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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Congratulations to Deztiny Littrell:

…great-great-granddaughter of John & Kizzie Littrell, great granddaughter of Ruben Littrell, granddaughter of Betty Rachelle Littrell-Irvin. Deztiny graduated from De LaSalle Academy, Ft. Meyers, FL on May 28, 2013.

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  • Glenn Littrell Congratulations girl, now go whip the world!

  • Ava Savat Congratulations ! What a great pic of yall! 

  • Renee Herrera Oh my Aunt Sharon you are still so beautiful!! Thats how i temember you from when i was there 10+ years ago!!!!

  • Mary Catherine Littrell-Cook Congratulations Destiny!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Barroso Great picture! Congrats Destiny! Tell Grandma Sharon hello from all of us.

  • Robin Barroso-templeton Congrats! Grandma looks great and the kiddos are all grown up! I remember Destiny was in your belly when I graduated high school! Now that makes me feel old

  • Felicia Rebelwitacause Littrell Tre is 20 today. I'm ancient. lol

  • Betty Rachelle Littrell I miss yall im proud of u des love u girl

  • Troy Lee tre is 20, hahahahahaha being an adult means if you get into trouble now you have to get your own self out! 8^P

  • Wednesday, May 29, 2013

    Jesse Littrell Family: PHOTOS

    GRL-12 (8)Jesse Daniel & Viola Mae (Johns-Simbeck) Littrell
    These pictures were courtesy of Ida Bryer, Onene Littrell Curtis, Evelyn Nolen Sarber, Gary R. Littrell, and Rex Littrell.


    The picture to the left was contributed by Ida Bryer several years ago.  It shows the family of Jesse & Viola Littrell, the inset is Gary, who was away when the picture was taken.  At the time Ida sent me this picture it was preferable to send small resolution pictures because of the slow dialup speeds that were available.  Now I need a larger copy of this picture.  If any one can scan and send me one it would be very helpful.  If any one has both photos that would be great, send the two and I will be able to merge them into one in a little more artistic manner than was available when this picture was done.

    Is there another family picture available?

    Thank you,  GlennDL

    Sunday, May 26, 2013

    About Military Roll Call:


    Butler Family: Gabe Butler & Sophia Littrell

    From: Byron Butler
    Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2000 10:03 PM
    To: gdl@glenns-world.com

         My name is Byron Butler and I live in Madison County, Alabama.  I'm doing some research on my Butler family History. My g-g-g-Grandfather was Gabriel Butler of Lauderdale County, Alabama. Sometime around 1820 Gabe married a Littrell woman (I have seen her name listed as Sophia but I'm not sure about that) - I think in Lauderdale County but I'm not sure.  I was wondering if you have any information or any suggestions on how I might go about finding some information regarding this Littrell lady - She is my g-g-g-Grandmother.  Any help will be appreciated. “

    26, May 2001
    From Betty Gay to GlennDL

    ".....I noticed a query from you or Byron Butler about Sophia Littrell. I have a copy of an old Gabe Butler family history by Charles G. Butler written 1934 in Amarillo, Texas.  Gabe Butler was born in North Carolina. about the time of the Revolutionary War.  His second wife was Littrell woman whom he married in North Carolina and their family walked to Doublehead Reserve Indian Territory (Lauderdale CoAL) before 1810 *
        Gabe Butler and my Gresham (Grisham) ancestor Thomas Gresham were listed on the Petition (below*) as settlers or "intruders" on Chief Doublehead's lands.
        Charles  G. Butler said Gabe Butler was of English descent and the Littrell woman was Irish descent. Janice and Lynn Butler, Lexington Al. have a deed (original) where Gabe Butler sold property about 1834 to Daniel White. Janice has Gabe's wife listed as  Sophia Littrell Butler in her research. 
        I have not researched Littrell-Butler in N.C. but would start in Chatham Co. NC.  My White ancestors in Lauderdale CoAL came from Chatham Co., NC about the same time as Gabe Butler.  Also a Colonel Literal had a regiment in Chatham County, North Carolina in the Revolutionary War and a General Butler.  Which may indicate Littrells and Butlers living in the same area.
        If you or Byron need copies of the old family history ___ let me know.
        Please send me any additional info you have on Sophia Littrell-Butler.  I don't have any idea if she is related to our Littrell line or not."
        Betty Gay Chaffin

    To Date (2013): We have no more information than what is above. The inquiry is interesting though because of it’s reference to:

    • the Indian Territory in 1810: One myth surrounding our ancestor is about the reason he doesn’t show up on records from the time he leaves Kentucky until he appears in Lawrence County, Tennessee is the possibility that he settled in the part of the Indian Territories that would eventually form the counties of Lawrence (Tennessee) and Lauderdale (Alabama). This would of been during the time his brother and cousins appeared to the east in Franklin County, Tennessee.
    • the references to Gabe & Sophia coming from the Carolinas to Lauderdale County, Alabama, two reference points also included in another myth that Battle of Lindley's Millwhen Rodhom left Kentucky he first went to the Carolinas and settled near his father who had migrated to there.

