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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Holidays:

Sorry that I’m not updating the blog/site to much this month, I’m doing lots of Christmas overtime at the Post Office. Will try to pick it up in the next few weeks.

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George P.Literal Descendants

Dear Glenn,
  I just found your website from the Lawrence County Archives,My husband William Henry Hood is a direct descendant of Rodham Luttrell,his grandfather was George P.Literal,and his father was Henry Dee Littreal,the spelling of the Luttrell has changed through the generations.We have no photographs of Rodham,Daniel or Henry.But we have information to add to your family tree.
   My name is Ann Hood and I am the wife of William Henry Hood,I am also the

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

John Littrell Graveyard

Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2009 4:27 PM


     My name is Delbert Heskett. I am looking for the gravesites of my great-great-grandparents, Jessie Payne and Martha Francis Payne. I have a copy of a death certificate that says Jessie was buried in the John Littrell Graveyard which I believe to be in Barren County, Kentucky. They were born and died in Barren County.

     The directions that I have are 0.4 mile east of the Warren County line on highway 1297 and then south 0.6 mile on Littrell Road. Then west at Wallace Littrell's place and then south to a tobacco barn.

     I have not been able to find any transcriptions of the tombstones in the cemetery. I would prefer not to have to drive all of the way from Texas to Kentucky without some more concrete information. Do you have any information, please?

     Thank you.

                          Del Heskett

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

William Littrell:

From: Littrell's [ljlittrell@nckcn.comSent: Saturday, December 02, 2000 9:10 PM  To: GlennDL  Subject: William Littrell

Hello, My name is Jeremy Littrell, I am currently researching family history and have found a lot of fuzzy things that you may or may not help to clear up. I have found some possible information just by sketchy paper and word of mouth. I hope that you may aide me in my endeavors.

My ggg grandfathers name is said to be William Littrell born in 1795 in Littrell Kentucky. He married Sarah Harrison.?? He is said to have 12 children of which I only know my gg grandfathers name was William S. Littrell He was born in 1831 in Littrell, Kentucky. He married Sarah Gibson and eventually migrated to Kansas they had 2 children Raymond my g grandfather and Annie.

I would like to know where this lineage might come from if the story and information is factual.   Thanks a lot my email in jeremy_littrell@hotmail.com Please help me any information would help thanks.

*********************************************  REPLY ************


I can't say I have an exact match for your Williams's, but the closest of the 44 William Littrell/Luttrells I have are:

  • a.. William Luttrell [FTJ#3116], b. abt.1795 in Virginia [or possibly TN as his Parents, William and Elizabeth Witt Luttrell moved to E Tenn abt. 1796]. He supposedly died in St. Francis County, Missouri [date unknown. I have no family information on him other than his wife was supposed to be Susan Kerr [?Sarah?], whom he married in Jefferson Co., TN. 1-2-1822. He was a bondsman for the marriage of two of his sisters in 1818 in Knox County TN. When he left TN or arrived in Missouri is unknown but it would not me unusual for him to have been in KY at some time after 1822 as he did have cousins in KY. What part of Kentucky Is Littrell Kentucky, I believe I've seen reference to a Littrell community in south central KY and possibly a town of Littrell in E. KY. This William's family lived in the same area that the town of "Luttrell" TN eventually grew from.
  • b.. William F. Luttrell [FTJ#4957], son of James Luttrell, b. before 1832. All indications are he was born in E. Tenn, I have no more information on him at all. He was the nephew of the above William.
  • c.. William M. Luttrell [FTJ#3839], son of Rodhom & Matilda Horton Luttrell, b. between 1825-1830 in KY., probably south central area of Green/Lincoln/Adair/Casey Counties. Married Sarah McGowan, 1-12-1848 in Garrard CoKY., and had two known children: Martha & Precilla. Other children, death dates, and location after marriage unknown.
  • d.. William Thomas Luttrell [FTJ#5054], son of John R. & Mary Alice Duncan Luttrell of Morgan CoIL. John R. was born in Adair CoKY and he and Mary were married in Morgan CoIL.; where William T. was probably born on 12-20-1831. William T. had a brother, Isaac, whom he wrote to from service as a Union soldier. Post Civil war information on William T. is unknown or I haven't processed it yet.

I realize The above probably won't match up with your Williams but don't be shy about reminding me to recheck in the future. I'll put your info in my 'check back on later' file but sometimes I overlook a possible connection if I'm not reminded to.

