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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Erica Update:

Hi Everyone!

Erica went to the cardiologist yesterday for her 6 month check up and all was well!  CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES...  It's been 18 months since her last surgery, so Jason and I felt kind of like we were on borrowed time because it's usually about every 12 months that she's had a surgery.  Our minds were obviously playing with us, too, because we kept thinking that she may be showing symptoms of heart trouble (dusky blue color around the mouth, etc.).  He increased her diuretic a little, because she responds to that well and felt that her weight gain was adequate although she's at the top of the growth curve.  We're working on maintaining healthy eating habits and making healthy food choices so that she doesn't gain too much weight.  He also said that at her age kids actually listen to their bodies, so if she couldn't keep up with her peers she'd stop.  That makes it pretty easy to see if she's tiring out too much or whatever.  He felt that she could go another 6 months before seeing him again, too!  What a relief!

Other than that, we're on spring break this week and have tons of fun planned--dentist appt.,  moving my classroom to the other end of the school, etc.  Did you really think we'd be going somewhere for vacation?

We'll keep you posted...





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