    The reference to Col. Literal is to Col. John Luttrell, and a historical connection to General Butler from North Carolina is a fact (see xxxxxxxxxx), but the reference to Betty’s  ancestor coming from Chatham County, North Carolina is a little inaccurate if she’s talking about her Littrell ancestor. The Colonel is related to us but not a direct ancestor, he died childless. The Colonels migration to Chatham County, North Carolina, did not involve any of our direct Ancestors. It is not unconceivable though that unidentified siblings, uncles or cousins resided in the area from which Sophia may originate.

    To date (2013) we have do further information on this query, but it is interesting enough to investigate when time allows, or an opportunity presents itself.

    Thursday, May 23, 2013

    Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    1955 East Prairie Reunion:

    JDL-1955 (4)

     Three of the snapshots are from 1955 as determined by the imprint inverted at the top of the pictures. But remember, unlike today's digital cameras the date was imprinted when the pictures were developed, not taken. So the pictures were taken In October or earlier but these pictures also provide us with a definitive year for the East Prairie reunion, which in the past has been debated as 1955 or 56.—GlennDL

    Monday, May 20, 2013

    John & Kizzie Family Pictures: When were they taken?

    What year were they taken? They appear to be taken earlier than the 1955 reunion in East Prairie, but that is just speculation.

    I believe all these pictures were taken at the same time. In pictures 9, 11 & 1 Les is wearing the same shirt. Kizzie also appears to be wearing the same dress, but all my memories and most photos of Kizzie are in black & white and she always appears to be wearing the same dress. Same thing for John’s wardrobe.

    12.) The two little girls in the middle suggest that this was taken about the same time as 9 below, even though everyone else is wearing different clothes. John & Kizzie look older, a Pic 12little haggard, but I think its probably the composition and clarity of this particular picture.  Has kind of a ‘Grapes of Wrath’ quality to it.
    left side: Bertha or Letha Mae? middle: Gene, Martha Rae and Letha Mae or Bertha; the two girls, John & Kizzie; right side:  Onene and Les.  This picture probably is part of a larger picture the way Les and the little boys arm are ‘cut off’ indicate. Are the two little girls Ann & Darlene… need more input from YOU!!!!
    Don’t know who the girl is behind Les? or the boy behind Onene.

    Evelyn Nolen Sarber said... Picture #12...the girl behind Les is my mother,  TERESIA BEATRICE LITTRELL. 3/17/32 - 12/12/74   (June 23, 2012)

    9).  Les, John, Noble, Jessie, Red, JD, Kizzie, and Azilee are identifiable in this picture. Plus either Bertha or Letha Mae and based on the identification above that’s Beatrice next to her. Pic 13I’m betting the seated lady with the baby and her back to us is Aunt Claude. I always have trouble identifying children but is the girl between Claude and Kizzie either Darlene or Ann? Group picture (12 above) with this girl in it but with a different hairdo,  GlennDL                          photo courtesy of JL Littrell, 11-2011

    Untitled-Scanned-07ad10). This picture and another one of Kizzie alone are from Dad’s (JD) collection. I suspect this picture was taken at the same time as 1, 9, & 11 but have no real reason other than similarities that could easily be explained away. GlennDL




    Pic 10 (3)11). Again I don’t think these pictures are from the 55 Reunion because everyone appears younger (to me) and the absence of Ruben and Viola ‘Sis” in #6, who where at the 55 reunion. If there absence could be explained or we assume they hadn’t arrived yet then my argument becomes weak. GlennDL
    photo courtesy of JL Littrell, 11-2011

    Pic 14 1.)  b2f/l2r: Red, Noble, Jessie, John, Kizzie; Les, OJ, JD; Letha Mae?, Bertha?, Onene. The younger Bertha and Letha Mae get the harder it is for me to tell them apart. I’m thinking that the absence of ‘Sis indicates that this is in Missouri, probably East Prairie. When? I’m thinking pre-war.  There are two more like this: one with just the brothers and one with Kizzie, John and the brothers that was taken before everyone was ready.    Where is Rubin?
    photo courtesy of JL Littrell, 11-2011 

    Troy posted on FaceBook that he believes the (this) picture is from the early 50s which would mean between 51(Dad in Korea)and 53 (Oct) Dad in France. But all the siblings (to me) look so much younger than they do in the 55 family reunion picture that I can't help but believe that this was taken between WWII and Korea.  (November 15, 2011}

    This is JD but when and where? The girl striking the pose in the background? Consensus is that it is Beatrice, the same girl in the photos above. (9 and 12)  I played with enhancing the guy in the background but the only thing I got from it was that he might have a mustache. There is also consensus that it is most likely Jesse.