Glenn D. Littrell

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cemetery Tour: Fairview Church

With the formation of the Fairview First Congregational Methodist Church in 1915 the Bluesprings community became known as Fairview. The land for the church was donated by Mary Catherine Urban Literal’s brother, James Urban, and the land for the cemetery by Mary Catherine herself. Their parents [of Prussian descent] had homesteaded here.[1] [2] Even though they contributed the land and obviously were involved in the church they (Mary and Timmons) chose to be buried in Selena Cemetery about two miles away, probably because their young daughter Lisley was already buried there.

 -click the arrow to start the above video-
[be sure to pause any other video/audio that may be playing-

Besides Mary Catherine’s brother James C. Urban and his wife, three of Mary Catherine and Timmons’ children are buried here,
Suzie Louisa Littrell Smith and her husband Richard Benjamin Smith, Eli Presley Littrell and his wife Margaret Sandy, and Mary Mozella Littrell Ellis and her husband Alonzo Alfred Ellis. Daughter Lisley is buried in Selena with Mary and Timmons, and sons John Daniel Littrell and James Carroll Littrell are buried in Missouri with their wives.
If you have any additional information or correction for this project please please e-mail it to me OR better yet click the ‘comment’ link below.  Just click it. Or if your unfamiliar with using comments click here to see a HOW2 video on comments.

[1] Provided by Deborah A. Humphres
[2] History of Loretto, Tennessee Area: As We Remember; As We’ve been told. /History Committee

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fw: NICUPs Letters from Santa

From: Amanda Church
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 11:36 AM
Subject: NICUPs Letters from Santa

Hello everyone,

Some of you may know that I volunteer for the NICUPS (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Parent Support), an organization that is funded entirely by donations. It helps families by providing (free of charge):
one-on-one emotional and educational support
books and other educational materials (all free of charge)
family classes and meetings
financial assistance during crisis situations
breast pumps, car seats, baby clothing and other necessities (all as needed)

For those unfamiliar with this project, they generate a letter from Santa to a child (or children) of your choice (or adults and pets, too!), for a donation of $6 per letter. Last year, this small group of 30 graduate parents raised over $50,000 from the letters.

I'm emailing to let you know about the new capability of their website (http://www.miraclebaby.org/) to accept letter orders and contributions through secure, online credit card processing. Since anyone, anywhere in the world can access their site and easily request a letter, I am asking for your help by passing along information about their site. If you feel comfortable emailing family and friends who might be interested, if you are part of any parent on-line discussion groups, if you have neighborhood newsletters or workplace newsletters, either on-line or printed - these are just some ideas of ways to let others know. Please visit the website to contact the NICUPS for more information about Letters from Santa and order letters. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

Amanda Church

Monday, October 12, 2009

Erica is growing like a weed

Amanda Hi All,
Nothing new with Jason and I, work as usual. We put in a retaining wall over the summer and so now we're working on repairing the lawn around it, as well as planting in it. All 3 of us took a mini vacation to Hannibal, MO in July and went to Table Rock Lake for a long weekend in August. Right now, I'm trying to plan a trip for Jason, myself, and another couple--maybe Jamaica or St. Thomas over Xmas break. We'll see what that brings; I've done nothing but google all inclusive resorts so there's still a little planning to go...
Erica is growing like a weed, but what kid doesn't? She sees her cardiologist in a couple of weeks, but so far so good. We'll keep you posted on that...
She started the school year in late Aug.--that has been an interesting trip! Normal beginning of the year jitters/nerves, but they never went away. Jason and I just didn't have a good feeling about the the way the class was being run or the teacher, but we couldn't put our finger on it.
 Erica cried and told us how much she didn't like school every morning, so I had a few informal conferences with the teacher about it (boy it pays off to work in the same school your child attends). Nothing seemed to help, and I still just didn't have a good feeling about the whole situation, so Jason and I set up a formal conference with the teacher. Our intent was to express our concerns and basically say that Erica wouldn't be returning to the class because it wasn't a good fit for her. Well someone was looking over us because by pure coincidence, Erica moved up on the waiting list for the full day preschool in the same building and could start whenever we wanted her to. Needless to say we took the spot and started her right away! Icing on the cake was that one of the teachers in her new class was one of the teachers she had last school year. That was a week ago Friday (you don't want to know what I've learned about what was going on in her previous classroom). Now Erica is still working through some of her anxieties, but they're the ones from transitioning from a half day to a full day of school (lunch, nap/rest time, etc.). Each day gets easier and she doesn't get so upset she throws up every morning, so that's a bonus! (I'm a little high strung too sometimes, so she comes by the anxiety honestly=0)
We also signed Erica up for soccer, but her first day of it was also the first day in her new class. Needless to say that was OVERLOAD for the poor kid, so we're not continuing it. We'll try another activity another time...
That's about all I can think of right now, so I'll stop blabbing.
Timmons<>John Daniel<>Red<>Fredie Guy

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Count’n Cousins:

"Civil" and "Canon" refer to the degree of a relationship. The degree of a relationship is a legal term. It refers to the number of "steps" between two people who are related by blood.

