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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cemetery Tour: Fairview Church

With the formation of the Fairview First Congregational Methodist Church in 1915 the Bluesprings community became known as Fairview. The land for the church was donated by Mary Catherine Urban Literal’s brother, James Urban, and the land for the cemetery by Mary Catherine herself. Their parents [of Prussian descent] had homesteaded here.[1] [2] Even though they contributed the land and obviously were involved in the church they (Mary and Timmons) chose to be buried in Selena Cemetery about two miles away, probably because their young daughter Lisley was already buried there.

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Besides Mary Catherine’s brother James C. Urban and his wife, three of Mary Catherine and Timmons’ children are buried here,
Suzie Louisa Littrell Smith and her husband Richard Benjamin Smith, Eli Presley Littrell and his wife Margaret Sandy, and Mary Mozella Littrell Ellis and her husband Alonzo Alfred Ellis. Daughter Lisley is buried in Selena with Mary and Timmons, and sons John Daniel Littrell and James Carroll Littrell are buried in Missouri with their wives.
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[1] Provided by Deborah A. Humphres
[2] History of Loretto, Tennessee Area: As We Remember; As We’ve been told. /History Committee


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