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Monday, July 25, 2016

Timmons Seburn Literal married Mary C. Urban: July 25, 1877

WSE-3 (1)crpd Index list of marriage records for Lawrence CoTN do not list the marriage of Mary Catherine Urban to Timmons Siteral Literal, but it does list the marriage of Timmons Sparkman to M. C. Urban on July 25 1877. The official performing the ceremony is not shown. The entry is footnoted as follows:

(On original Record someone has written in Timmons Literal Sparkman)”

Copies of their marriage license and bond only serve to further confuse the situation. An examination of the documents shows that the above footnote is incorrect, wherever the three part name (Timmons, Sparkman, Literal) appears on the document the order is not what is shown in the index note above. Literal always appears as the last name whether it was written in later or not.

imageOn the reverse of the Marriage License(right) it clearly states “Timmons Sparkman Literal”, but this does not clarify the issue as the layout of the document is such that the name Literal could have been easily added without it being as obvious as the insertion on the other side of the document.

The Marriage License(not shown) clearly says Timmons Sparkman in the body of the document. It refers to Mary twice, once as M. C. Urban and once as Mary C. Urban. It is in this portion of the document that the name “Literal” is obviously added to the name Timmons Sparkman (as the surname, not the middle name).

The Marriage Bond(not shown) is not completely filled out. What is filled out states that Timmons Sparkman and M. C. Urban have obtained a license for marriage. The Bondman signatures on the document appear to be James M. White and a Timmons Sparkman, but the signatures do not appear to match the handwriting of whoever completed the document. Since the Marriage Bond was completed after the Marriage License, it is conceivable that the placing of the incorrect names on the Bond was just the result of copying the (incorrect) information from the Marriage License. We know that during this period of time there were at least three other Sparkmans in the area: J.C. Sparkman (Magistrate), William T. Sparkman, and James M. Sparkman.

We cannot come to any concrete conclusion from the contents of these documents, but we do know for a fact that Timmons S. Literal did marry Mary Catherine Urban on the 25th of July 1877 in Lawrence CoTN. We can also point to these documents as the probable source of the belief by some that Timmons middle name was “Sparkman” whereas others believe that his middle name was “Seburn”, after his uncle, Seburn Littrell.

Following their marriage Timmons & Mary settled in Lawrence CoTN. By the 1880 Census, we find them there with two children, Suzie Louisa and James Carroll. Living with them is Timmons Sister, Sarah. Timmons is listed as a farmer.

From 1878 to 1893, Timmons & Mary would have 6 children: Suzie, James, Presley Eli, John Daniel, Mary Mozella, and Lisley. We have not yet found any record of Timmons & Mary on the 1900 Census. With their absence from the 1900 Census, the destruction of the 1890 Census, and limited information on the 1880 Census, we are unable to pinpoint the area in Lawrence CoTN that they live in other than references to the “2nd  District” (Civil).

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Family Dates For August:

ALC-1 (2)If your ancestor or family member has a date coming up let us know so we can include it on the calendar.

August 5: 1995, Red Littrell died

Redford Littrell  died August 05, 1995 in MO., Marston. was born December 28, 1920 in TN., Lawrence Co., Loretto, and died August 05, 1995 in MO., Marston .

August 8: 1922, Noble James Littrell died.

Nobel James8 Littrell (born July 16, 1915 in TN., Lawrence Co., Loretto, and died August 08, 1972 in OH., Lorain.

August 10: 1937, Noble James Littrell married Corene Belew.

Nobel James Littrell  He married (1) Corene Belew (#271) August 10, 1937, daughter of William Belew and Ivy Shelton. She was born Abt. 1917, and died March 15, 1943. 

August 10: 1886, Donie Ezell born

The daughter of John Ezell and Mary Belew. She was born August 10, 1886 in TN., Loretto

August 17, 2013 Littrell Family Reunion: Descendants of Jesse Daniel & Viola (Johns Simbeck) Littrell ---this is the last date I have for this reunion, is there one planned this year????

Progress Park 968 Meyer Road, Wentzville, Missouri 63385

August 17: 1984 Margaret Sandy died.

Margaret Ann Sandy (wife of Presley Littrell) died August 1984 in AL., Lexington.

August 18: 1951, James Orbie Smith m. Nellie Gray

James Smith (son of Benjamin and Suzie Littrell Smith) married Nellie May Gray (#1427) August 18, 1951.

August 22: 1918, James Orbie Smith born

James Smith (son of Benjamin and Suzie Littrell Smith) was born August 22, 1918 in TN., Lawrence Co.,

August 29: 1942, Marie Littrell m. Thomas Davis

Marie Littrell  (Daughter of Pressly & Margaret Sandy Littrell) married Thomas David Davis August 29, 1942, son of Willie Davis and Janie Pettus. He was born January 17, 1923 in Lawrence Co., TN, and died November 26, 1981

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Noble James Littrell: born 7-16-1915

(Noble is the third son (fourth child) of John & Kizzie Littrell.)

Nobel James Littrell(1) was born July 16, 1915 in TN., Lawrence Co., Loretto, and died August 08, 1972 in OH., Lorain. 

(pictures have been added to the album)

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tenant Farming in the Missouri Bootheel: 1930s

Updated and reposted 7-14-16

Grandpa John and Uncle James brought their families to the Bootheel area of Southeast Missouri in the early 1930s. As tenant/sharecropper farmers they faced hard and unfair times trying to establish a foundation for rearing a family.

The depression hit most Americans in the 30s but farmers and farm workers had been facing economic depression since the 1920s and win the rest of the country was hit by the stock market crash the farmers had already been living the hard life.

Dawn to dusk farm hands were paid a measly $.75 a day for picking cotton. Tennant farmers and sharecroppers constantly faced mass evictions, company stores and landlord controlled price fixing.

Uncle Jim was a tenant farmer from 1930 to 1936 and grandpa John through most of the same decade. They both lost a son to farm accidents during that time.

On Highway 62 from Charleston to Ft. Defiance.

We have no reason to believe that either John or Jim participated in the strike of 1939, but it would have been hard to not be aware of 1,000 tenant farmers and their families lined up along Highway 61 and 62 in the Bootheel.

Jim Donie Kizzie John

Aunt Donnie, Uncle Jim, Grandma Kizzie and Grandpa John Littrell.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Glenn’s 8th Annual I.W. Picnic:


I would like to extend an open invitation to you and your traveling companions to take a rest stop and drop in on my Annual Independence Weekend Picnic. Come as you are, don't worry about bringing anything... just take a break, relax, and stretch your legs. We'll have plenty of food, activities, and shady trees to take a nap under.

For information  go to the Picnics website:  http://iwpicnic.blogspot.com/

IWPflagbanner thin

I.W. Picnic= Independence Weekend Picnic:
Why isn’t the Independence Weekend Picnic on Independence Day Weekend? In keeping with our tradition of holding the picnic on Sunday, but NOT on the actual 4th of July, this year picnic is on the following weekend. We do this to avoid conflicting with other more longstanding family traditions that usually cause scheduling conflicts.


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