Canon law is used in most of the United States. It measures the maximum number of steps from the nearest common ancestor. For example, you would be 2 direct steps away from your first cousin because your nearest common ancestor is one of your grandparents. So in this case, the degree is 2.*

The degree in civil law represents the total number of steps through the blood line that separate two individuals. For example, there are 2 steps from you to your

grandparent, and then 2 more steps back down to your first cousin, so the degree is 4.*

Counting Cousins

What some people refer to as 'counting cousins' is an extension of the process of Canon law except that it excludes the common ancestor and does not deal with 'degree' since degree only accounts for the relationship of 2 people of the same generation.  For example in the case of two first cousins the degree, as stated above, is two, but what is the degree between one of the first cousins and the others offspring?  The offspring is three degrees removed from the common ancestor and the first cousin two degrees?  Under the civil law the 'degree' would be five but under Canon law there is no acceptable degree.

The common accepted practice is to count cousins, not for legal purposes, by accounting for relationship from common siblings, not ancestors:

    1. For the sake of 'counting' the word 'Cousins' refers to relatives of the same generation who are not siblings.

    2. If either of the relatives are a sibling of the others ancestor then you are not counting cousins because you have an Aunt/Uncle and Niece/Nephew relationship.

When you are counting cousins you are actually counting 'generations' from two siblings with those siblings being zero. 

Aunt/Uncle and Niece/Nephew


Aunt/Uncle and Niece/Nephew:

    You appropriately count the relationship from an Uncle to a Nephew the same way you count parentage.  In other words:           Father<>Grandfather<>Great Grandfather<>Great-Great Grandfather, etc.

    as applied to an Uncle would be: Uncle<>Granduncle**<>Great Granduncle<>Great-Great Grand Uncle, etc.

    The same would apply to the relationship of the Uncle to a Niece and an Aunt to a Nephew or Niece. 

    It would also apply in reverse:       Nephew<>Grandnephew<>Great Grandnephew<>Great-Great Grand Nephew, etc.

    A common mistake in the Aunt/Uncle and Nephew/Niece relationship is to leave out the 'Granduncle' step by skipping to 'Great Uncle' which is totally inappropriate.


    In the examples above the two first cousins are the offspring of two siblings.  If we counted, under Canon law, from their common ancestor they would be two degrees from their common ancestor [grandparent] but at the same time they are the 'first' occurrence of cousins, not the second.  For this reason we do not count cousins from the common ancestor [grandparents] but from common siblings because the children of common siblings are 'the first cousins to occur.'

    Generally we are all in agreement about the relationship of the children of siblings as being first cousins but a common misconception occurs when we compare the offspring of one of the first cousins to the other first cousin.  In other words if A and B are first cousins, and A has a child A1, then what is the relationship of A1 to B?  If you said second cousins you are....wrong.  If A1 and B are second cousins then when B has a child, B1, what is the relationship between A1 and B1?  If A1 and B are second cousins then A1 and B1 couldn't also be second cousins.  The relationship terms must make it clear what the relationship is. **

Confused?  Everyone is.  In this case the important thing to remember is not why something doesn't work as much as why and what does work so here are the simple rules of how to properly 'count' cousins:







    1. If the two relatives [C&K] are of the same generation and you count 3 steps from the two siblings, then C&K are third cousins.
    2. If the two relatives [C&N], who are not siblings, are not of the same generation then you stop counting cousins when you reach one of the two cousin [C or N] in this case C.
    3. If from the siblings you counted down to C and counted 3 steps then they are still third cousins but with a twist.
    4. From the ancestor of N who is the same generation as C you start counting from there with that ancestor [K] being zero until you reach N.  If its three more steps from that ancestor to N then N is three generations 'removed' from the same generation as C.  They are third cousins, three times removed.

* Family Tree Maker

**That's why Civil law is not commonly used because it does not clarify the relationship.  Under Civil law a grandson[X1] of the grandfather[V] would be 2 steps from the grandfather and a grandson[W1] by a different child[W] would be 2 steps from the grandfather[V] equaling 4 degrees.  But the son[X] of the grandfather would be 1 step away and the great grandson[W1] of the grandfather[V] by a different child[W] would be 3 steps away from the grandfather[V] making the son[X] and great grandson[W1] also equaling 4 degrees!  We must remove the inconsistency to accurately describe not only the degree of separation but the actual relationship.  Just explaining why we don't use civil or canon law to define relationships gives me a headache...

