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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bertha May Johnston: died September 29th, 1941

Bertha Marie Johnston, born April 12, 1939 in TN., Lawrence Co.; died September 29, 1941 in TN., Lawrence Co. Buried: TN., Lawrence Co., Fairview Cem.**

Bertha was the daughter of Viola “Sis” Littrell Johnston. She died at age 2, two months after her sister Martha was born. Martha would only live to age 6.

GDL~ BerthaMartha

** The Old Cemetery Society of Lawrence County, TN., At Rest:Cemetery Records of Lawrence County, Tennessee, (Lawrenceburg, TN.,; The Family Tree Press,Reprinted 1992), page 106.

Rex Littrell born: September 25th, 1940

Rex9 Littrell (Nobel James8, John Daniel7, Timmons Seburn6 Literal, Eli Franklin5, Rodhom4, Robert3 Luttrell, Richard2 Lutterell, James1 Lotterell) was born September 25, 1940 in East Prairie, Mississippi Co., MO. He married Nancy Louise Hornbeck (#353) June 03, 1962 in Elyria, Oh.

 R~L-1d (5) JL-2011 (44)crpd

Monday, September 23, 2013

J. Fred Johnston: is born. September 23rd, 1933

J. Fred9 Johnston (Verily Viola8 Littrell, John Daniel7, Timmons Seburn6 Literal, Eli Franklin5, Rodhom4, Robert3 Luttrell, Richard2 Lutterell, James1 Lotterell) was born September 23, 1933 in Loretto, TN. He married Barbara Ann Casteel (#729), daughter of Frank Casteel and Reba.

JFred LJO-1d (2)crpd

Saturday, September 21, 2013

2012 John & Kizzie Littrell Reunion:

Just spoke to Fred and he says he's going to start putting the Zip-line up next week. He ask that anyone with helmets (bicycle, motorcycle, football, skateboarding, etc.) bring them for the kids to ride on the zip-line. Bring your own and any extras so we'll have enough to share… GlennDL, 9-21-13

Hillbilly Zip-Line Video

Short video from this years reunion (2012) near Doniphan, Missouri.
2nd Annual John & Kizzie (Comer) Littrell Reunion.
Hillbilly Zip-line pictures and video.

M-Loct12 (48)crpd

Hi All,
I had a local company do a family reunion shirt; the proof is attached so you can see it.  I chose the orange shirt to honor dad's love of hunter's brightness, & the saying obviously because of the homemade zipline hung between trees!


Tees $15 each, Hoodies $35 each (youth S-L, adult S-3XL)

Make checks payable to Logo Daddy Graphics and mail them to me (address below).  I'll order the shirts, pick them up, and mail them to you. 

Amanda Church (Fred's daughter)
3581 Swan Circle South
Arnold, MO 63010

Thursday, September 12, 2013


On our recent road trip to St. Louis and SE Missouri I was doing some research at the New Madrid Library when I came across the following newspaper article from a summer of 1935 paper.

The article doesn’t really relate to our family, but I just found it so interesting, and slightly funny, that I wanted to share it:


Richard Treece, 33, of near Portageville, is in the Pemiscott County jail at Caruthersville charged with assault with intent to kill in connection with the shooting Tuesday of Harvey Autry, 31 years old, also of near Portageville. Autry, who suffered several gunshot wounds, was taken to the City Hospital in St. Louis.

Sherriff S. E. Judin, of Caruthersville, quoted Treece as saying. “I warned him to keep away from my home. I told him if he wanted my wife, to just take her and quit bothering around my home while I was away.”

Treece, it seems, had told his wife he was going hunting and had hidden nearby in the brush. He told the sheriff that soon after he was hidden Autry came and asked his (Treece’s) wife where he was.

According to Treece, his wife told Autry that her husband had gone hunting and then Autry* said “he would go down the road and return.” Then Treece came from his hiding place and fired three times at Autry.

Sheriff Juden stated that Treece would be held until the extent of Autry’s injuries could be determined.

Both men are farmers south of Portageville in Pemiscott county".

  • The Weekly Record, New Madrid, Missouri; 1935 (issue # ‘lost’ The article appeared in an issue from May, June or July. GlennDL 2013

Shot three times and had to be taken all the way to St. Louis to be treated? Can you imagine…

*In the article its says “…then Treece said…”, but it is an obvious typo and should have said “Autry” not “Treece”.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

MRC Update: “I stood all I can stands and I can’t stands no more”**

As of 3pm today all that‘s going in the book is in the book(163 pages). With the late addition of information on Jess & Billy Davis we appear to have all the info we are going to get and its all in the book. As previously stated we will still accept information up until the 15th of this month. 


USS ARD-5 (Waterford) right, West Milton (ARD-7) left,
at New London, CT, circa 1960s


In 1976 Billy’s ship, the USS ARD-5, was renamed the USS Waterford (ARD-5)

We still lack information on Lowell Mann & J. Fred Johnston and Joel Paff and we hope they respond, but until then we now begin the process of proof reading the material, verifying format and layout, updating the Table of Contents, and testing pictures for quality.




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