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Friday, December 25, 1998

Brian Littrell of the Back Street Boys

From: Larry Brown, Dean (Littrell) and Joe Brown's son.
To: GlennDL
Date: Friday, December 25, 1998 1:49 PM

Hi Glen. I'm  My daughters discovered that one of the guys in the band called the Back Street Boys's last name was Littrell (Brian Thomas Littrell) and was from Lexington Ky. My mom and her sister (Christine) think he may be from our family. I looked through some of your info in Glen's World, but couldn't really conclude whether he was or not. Would you have any info on that?

Mom says it is maybe Jim Littrell's side of the family. Any ideas?

Thanks. Thanks too for all your work on the family tree and the home page. I can tell you've done a lot of hard work.

Larry Brown

From: Glenn D. L.
To: Larry Brown
Cc: Joanna Jimerson-Howard
Subject: Re: Brian Littrell of the Back Street Boys
Date: Saturday, December 26, 1998 11:12 AM


It is conceivable [actually it's even probable] that this Brian Littrell descends from some common ancestor of ours, but I doubt that he descends from a branch as recent as Jim Littrell's [To date I have no knowledge of any of Jim's descendants migrating to Kentucky,]. He more than likely would descend from one of the branches that migrated to Kentucky in the early 1800's or thereafter. If you viewed the Kentucky Timeline at Glenn's World you probably noticed that I don't go much later than the 1830's in Kentucky. This is because our ancestor [Rodhom Luttrell] left Kentucky apx 1810 and many of his cousins had also migrated from there by then. But Rodhom and these cousins almost all left some grown offspring in the area who have descendants there to this day. This Brian Littrell would probably be a descendant of one of these.

At the moment I don't have information on the Kentucky lines indexed far enough into the 20th century to make any connection to this Brian. I do quite often get inquiries from many Littrell-Luttrell descendants and would not be surprised if one eventually came from a relative of this Brian.

I'll put you on my e-mail list so that if any contacts do develop you'll be aware of it.

If your daughter does a search on the internet she'll find several Websites devoted to this Brian Littrell, just search "Littrell" Say hello to your parents for me and tell them I hope to see all of you at the 99 reunion.



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