Let's Have a Test!

</></> </></></></>
Using the table to the right what is the relationship between:
D & L,   A & L,   M & F,   A & N,   D & O











-to see the answers send an email to gdl@glenns-world.com with the word “test” in the subject. Do not include the quotes.
If you do not receive the answers within 24 hours send me an email to the same address without the word test in the subject explaining that you didn’t get the answers.

Also see:  Cousins on FaceBook:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FYI: Chain Mail Hoaxes~Update

For years I’ve been telling Internet users to stop forwarding ‘chain’ emails, finally an endorsement of this advice from SNOPES [courtesy of Mary C. Cook]:

Advice From Snopes

By now, I suspect everyone is familiar with www.snopes.com and/or www.truthorfiction.com for determining whether information received via email is just that:  true/false or fact/fiction. Both are excellent sites. Below is their advice for us….                                   Read complete article/warning

Friday, June 12, 2009

Daniel Hyden Luttrell, Knox, TN

Subject: Daniel Hyden Luttrell, Knox, TN
Date: Friday, June 12, 2009, 10:46 AM

Hello, I found your name [Yvonne W.] at

I have come to a dead end and would appreciate any information you could provide to get me started again.

I am researching my husband's family, "Luttrell" in Tennessee.
Specifically, Daniel Hyden Luttrell, born abt 1863, Knox, TN. Daniel's first marriage was to Sarah Bell Morgan on 21 DEC 1885, Knox, TN. They had one child, a son, Henry Cecil Luttrell Sr., born 8 MAR 1887 in Knox, TN. Sarah died. This son, Henry Cecil Luttrell, is my husband, Michael Edward Luttrell, grandfather.

Daniel's second marriage was to Ollie Mae Cobb on 21 JUL 1899, Knox, TN. They divorced. According to the 1910 US Federal Census, they had at least four children:
May - 1901, TN
Lyrtha - 1905, TN
Lester - 1908, TN
Buford - 1910, TN

Daniel Hyden Luttrell died 18 MAY 1956 in Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia at age 93. His death certificate #11992 does not list parents. The family remembers Daniel was an orphan.

I found a Daniel H. Luttrell in the 1870 US Federal Census in Knox, TN born abt 1862 in Tennessee. If this is my Daniel, he was living with:
Arena J. - 1870, NC
James - 1855, TN
Martha J. - 1857, TN
John M. - 1860, TN
Daniel H. - 1863, TN
Emily E. - 1866, TN

If this is the same Daniel, I believe his mother was Emily Burress from NC
married to John Madison Luttrell from TN. Emily died and John married her
sister Arena J. Burress. Arena continued to raise Daniel.

Can you help me put this together. Am I moving in the right direction? I certainly appreciate any information you can provide.


Virginia Hobbs Luttrell
Atlanta, Georgia

The conversation thread [1st two comments] in the ‘comments’ section [click below] is reconstructed from an email cc: from Yvonne and may not be complete or in order.  Any corrections would be useful.  Please don’t hesitate to leave your own suggestions or information to help Virginia by adding to the thread/comments.  At present my ‘entered’ notes have nothing on her Daniel…gdl

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009 Cruise: Ft. Lauderdale, Around Cuba and Back.

Be sure to click the links below to view the:
slide shows[11]
and videos[3].


After months of anticipation we finally did it, mission accomplished, everyone survived.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Aboard the Jungle Queen Riverboat.
Carnival Freedom: The ship and our days at sea.

Key West, Florida: White Knuckle Thrill Ride.

Grand Cayman Island: Stingray City & the Barrier Reef.

Jamaica: Dunns River Falls, Tubing the White River & Scotchies.

This was my third cruise [Kelly’s fourth] and as always the last one is the best.

My Favorites List. 

Bonus Slide Shows:
Towel Animals
Cruise Ships

We Did It!!!

13.1-Mile 500 Mini-Marathon

2009 Actual Time:

500-Mini: 3 hours 37 minutes [Kelly]
500-Mini: 3 hours 57 minutes [Glenn]

500mini-click here to access video & photos-

2008 Actual Time:

500-Mini:    3 hours 24 minutes [Glenn] 
500-Mini:    3 hours 31 minutes [Kelly]
Giest-Mini: 3 hours 15 minutes [Glenn]

2007 Actual time:

500-Mini: 3 hours 21 min. [Kelly & Glenn]

See Slide Show Library For More Pictures.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Erica Update:

Hi Everyone!