    Mary Catherine said... I went back and looked at the picture I was talking about it has Jesse, Pam,Onene. The porch looks pretty much like the one of JD and a man sitting down and a girl standing behind JD. The girl looks some like me before I started wearing glasses, but I also seen what looks like the same girl in a previous picture where there were people around a picnic table and I believe Grandma Kizzie Littrell was sitting down. I probably really have you confused now. :)lol     December 2, 2011

    Penny said...  Ok, talked to dad and he says… …Rex wonders if the picture with JD in front of the porch if the man seated could be Red. Happy hunting! December 3, 2011

    GlennDL said...  Oh yeah, I thought the guy on the porch might be Jesse, at the time JD and Red were of a similar slender build, the guy is a little thicker, like the older Jesse??

    I think the only way we'll know is if someone else has this picture. December 3, 2011

    Mary Catherine said...  I thought the man on the porch might be Jesse. Did you look at the picture again of people standing around what I think is a picnic table. The girl looks a lot like the one behind JD that is posing on the porch.  December 4, 2011

    GlennDL said...  I thought you meant another picture , but after your last comment I realized which picture you were talking about. I've imposed a cut-out of the girl from the picnic table onto the picture (its posted now) and there is a resemblance, even possible the dress. 

    Lot of speculation though. When I get time I'll play with enhancing the pictures a little more. December 4, 2011

    Mary Catherine Littrell- Cook said...  My Mom looked at the pictures of the girl on the porch behind your Dad, she said she didn't think it was me, that I wouldn't have been that old when taken. She thought it could be one of Sis's girls or one of Jesse's girls… December 8, 2011

    troylee@indy.rr.com said...  the girl in the picture looks sooooo familiar, as if i remember knowing her long ago, when she was older. July 18, 2012

    This post was created from earlier post titled “John & Kizzie Family Pictures:“(to view that modified post click here) and “New Pictures: Need help.”(To view that modified post click here) . The above information was removed from those post and updated here. .

    If you can help with any information on these pictures send it to me by email, OR… you can leave it here on the website, which is better because then everyone can see it and either confirm or dispute it. Disputing it isn’t bad because we want to be sure, or to know if we are unsure. Its also better because we don’t have to worry about me getting around to transferring your information from your email to here. See the note below Letha Mae’s family picture

    click "LEAVE/READ COMMENTS” or “Post a Comment” below to read/add comments, leave a message, or to help identify the above pictures.

    Thursday, May 2, 2013

    Cannan's Kidney Krew: 2013 St. Louis Kidney Foundation Walk (4-27-2013)

    UPDATE: Hello Kidney Walkers! Have you checked out the walk thermometer lately?! All donations received to date for the St. Louis Kidney Walk have been posted online. The 2013 St. Louis Kidney Walk has raised over $137,500!!! We had 102 teams and over 1100 walkers participate in this year’s event. Thanks to all of you for your generous support! 

    1. Johnny’s Walkers- $9,135
    2. Essex KEEP’ers- $6,694
    3. The Mismatched Antigens- $5,740
    4.  Team Downs- $5,615
    5. Cannan’s Kidney Krew- $4,185

    The dollars raised from the St. Louis Kidney Walk will fund free kidney health screenings for individuals at risk for kidney disease (those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, or a first degree relative with diabetes, high blood pressure, or kidney disease), cutting edge research initiatives, organ donation action plan to End the Wait!, education resources and information, and patient, public, and professional programs and services right here in our community.

    UPDATE: Cannan’s Kidney Krew successfully met their goal and raised $4000.00 for the National Kidney Foundation ranking as the second most productive team in the non-corporate category. Cannan also won the spirit award. Let’s keep Cannan and his family in our hearts as they progress towards a successful transplant. Picture Slide Show at the bottom of this post.

    Cannan is the great-grandson of Red and Louis Littrell, and the grandson of Fred & Faye Littrell.

    ALC-oct12 (63)Cannan

    Support Our Team in the Kidney Walk!

    Cannan, at the young age of 3, got e. coli poisoning which ultimately led to permanent kidney failure.  We spent over 5 weeks at Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center at which time we started hemodialysis.  While we are blessed in more ways than imaginable, Cannan's kidneys are not rebounding as we had hoped for.... we heard those very scary words; "He needs a kidney transplant."  We are adjusting to our new life (Cannan is such a trooper) of a restricted diet, tons of medicine, and preparations for a transplant, however if we can make a small difference in the lives of both children and adults living with this horrible disease we are going to try!! 

