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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Congratulations to Sharon Denise Cook-White:

Sharon 001Sharon will be graduating from  Southeast Missouri University December 17,2011, with a masters in nursing. Sharon is the granddaughter of the late Oliver ( OJ) James Littrell & Betty Nelson Littrell -Smith,of New Madrid, Mo. She is also the granddaughter  of the late Cecil & Wilma Cook. Her Parents are J.C. & Mary Catherine Littrell-Cook. Sharon resides in Portageville, Mo. with her family Husband - Quentin OJ_Airforce2___courtesy_of_OhWhite, daughter Krista White & son Ethan White. Sharon is planning on taking her boards in the spring of 2012, she will have her Family Nurse Practitioner License. She has had some offers of employment, but is undecided where she will practice at this time. Her family is very proud of her and her accomplishments.   

courtesy of Mary Catherine Littrell Cook

Littrell Family Reunion:

Mary Catherine’s video from the reunion and other family events.
”Tripwow” no longer exist on the internet. The video is unaccessible unless someone downloaded it, anyone having a copy of it should send me a copy so we can archive it and repost it…   gdl  ( indianaglenn@gmail.com ).

Littrell 1st. Annual Family Reunion Slideshow: Mary’s trip to Grandin, Missouri, United States was created by TripAdvisor. See another Grandin slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Pictures: Need help.

Portions of this original post have been removed and reposted as they were identified as belonging with other pictures. (click here to view that post)

This post has also been updated 5-28-13.

In trying to identify some of the pictures posted earlier I went back to the collection Rex sent me after Azilee passed away. At least I thought I was going ‘back’ to it. Turns out I had never looked at it. I’ such an idiot I must have kept putting it off until at some point I thought I had done it. Age is a bummer.
Like JL’s collection there were a lot of pictures I had never seen before and I will keep posting them and the ones from JL’s collection and hopefully we can identify most of them.




Gary Littrell and Rex (also see Penny’s comments using the ‘comments’ link below.) confirm that it is Gary, Von, ???? and Malcolm.  No one seems to know who the baby (girl??) is.

1st Annual John & Kizzie Comer) Littrell Family Reunion: 2011 Videos (3)

We had a lot of fun and joked, sang, clowned around and told stories. A foul word may have been said here or there, but never in malice, anger or a degrading fashion. I have tried to exclude them whenever possible but sometimes they may have been relevant to the story or event. If this concerns you you may wish to review all the videos before letting children see them. Some of the stories may at first appear a little embarrassing but looking at them from a distant timeline we should view them as enlightening and reflecting the varied character of our family. Nothing to be ashamed of. Some at the reunion may have acted a little silly, slurred a word, stumbled on a joke, exaggerated a story or doubled a fact… but that’s what happens at reunions… they’re supposed to be more fun than a funeral.

If anyone has a problem with appearing in the video please advise me and I will see what I can do, but I think that everyone will be pleased with what has been included.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Postcards From Santa???

Want your little one’s to receive a letter or card from Santa? Just write them a letter from Santa, put it in a stamped envelope addressed to your little one and mail them in a larger envelope to:xmasKAL (6)

North Pole Holiday Cancelation
4141 Postmark Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99530-9998

The larger envelope will be opened, the sealed envelopes inside will be postmarked with a special ‘North Pole’ postmark and mailed back to your little one.

You can send postcards too.

The service is free (except for your stamps…remember to put the correct postage on the large envelope and all the envelopes inside) but be sure to mail your envelopes so that they will arrive in Alaska by Dec., 10. Be sure to use stamps and not pre-stamped envelopes or metered postage.

Happy Holidays

Monday, November 28, 2011

John & Kizzie Family Pictures:

Portions of this original post have been removed and reposted as they were identified as belonging with other pictures. (click here to view that post)

This post has also been updated 6-28-13.