Erica went to the cardiologist yesterday for her 6 month check up and all was well!  CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES...  It's been 18 months since her last surgery, so Jason and I felt kind of like we were on borrowed time because it's usually about every 12 months that she's had a surgery.  Our minds were obviously playing with us, too, because we kept thinking that she may be showing symptoms of heart trouble (dusky blue color around the mouth, etc.).  He increased her diuretic a little, because she responds to that well and felt that her weight gain was adequate although she's at the top of the growth curve.  We're working on maintaining healthy eating habits and making healthy food choices so that she doesn't gain too much weight.  He also said that at her age kids actually listen to their bodies, so if she couldn't keep up with her peers she'd stop.  That makes it pretty easy to see if she's tiring out too much or whatever.  He felt that she could go another 6 months before seeing him again, too!  What a relief!

Other than that, we're on spring break this week and have tons of fun planned--dentist appt.,  moving my classroom to the other end of the school, etc.  Did you really think we'd be going somewhere for vacation?

We'll keep you posted...




Saturday, January 10, 2009

About Littrell Family.net:

Littrell, Luttrell, Literal, Comer, Ezell, Urban, Landtroop, Hampton, Tennessee, Missouri, and reunions.

Its all here.

Welcome to the website for communicating the history [genealogical research] of the Littrell/Luttrell family and their allied families.

This is where I post information on the various family lines for the name Littrell, or Luttrell, or Literal, or any of the many varied spellings* of that name throughout history. I have researched the history of the Littrell, Luttrell and Literal family for over 15 years now and have written several books on the Littrell and Luttrell families of Europe, Colonial America, Tennessee and Missouri. I am presently writing and planning to write several more as well as re-editing the previous books. In addition to the Littrell and Luttrell histories I hope to write on the Comer, Urban, Smith, Ellis, Sandy and Ezell families of Colonial America and particularly Tennessee....gdl 2007

To get the most out of LittrellFamily.net and to understand how you can contribute click on the 'Making the Most of this Website.' link below.

Whenever referring to a specific Littrell/Luttrell or a specific branch I will use the accepted spelling for that branch, but when referring to Littrell/Luttrells in general I will use the ‘Littrell’ spelling.

Friday, January 9, 2009

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Military Role Call: Update 11-23-2012


Since the reunion I have returned to working on this book with the hope of getting it done in the next few months.  If you haven't sent me military information on your Littrell, ancestors, descendants, cousins or siblings please do so as soon as possible. 

Please don't make the common mistake of waiting until you have all your information together before sending it.  This almost always results in none of your information making it into the book. Any information I receive before the book is sent to the publisher will be worked into the book.

Send me what you have now to insure that at least that makes it into the book.  Any updated information you send later will be added if the book isn't already done or will be added to the next edition.

So don't hesitate, send what you have now!

Why Does the Title Specify "...East Prairie..."?

Over the years the majority of information on military service has come from the descendants of John & Kizzie Littrell of East Prairie, Missouri, my direct ancestors.  This is probably due more to circumstance and coincidence for several reasons, but make no mistake about it my intention is to include information on all service that is reported to me as long as their is a connection to the direct line of Timmons Literal with  consideration given to allied families.  The present plan is to include the non-descendants of John & Kizzie in their own chapter or if enough is received possibly a second book.  I will also include information on significant individuals such as Col. John Luttrell above and Sgt. John Pittman who while not direct ancestors or even family members by their achievements are worthy of mentioning their connection to our family.  Another example would be Col. Henderson and Daniel Boone, two significant historical figures who had major influences on our families both directly through Col. Luttrell and indirectly through their influence on historical events (the Cumberland Gap) that impacted our direct ancestors.

I am limiting the focus of this (these) book(s) on the ancestral and descendant lines of Timmons Literal because there has already been significant work done on the broader military service of our colonial namesakes:

HEROES In the WAR for American Independence
All Spellings

While this book is out of print I have been working on reproducing it for Ms. Goldsberry in the past and will return to that effort soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

George Washington Littrell

Hi Glen,
My name is Sandy Littrell Miller. I am the eldest child of Benerd Paul
Littrell and Georgia Gerldine Littrell of Rolla Missouri. My grandfather was
Milton Earl Littrell and his father was George Washington Littrell. George
was one of 12 children and so was his father George.
My family came to Missouri from Kentucky. We also have a lot of Indian in us
both my grandma Irene Leaf Littrell and my grandpa Earl were 1/2 Cherokee.
My dad is very ill and finding out about the Littrell family will make his
month of hospitalization much happier. Our family settled in Washington
County Missouri and my dad grew up in a little town called Richwoods.
FYI.. In Lee Summit Missouri is a living history museum, and the
Littrell/Luttrell cabin from 1856 is still standing there. Email me when you
get the chance!


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