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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Support Cannan in his fight to beat Kidney Disease:

Ready to order t-shirts! Available in regular t-shirt (youth small -adult 3x) for $12, and a ladies fitted v-neck tee or a male dri-fit tee for $15. Send me a message with your order!  Out of town friends... don't worry.. I will ship your shirts to you! The more people all over the country making an effort to "combat kidney disease" the better! :)

Cannan is the great-grandson of Red and Louis Littrell, and the grandson of Fred & Faye Littrell.


Cannan, at the young age of 3, got e. coli poisoning which ultimately led to permanent kidney failure.  We spent over 5 weeks at Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center at which time we started hemodialysis.  While we are blessed in more ways than imaginable, Cannan's kidneys are not rebounding as we had hoped for.... we heard those very scary words; "He needs a kidney transplant."  We are adjusting to our new life (Cannan is such a trooper) of a restricted diet, tons of medicine, and preparations for a transplant, however if we can make a small difference in the lives of both children and adults living with this horrible disease we are going to try!! 

Please join Cannan and our family as we walk to support the National Kidney Foundation!     


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