Have received over a hundred pictures from Mary Catherine & JL since the reunion last month (Oct. 2011). Still going through the process of organizing them and need help on some identification.

Reducing Confusion: Even for the ‘1st Cousins’, who is who, can some times stop a conversation to clear up ‘which who’ are we talking about. So keep in mind there has been more than 3 Les’s (Uncle Les, his uncle Lester Comer and his Aunt Leslie), and too many Johns, Jessie, etc. Among these pictures: Jesse Davis m. Letha Mae Littrell sister of Jessie Littrell; The ‘Littrell Sisters’ are the daughters of Grandpa John’s brother James Littrell; and Viola m.Jessie Littrell brother of Viola Littrell-Johnston usually referred to as ‘Sis’.

Untitled-Scanned-04 1. Jesse, Pam, Joyce and Bertha? or is that Onene?  Where and when?  note: this picture and its comment were moved here from another post/article that became outdated and was deleted.   GlennDL

Mary Cathrine Littrell - Cook said... I guess my other post didn't get saved. So here it is again. The picture with Grandma(Kizzie) and the kids. I am almost positive the little girl on the left is Sheila the girl on the right is me( Mary Catherine) the taller boy with what looks like a rifle or shotgun is Billy Davis and the boy in front of (Kizzie) is possibly Jerry Davis. I am going to say it was taken at John & Kizzie's at East Prairie maybe around 1955 or 56.   November 6, 2011  Pic 18 (2)6). Fishing on the river: Maybe Noble on the right, the person on the left ???, Les behind him. No idea on the person in the dark shirt.
photo courtesy of JL Littrell, 11-2011 

Pic 8 (3)

 5.) Gene again and Lawrence Johnston. Don’t know who the baby(?Troy?) or the child in the background is. When> I’m thinking before the 1955 pictures. Where? Tennessee or Missouri?
photo courtesy of JL Littrell, 11-2011

If you can help with any information on these pictures send it to me by email, OR… you can leave it here on the website, which is better because then everyone can see it and either confirm or dispute it. Disputing it isn’t bad because we want to be sure, or to know if we are unsure. Its also better because we don’t have to worry about me getting around to transferring your information from your email to here. See the note below Letha Mae’s family picture

click "LEAVE/READ COMMENTS” or “Post a Comment” below to read/add comments, leave a message, or to help identify the above pictures.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cousins on FaceBook:

Reposted from 1-12-2009:

Since this was originally posted the number of Descendents of John & Kizzie on FaceBook has nearly tripled. We’re now creating a group page [with events] for the family on FaceBook as a way of sharing information with other FaceBook members.

We want to remind everyone that not all cousins are or will ever be on FaceBook. For that reason we encourage everyone to keep this website in mind as a way to also stay ‘connected’. Even though many of us use different apps on FaceBook to track and list our cousins many find these ‘apps’ to be to ‘busy’ to maintain. There are just so many versions and each with their own privacy issues for us all to get on the same one.

By using both www.littrellfamily.net and LittrellFamily.net group on FaceBook you won’t miss any information and we won’t miss you.

Want to know how to determine whether someone is a first or third cousins.  What does ‘once-removed’ mean?  You’d be surprised that most of us are wrong on ‘counting cousins’.  Click here to see how to properly count cousins. Warning it will make your head swim. If you have trouble with it you can always email me and I’ll figure it out. gdl@glenns-world.com just be sure to give me your parentage and as much of theirs as you can.

*To view FaceBook you have to register.  FaceBook is not for everyone.  To register just type www.facebook.com in the address bar.  Hopefully we can get more people using this website[littrellfamily.net] for communication but for some facebook is an alternative.

FaceBook Badges:  Want cousins on facebook to find you? You can create a facebook badge and put it on this site. just click here and follow the instructions. Then paste the code into an email and send it to me. [Scroll down this page and watch for other badges in the left-hand sidebar.

