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Wednesday, February 2, 2000

Who can help with any of this line of MOORE:

Thomas MOORE died in Arkansas after having moved there about 1869. Wife was
Lucinda C.(maiden name unknown) living in Arkansas  in 1874.  Children:
James Moore living Giles Co. Tennessee in 1874
Jane Moore living in Giles Co. Tennessee 1874
Samuel Moore living in Giles Co. Tennessee 1874
Margaret Moore living in Alabama in 1874
Henry Moore living Alabama in 1874
Ann Moore, deceased before 1874 md ?? CRABB.....their children:

  • James Crabb of Giles Co. Tennessee in 1874
  • Nancy Crabb of Lawrence Co. Tennessee in 1874
  • Polly Crabb of Alabama in 1874
  • Dainey b 1854 md 1870 Wm Franklin Kennemer

Any info appreciated ie....who was the CRABB that Ann MOORE married?? What
happened to him?? Was he killed in Civil War???
Who was Lucinda??
What happened to the CRABB children??

Thnx. so very, very much. Mary           *ellen@airmail.net*

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