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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reunion Update: FYI

Troy Lee Littrell 1913-1935On my recent ‘pre-reunion’ road trip to tie-up some loose research I stopped in New Madrid for awhile at Richard’s funeral home. I had spoken to them last year and they thought that they would be able to find the unmarked grave of Troy Lee ‘Dick’ Littrell. Dick was a son of John & Kizzie who died after the family arrived in Missouri. The story is that he was stepped on or kicked by a mule and died from the injuries. When he died and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, just outside of New Madrid.

No other children of John’s is buried in Evergreen, but most of his brother James’ family is. We were unable to locate his grave or find any record of him being buried there. We also couldn’t determine if he was buried in the same location as James’ family. But I did inquire with Richard’s about the possibility of erecting a stone in memorial near his cousins and uncle and aunt (Donie Ezell). They said we should be able to do it with no problem and they would be glad to accommodate us.

Maybe this is something to consider in the future?


While at Richard’s I also found out that Lorene (Littrell) Thompson died earlier this year. To my knowledge she was the last surviving child of James & Donie. She is buried in Evergreen, next to her sister Rachel, a short way from the rest of the family. As you can see from their shared stone they were very close:

“Doll” & “Dale”
”Sisters By Birth”
”Sisters-In-Law By Marriage”


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