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Saturday, October 2, 1993

1993 Reunion:

After the dinner Dean and her husband Joe Brown, Christine Littrell-Bryer, Gary Littrell and his wife Kathy, and myself went cruising through Loretto to the intersection of Main St. and Littrell Rd. to take a picture of OUR street sign.   After ending up on a dirt road near someplace called the "Powell Bottoms", we split up and hit the road.

    Two years before [at the 91 Reunion], the six of us connected with Wynell Estes, piled into the back of "Doc" Urban’s pick-up, headed off-road through  cow pastures and over hill and dale to visit the secluded graveyard [Old Selena Cemetery] where Timmons and Mary Catherine Urban-Littrell are buried.    

For those of you like myself who didn't grow-up in the Lawrence County area you would be surprised at the presence our ancestors have in the region.   The Littrell-Luttrell name is on tombstones scattered throughout the areas cemeteries.     Even the names of some cemeteries have a family connection [Smothermen & Killen].  

Our ancestors [Rhodham Luttrell and his siblings] and the associated families [Comer, Smith, Sandy, Ezell, Urban, and   Landtroop's] were among the first settlers arriving in the area prior to 1820, and these names are found in the areas history and landscapes..   The region is very beautiful this time of year and a Sunday drive can take on new significance when you realize your roots are well planted in the history of the region.   I encourage everyone to visit the area with their family and what better time than on Columbus Day Weekend for the Reunion.



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