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Friday, June 12, 2009

Daniel Hyden Luttrell, Knox, TN

Subject: Daniel Hyden Luttrell, Knox, TN
Date: Friday, June 12, 2009, 10:46 AM

Hello, I found your name [Yvonne W.] at

I have come to a dead end and would appreciate any information you could provide to get me started again.

I am researching my husband's family, "Luttrell" in Tennessee.
Specifically, Daniel Hyden Luttrell, born abt 1863, Knox, TN. Daniel's first marriage was to Sarah Bell Morgan on 21 DEC 1885, Knox, TN. They had one child, a son, Henry Cecil Luttrell Sr., born 8 MAR 1887 in Knox, TN. Sarah died. This son, Henry Cecil Luttrell, is my husband, Michael Edward Luttrell, grandfather.

Daniel's second marriage was to Ollie Mae Cobb on 21 JUL 1899, Knox, TN. They divorced. According to the 1910 US Federal Census, they had at least four children:
May - 1901, TN
Lyrtha - 1905, TN
Lester - 1908, TN
Buford - 1910, TN

Daniel Hyden Luttrell died 18 MAY 1956 in Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia at age 93. His death certificate #11992 does not list parents. The family remembers Daniel was an orphan.

I found a Daniel H. Luttrell in the 1870 US Federal Census in Knox, TN born abt 1862 in Tennessee. If this is my Daniel, he was living with:
Arena J. - 1870, NC
James - 1855, TN
Martha J. - 1857, TN
John M. - 1860, TN
Daniel H. - 1863, TN
Emily E. - 1866, TN

If this is the same Daniel, I believe his mother was Emily Burress from NC
married to John Madison Luttrell from TN. Emily died and John married her
sister Arena J. Burress. Arena continued to raise Daniel.

Can you help me put this together. Am I moving in the right direction? I certainly appreciate any information you can provide.


Virginia Hobbs Luttrell
Atlanta, Georgia

The conversation thread [1st two comments] in the ‘comments’ section [click below] is reconstructed from an email cc: from Yvonne and may not be complete or in order.  Any corrections would be useful.  Please don’t hesitate to leave your own suggestions or information to help Virginia by adding to the thread/comments.  At present my ‘entered’ notes have nothing on her Daniel…gdl


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