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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Timmons Seburn Literal Family Reunion:

October 8, 2011
Lexington, Alabama*

[Columbus Day Weekend]

[Do you have any pictures from the reunions or any family events? We would love to put them in the websites slideshows and picture galleries.]

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*This years annual reunion is being moved from the Loretto Civic Center to Mary’ Chapel Nazarene Church just across the state line from the Loretto, Tennessee location of past years.

We start about 10-11am on Saturday with a covered dish pitch in lunch.  Family history charts, books and pictures are on display.
Littrell, Smith, Sandy & Ellis lines are in attendance as well as distant lines and old friends. In most cases the reunion itself is limited to the pitch in dinner but each branch may have their own 'ritual' Friday and/or Sunday.

Generally following the lunch or sometimes on Sunday if there is enough interest some of us may get together to caravan around the area to visit cemeteries, homesteads, or neighborhoods.  There's also the annual pilgrimage to "Littrell Road"

There is a motel in Killeen, Al., but there are also several motels in Lawrenceburg, TN., nearby. Its about a 20-30 minute drive from both to Loretto.

Maps and directions will be forthcoming [Favorite or Bookmark this site/page].


[Do you have any pictures from the reunions or any family events? We would love to put them in the websites slideshows and picture galleries.]

Back (4th) row [L2R]: A.Ruth Michael, Doris Imogene Richardson, J. Fred Littrell, Mayna Kroll, Jesse Littrell, Gary R. Littrell, Kathy Littrell, Garrett R. Littrell, Peter T. Burrows, Alesia Littrell-Burrows, Christopher Burrows, Joe Brown, Dean Littrell-Brown,William Biggs.

3rd row: Frances Shelton-Cox, Dorothy 'Dot' Ellis, Shirley Ellis, Marilyn Gargis, Jewell Hewitt, Clettus Ellis, Bertie Wilson-Mashburn, Kayla M. Burrows, Pamela Cole, Jeffrey Littrell, Larry Littrell, Earl E. Biggs.

2nd row: Tammy Olive-Landers, Elsie K. Littrell, Peggy Davis-Littrell, Lurene Olive, Thomas Davis, Jennie Davis, Ricky Smith,  ????, Beverly Littrell, Geo. Harvey Littrell, Adam Littrell, Rosie Smith-Proctor.

Front (1st) row: Tim Landers, Glenn D. Littrell, Mary Ruth Michael, Marie Davis, Mary Christine Klug, Mary Pauline Wilson, James W. Littrell, Janice G. Littrell, Mary Rose Springer-Holt, Ronald Proctor.

I'm pretty sure about everyone except for the ???? guy.  Let me know if I got anyone wrong.



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