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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indy Littrell’s:

I’m not sure when Rubin moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, but Dad moved us there after he got out of the service and had tried to find a job in St. Louis. We had been there probably no more than a year when he gave up and joined Rubin in Indy, where Rubin ran a service Station [Wake-Up I believe]. This was probably 1965/66. Rubin eventually moved to Florida where Troy and Rick would eventually move to also. Rubin’s surviving kids Richard and Rochelle moved to Houston and after I was discharged from the Army I returned to Indianapolis.


back: Pam Davis, Sis Littrell Johnston, Rick.
middle: Gertrud Bach Littrell, LethaMae Littrell Davis, Noble Littrell, Onene Littrell Curtis, Azelee ? Littrell, JD Littrell
front: Rubin Littrell, Bertha Littrell, Thurman, Glenn Littrell

Correction: The Picture is James ‘Bud’ Simbeck, not Vone, then Rick Littrell and then Malcome ‘Mike’ Littrell. Picture was in 1967, Bud had just gotten out of the Navy. Thanks Gary.

Dad [JD]

Rick, Glenn & Troy Littrell

Dad [JD]

Dad [JD] & Rick

L Family 600

Glenn, Jodi (Jo), and Kelly


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