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Friday, May 29, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009 Cruise: Ft. Lauderdale, Around Cuba and Back.

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After months of anticipation we finally did it, mission accomplished, everyone survived.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Aboard the Jungle Queen Riverboat.
Carnival Freedom: The ship and our days at sea.

Key West, Florida: White Knuckle Thrill Ride.

Grand Cayman Island: Stingray City & the Barrier Reef.

Jamaica: Dunns River Falls, Tubing the White River & Scotchies.

This was my third cruise [Kelly’s fourth] and as always the last one is the best.

My Favorites List. 

Bonus Slide Shows:
Towel Animals
Cruise Ships

We Did It!!!

13.1-Mile 500 Mini-Marathon

2009 Actual Time:

500-Mini: 3 hours 37 minutes [Kelly]
500-Mini: 3 hours 57 minutes [Glenn]

500mini-click here to access video & photos-

2008 Actual Time:

500-Mini:    3 hours 24 minutes [Glenn] 
500-Mini:    3 hours 31 minutes [Kelly]
Giest-Mini: 3 hours 15 minutes [Glenn]

2007 Actual time:

500-Mini: 3 hours 21 min. [Kelly & Glenn]

See Slide Show Library For More Pictures.


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