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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tennessee Tombstones:

Over the years I have taken pictures of hundreds of tombstones as a quick way to record data in the field, I've visited at least a hundred cemeteries in Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee.

The Lawrence County Genealogy Society was collecting tombstone pictures recently so I made mine available to them and decided to post them on the website for everyone's review. If you would like to have a particular stone displayed send it to me and I will add it to the collection.

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The Lawrence County Genealogy Society was collecting tombstone pictures recently so I made mine available to them and decided to post them on the website for everyone's review. If you would like to have a particular stone displayed send it to me and I will add it to the collection.

Stones in Missouri can be found at the Page 3: Missouri Littrells in the sidebar.


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Monday, October 13, 2008

From: Amanda (Jason and Erica, too)

Hi All!

Nothing significant going on with Jason and I--normal keeping our heads above water with work and daily life.  I have completed my educ. administration internship and now have 2 classes to finish by Dec. then I'll have my education administration Master's degree.  Jason is, of course, selling trucks as if the economy has never changed.  I know he works a TON harder to just sell at the same pace, but he still manages to make it work somehow!

Erica has a cardiologist appt. on Thursday, Oct. 16th so we'll probably send another update sometime next week. 

She has completely changed and grown up since starting pre-school in August.  She now can say the Pledge of Allegiance all by herself, sing her ABCs, write and recognize the letter E for Erica, plays school, "reads" the pictures in books to Jason and I, sings songs and best of all:  she's completely aware of various letters and what they stand for!  For example, when reading her alphabet books she notices the S and says this is for Nana's name (Susan), J is for Daddy's name, A is for Aunt Amy & mommy's name, F is for GooGoo and Papa's name (Faye & Fred), and even notices that the F is right by her name (E).  How awesome is that?  (although I'm her mom and a reading teacher, so I'm a little partial to those accomplishments, of course)  Fred and Erica One thing Erica has struggled with a bit all along is her speech.  She does talk our ears off, but the articulation of certain sounds has stumped her so she should begin speech testing and then get an IEP which will allow her to get speech services through the school district.  Since being around other kids her age, we've already noticed improvements in her speech though. 

One exciting thing this summer was when I nominated Erica for a Do The Right Thing Award.  It's an award given by a local news channel and the city police department.  It recognizes kids who do the right thing.  Erica didn't get the award, but she did get a certificate and tee shirt.  This is the story in a nutshell:

Jason was changing the oil in his car and cut/punctured both of his index fingers.  When he said "ouch" and Erica saw the blood, she ran inside through the house to get 2 Band-Aid for him.  She brought them back outside to the garage and put them both on his fingers.  Doesn't sound like a big deal, but if you know Erica, you know that she's petrified of Band-Aid because of the adhesive and how hard it pulls to take them off.  This, I'm sure, is because of all the surgeries, tape, and Band-Aid she's been exposed to.  I think it was awesome that she put aside her fears to help her daddy. 

Once again, I'm her mom and a little biased, but isn't that part of parenting?

Sorry for the proclomation length, but that's our news.


Amanda (Jason and Erica, too)

...Amanda is the great-granddaughter of John & Kizzie Littrell, granddaughter of Red and Louise Littrell and daughter of Fred & Faye Littrell. 


Congratulations to Evan Pounders

...great-great-grandson of John & Kizzie Littrell, great-grandson of Viola "Sis" Littrell-Johnston and grandson of Lurene Olive Johnston-Olive.  Evan graduated from Florence Christian Academy [HS] on May 16, 2008.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

How2 Preserve Your Photographs:

Any family photos no matter how recent are important. Whether or not you decide to contribute old pictures to our projects or not you may find the following information useful.

If you do decide to contribute a photo to our project [or anyone else’s] please remember you don't have to contribute the original. A good quality copy or reproduction is fine; better yet if your picture is on file at some studio somewhere just bring us the information for ordering it. If you only have an original we can make copies and then mail your original [and an extra copy] back to you.

If you only have an old photo that is an original, even if you don't loan it to us for reproduction, YOU SHOULD HAVE A COPY MADE and save the negative. Old and new pictures all eventually fade and deteriorate, so do negatives. Let's preserve our heritage. Having the original photo is great, but having the only photo is careless. If you don't make copies for the rest of the family at least take the precaution to make copies for your descendants! Many take it for granted that their children and grandchildren will someday enjoy the pictures they take today.

Photographs suffer from yellowing, cracking, and fading. Others are destroyed or simply lost. Although some photographs last for generations, none of them are immune to the effects of time. One day you or your descendants may open your old shoebox to discover that some of your most precious mementoes are suddenly ‘blank’.

Photographs are made-up of several layers of materials. The top layer contains the image suspended in gelatin (purified animal protein), or emulsion layer. This layer is coated on to a base layer of photographic paper of film. A layer of adhesive is used to make the other two layers stick together.

The materials used to form the image [top layer] depend on the type of photograph. Black and white photographs are made up of light-sensitive silver salts (silver halides), and Color photographs and slides are made up of dyes instead of silver deposits. You can expect your color prints to last for decades, but they do not preserve as well as black and white images.

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