How to support littrellfamily.net [and the FaceBook group*]:

  • Join the FaceBook group. Goes active May 15, 2011. If you haven’t received an invite by that date then click my ‘Badge’ in the sidebar and message me from your FaceBook account.
  • Respond to all events even if your ‘not sure’
  • On this site, page, go down to the “NetworkedBlogs” box and “Follow This Blog”. By doing so any new post to this blog will automatically appear on your FaceBook feed/wall.
  • Also On this site, page, go down to the “Support LF.N” box and click “Follow”
  • Comment on FaceBook post and comment on articles here on this site.

*You can use the group to isolate your conversations with other members of group LittrellFamily.net by writing directly on the groups wall [same for photos, links, etc.]. When you write on your wall or profile everyone will see it, but when you write on the group wall only other members of the group see it. Same thing for events.

see also: Count’n Cousins:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

March for Babies:

Hi Everyone!DSCN1465

I will be walking in the March for Babies on Saturday, April 30th which helps raise money for the March of Dimes!  This event helps raise money to ensure that all babies are born full term instead of prematurely.  Many of you know that Erica was born 5 weeks prematurely, which doesn't seem like a lot, but premature infants may face many challenges throughout life if they're born too soon.

Please visit my personal website to learn more and to sponsor me!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Timmons Seburn Literal Family Reunion:

October 8, 2011
Lexington, Alabama*

[Columbus Day Weekend]

[Do you have any pictures from the reunions or any family events? We would love to put them in the websites slideshows and picture galleries.]

-click to view a full-sized slide show-

*This years annual reunion is being moved from the Loretto Civic Center to Mary’ Chapel Nazarene Church just across the state line from the Loretto, Tennessee location of past years.

We start about 10-11am on Saturday with a covered dish pitch in lunch.  Family history charts, books and pictures are on display.
Littrell, Smith, Sandy & Ellis lines are in attendance as well as distant lines and old friends. In most cases the reunion itself is limited to the pitch in dinner but each branch may have their own 'ritual' Friday and/or Sunday.

Generally following the lunch or sometimes on Sunday if there is enough interest some of us may get together to caravan around the area to visit cemeteries, homesteads, or neighborhoods.  There's also the annual pilgrimage to "Littrell Road"

There is a motel in Killeen, Al., but there are also several motels in Lawrenceburg, TN., nearby. Its about a 20-30 minute drive from both to Loretto.

Maps and directions will be forthcoming [Favorite or Bookmark this site/page].


[Do you have any pictures from the reunions or any family events? We would love to put them in the websites slideshows and picture galleries.]

Back (4th) row [L2R]: A.Ruth Michael, Doris Imogene Richardson, J. Fred Littrell, Mayna Kroll, Jesse Littrell, Gary R. Littrell, Kathy Littrell, Garrett R. Littrell, Peter T. Burrows, Alesia Littrell-Burrows, Christopher Burrows, Joe Brown, Dean Littrell-Brown,William Biggs.

3rd row: Frances Shelton-Cox, Dorothy 'Dot' Ellis, Shirley Ellis, Marilyn Gargis, Jewell Hewitt, Clettus Ellis, Bertie Wilson-Mashburn, Kayla M. Burrows, Pamela Cole, Jeffrey Littrell, Larry Littrell, Earl E. Biggs.

2nd row: Tammy Olive-Landers, Elsie K. Littrell, Peggy Davis-Littrell, Lurene Olive, Thomas Davis, Jennie Davis, Ricky Smith,  ????, Beverly Littrell, Geo. Harvey Littrell, Adam Littrell, Rosie Smith-Proctor.

Front (1st) row: Tim Landers, Glenn D. Littrell, Mary Ruth Michael, Marie Davis, Mary Christine Klug, Mary Pauline Wilson, James W. Littrell, Janice G. Littrell, Mary Rose Springer-Holt, Ronald Proctor.

I'm pretty sure about everyone except for the ???? guy.  Let me know if I got anyone wrong.



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