine Urban.

                   Uncle Jim and Grandpa John                                        
August 1962                                                     

JDL-9 (3)James Carroll7 Littrell (Timmons Seburn6 Literal, Eli Franklin5, Rodhom4, Robert3 Luttrell, Richard2 Lutterell, James1 Lotterell) was born February 16, 1880 in TN., Lawrence Co., Loretto, and died February 21, 1965 in MO., Sikeston. He married (1) Addie L. Smith (#711) February 11, 1902, daughter of James Smith and Martha Hughes. She was born June 21, 1885, and died December 19, 1903. He married (2) Caldonia “Donie” Ezell (#2). March 03, 1909 in Lawrence Co., TN., daughter of John Ezell and Mary Belew. She was born August 10, 1886 in TN., Loretto, and died October 30, 1981 in MO., Sikeston

James Carroll Littrell married (1) Addie L. Smith (#711) and after her death married (2) Caldonia “Donie” Ezell (#2).1 2.3 4

By 1929 James Carroll had just about hit rock bottom on making a living for his family, he and his brother John had heard about what good farming land it was in Missouri, so they went to Missouri to check things out. John, who was married to the 1st cousin of James’ wife Donie, would not move to Missouri for a couple of years. James made plans to move the family and on the last day of 1929, he loaded his family of 8 children and headed for southeast Missouri in a T Model Car.
The family landed in New Madrid on the ferry. They moved up the levee from New Madrid for a while and then moved on a farm at LA Forge. James rented some ground from Charlie Rablis (?) where he farmed for a good while. Eventually he moved to New Madrid MO., where he had a gas station, and then they moved to Sikeston, Missouri.
James had a car wreck that caused him a lot of pain and prevented him from working.
James died in 1965 at the age of 85, Donie continued to live in Sikeston, Missouri.  

Interview/letter with - Auvine Littrell 1993 , c. 1993, Aug.:
".....Glenn the best that I can remember Dad & (the) family
moving from Tennessee to Mo…”

James Carroll Littrell:
Buried: MO., New Madrid Co., Evergreen Cemetery.
1900, TN., LAWRENCE CO.:ED#50,pp7B w/COUSIN & his Wife "LITREL, JAMES
1910, TN., Lawrence Co., Census w/wife "CALDONA" p13B
1920, TN., Lawrence Co., Census w/ family~FARMER

Addie L. Smith: Buried: TN., Lawrence Co., Selena Cemetery.
Donie Ezell: Buried: MO., New Madrid Co., Evergreen Cemetery.

Child of James Littrell and Addie Smith is: Buford W. Littrell

Children of James Littrell and Donie Ezell are: Arthur Littrell, Bill Dansel Lee Littrell, Clera Estelle Littrell, Vela M. Littrell, Auvine Littrell, Lorene Francis Littrell, Rachel Littrell, and J.C. Littrell.

James C. Littrell, 85, Former Resident, Dies At Home In Sikeston

James C. Littrell, 85, of 218 Edmondson, Sikeston, died at his home Sunday at 7:15 a.m.
Born in Lawrence County, Tenn., on February 16, 1880, he was a retired farmer. He was formerly a resident of New Madrid.
Surviving are his wife, Donnie Ezell Littrell: five daughters, Mrs. Herbert (Auvine) Lynxwiller of Sikeston, Mrs. W. T. (Clera) Beeson of Morehouse, Mrs. Billy (Lorene) Thompson of New Madrid, Mrs. Dewey (Rachel) Thompson of Lilbourn, Mrs. Howard (vela) Nolen of Titusville, Fla., one son, Arthur of Titusville, Fla., one brother, John Littrell of East Prairie, 14 grandchildren and six great grandchildren.
Services were held in the Jackson Funeral Chapel Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock with Rev. Robert Jones and the Rev. Jimmie Edmondson officiating. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery in New Madrid.

1 James Carroll Littrell Family Correspondence File, (Letters, Family Group Sheets, and charts sent by family members to the compiler Glenn D. Littrell.), "Mrs. Donnie Littrell has 87th birthday" undated and unreferenced Newspaper clipping,, contributed by Bertha Littrell-Thurman

2 James Carroll Littrell Family Correspondence File, (Letters, Family Group Sheets, and charts sent by family members to the compiler Glenn D. Littrell.), According to her daughters, Donie's full name was : Donie Emaline Cal Lizzie Ezell Littrell. She was supposedly named after her aunts. To date two of her known aunts on her fathers side were Nancy and Ollie, and there was a "C.A." and a "T.S.A." Ezell who we are still clarifying the initials and finally a "T.C." or "T.H.C." who may have been an uncle or aunt[?]. Obviously from this group any of the "C" initials could be for Cal [short for ?]. If the Ezell aunts and uncles are complete then the Donie, Emaline, and Lizzie must have come from the Belew [mother] side of her ancestry. As yet she has no Aunts identified in that family.Besides the fact that all of her aunts have not been identified it is also possible that the reference to 'aunts' may mean or include 'Grand Aunts" or the Donie, Emaline, Cal, and Lizzie may not be the full or actual names her Aunts went by, for example Donie's first cousin [sister-in-law by marriage] was Kizzie Zore Comer Littrell who on one census showed up as "Lizzie" [but to our knowledge never went by that name, and it could very well be a misprint or misinterpretation.] But Kizzie or Lizzie does suggest that the name existed somewhere in the Ezell family line. GDL 10-25-99 According to the 1910 Census, Caldona, Cal or Donie could be a derivative of Caldona?.

3 James Carroll Littrell Family Correspondence File, (Letters, Family Group Sheets, and charts sent by family members to the compiler Glenn D. Littrell.), Information on the descendants of James Carol Littrell contributed by Auvine Littrell-Lynxwiler [9-30-19921], Vela M. Littrell-Nolan, Clera E. Littrell-Beeson, Lorene F. Littrell-Thompson, and Rachel Lorene-Thompson.

4 Carter, Mrs. Caude A., Lawrence County, Tennessee, Marriage Records, 1818-1923, (Lawrenceburg, TN.,; The Family Tree Press,Reprinted 1992), page 148, this source says 3-3-1919, but that would have their marriage occurring after 4 of their children's birth or those children being born after his first wife's death.

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