    Please join Cannan and our family as we walk to support the National Kidney Foundation!     

    cannanPFamily Picture

    Click here to Support Cannan’s Kidney Krew

    Click here to view Cannan’s Kidney Krew’s Facebook page

    Family Picture
    Ready to order t-shirts! Available in regular t-shirt (youth small -adult 3x) for $12, and a ladies fitted v-neck tee or a male dri-fit tee for $15. Send me a message with your order! I will collect money and distribute shirts before the walk... if you can't walk with us considering buying a shirt and wearing it on April 27 to support us! Out of town friends... don't worry.. I will ship your shirts to you! The more people all over the country making an effort to "combat kidney disease" the better! :) 554537_288816827917933_1628554950_n


    March 19 Facebook Post: Two full days of evaluation done!! Cannan did absolutely great and melted the hearts of all the medical staff he came in contact with! image Hopefully in the next few weeks I (Amy) will get my donor evaluation completed and we can schedule the surgery! Ready to put this behind us! Hope to get the transplant completed sooner rather than later so Cannan can start Kindergarten in August... he is so excited for school! And props to Todd who is going to have to be Cannan's caretaker after the surgery since I will be down and out myself! I know he will do absolutely great... I just have to relinquish control which is not easy for me! :)                    

    April 7 Facebook Post/Event:  Fred would appreciate everyone who will be attending the Family reunion in October this year to order a t-shirt on Cannan's kidney imagetransplant. He suggested that we get a t-shirt to wear at the reunion to show Cannan our support. All the info to order one is in the family newsletter. I'm sure Cannan would be happily surprised.

    Sandra April 7 Facebook Post:  Read about this on Mary Catherine Littrell-Cook's FB page (I am Onene Curtis' granddaughter). Let me know where to send the check and I will order a T-shirt and pay for postage, but it will need to be mailed to me in Colorado. Thanks.

    • Cannan's Kidney Krew:     Sandra--- thanks for you support! What size shirt do you need? I would be more than happy to mail to you in Colorado! I have other friends in Colorado who are ordering! So happy to hear Cannan has his own army combating kidney disease in Colorado!
    • Cannan's Kidney Krew:     BTW-- I LOVED Aunt Onene and Uncle Bert!

    • Sandra Savat-Mann:          …Pa's been gone a long time but I sure would like to sit down at Ma's table and hear her say, "It probably ain't fittin' to eat". LOL, her dinners were always awesome!

    • Cannan's Kidney Krew:      Ha! So true... I can hear Aunt Onene saying that like it was yesterday! Really miss all the family get togethers with my Grandpa Red and his siblings...

    • Sandra Savat-Mann:           I miss them, too. They were so much closer than we seem to be these days. I can still remember Ma and Aunt Bertha bickering while making dressing and dumplings (Aunt Bertha made the best dumplings!).

    imageApril 18 Facebook Post: Rough day today... I (Amy) went for the final phase of my donor evaluation.... Found out that due to the anatomy of my kidneys and arteries I cannot donate. This news hit me like a ton of bricks... I would do anything to have Cannan feel better and it is heartbreaking to know that I can't. Please pray for us as Todd begins the evaluation process... We absolutely need him to get donor clearance! Cannan needs this!!

    glennfbApril 22 Facebook Post: Troy and I will be attending the Kidney Walk in St. Louis this Saturday. We will be arriving Friday and staying at the Econo Lodge (MO312),  4576 Woodson Rd. , Saint Louis, MO, US, 63134
    Join the team, support little Cannan and lets get together.

    imageApril 27 via mobile:  Kidney walk party has started! My boys and I are jammin to some music on this fine rainy morning! Cannan's Krew is ready to combat kidney disease! Now... The rain can stop anytime!

    amanda2 April 27 Facebook Post:  Fun times this morning, despite the rain! Thanks to all for supporting us and to those that braved the weather today:)

    toddPApril 30 Facebook Post:  I hope you all can help me congratulate Amy for all her hard work she did in once again organizing the Kidney Walk for us and especially Cannan. Because of her we were able to raise a significantly larger amount than last year to help fight this disease. Thanks for your hard work Amy!

    imageApril 30 Facebook Post :   Thank you for the recognition... Much appreciated but not necessary.... The true person who deserves recognition is Cannan! That little guy wakes up everyday and battles this awful disease... But you would never know, because in typical Cannan fashion, he puts a smile on his face and pushes forward through any obstacle thrown at him! I would be ecstatic if I had half his strength, determination and zest for life! I am so lucky to be his mommy.... He is my hero!

    -click arrow to restart slide show-
    New pictures will be added as they are received. Email to: gdl@glenns-world.com
    It isn’t too late to purchase t-shirts. See above.


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