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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ollie Ezell Comer: died 12-16-1958

The only memory I have of Kizzie’s mother is when she was lying on her death bed at John & Kizzie’s homestead in East Prairies, Mo. All the kids were sent outside, we were playing on that old tree that had the giant knotted roots that you could  set on or walk on all the way around the tree. Even then we were to noisy (her window was on that trees aide of the house) so were were chastised again for being noisy.
After she died her body was transported back to Lawrence County, TN.     GlennDL

One of Lawrence's Oldest Ladies Dies: Second Oldest Citizen In Second Civil District

WEJ-Mrs. Ollie Ezell Comer, second oldest citizen of the Second District of Lawrence County, died Monday night at the home of her daughter Mrs. John Littrell, East Prairie, Missouri. The body was brought to the home of her son Jesse Comer, at Loretto, and funeral services were to be held this [Thursday] afternoon at 1:00 o'clock Liberty Grove Church with the Rev. Henry Yeager officiating, and burial in Bishop Chapel Cemetery with the Osbo [rn] Funeral Home of Loretto having charge of the arrangements.

--Mrs. Comer was born January 26, 1863, in this county; she was the daughter of the late Harb and Sinthia Potete Ezell, and granddaughter of William and Jimima Potete, pioneer citizens of Lawrence County. The Potetes helped organize Second Creek church on June 26, 1830, and also played an important role in the first county government during and following David Crockett's life.

Mrs. Comer united with Missionary Baptist Church in early life. She was married to Daniel Patrick Comer in 1883 and to this union eight children were born, one of whom, Mrs. Virgie Marks is deceased. She also had 5 step children, Mrs. Ettie Johnson, Mrs. Dellie Murrell, Miss Laura Comer, Johnny and Taylor Comer all of whom are deceased. She is survived by seven children Mrs. Bertha Taylor, of the Liberty Grove Community; Mrs. John Littrell, of Missouri; Leslie Comer, of East Prairie, Missouri; Crutcher Comer, of Russellvile, Alabama; Jesse Comer, of Loretto; Bob Comer, of this city;, and Albert Comer, of Indiana. She is also survived by 57 grandchildren, 116 great-grandchildren, and 20 great-great-grandchildren.

This Obituary was provided by Jesse Comer of Cedar Lake, Indiana.

Comer Family  108732~5Birdsongpictured: Leslie, Ollie F. Ezell~Comer , Albert, & Bob Comer 

Friday, June 28, 2013

John & Kizzie’s Photo Album: ONLINE

John & Kizzie Comer Littrell of Loretto and St. Josephs TN; LaForge, Anniston and East Prairie MO.

  • 6-28-2013: UPDATED 11 new pictures.

GDL-1993 (2) Jess Davis, Onene Littrell Curtis & Les Littrell 1979 Indy  MLC-1d (9)

  • From time to time we will move photo’s from the master computer file and post them into the Online Albums and post an update reflecting these additions.
  • All the photos in the Online Albums will be included in the pictures distributed at the annual reunion in October, plus many photos not included in the Online Album.
  • Not all pictures posted to the website will be in the Online Album or the pictures distributed at the reunion as we will not include them for distribution until we have completely identified the who, what, when and where of the photo; or have given up on any further identification.
  • Pictures distributed at the family reunion will be of a higher quality than the same pictures in the Online Album, they will also include all versions of a picture: cropped, uncropped, different formats, with/without names, etc.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

1955 East Prairie Reunion: 10 new Pictures!

Found 10 more pictures from the 1955 Reunion while scanning pictures from Rex Littrell’s collection.
Bordie, Lawrence, Grandpa John, OJ, Red, Sheila, Mary Catherine, JL, Troy, Glenn, Rick, Monty, Richard, Rubin, Betty Nelson, JD, Jesse & Viola, Bernice, Lurene, and J.Fred’s wife Barbara.

1955 East Prairie Reunion

?? Bordie Thurman?? & Lawrence Johnston

1955 East Prairie Reunion
??Bordie??, OJ & Grand Pa John

1955 East Prairie Reunion
JL, ??, Monty, Troy
???, Glenn, Richard & Rick

R~L-1955 (1) names

 R~L-1955 (2)names

R~L-1955 (5)names
R~L-1955 (6)names R~L-1955 (8)names
R~L-1955 (12)names R~L-1955 (7)names

These pictures have been uploaded to the web album.

Earlier picture posting:  1955 East Prairie Reunion:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Family Dates for JULY:

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This post will be removed when the August dates are posted.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


For 20 years the Littrell Family Newsletter banner has appeared on every newsletter, poster, book, program and website as the Logo for distributed family research items.
Last week we moved that banner to the 'footer' section of the (non-facebook) website and today we placed a new banner at the top of the (non-facebook) website.
The new banner is more suited for graphic displays like the website so the old banner will still be used for less graphic purposes such as print and some video presentations.
For now we will continue to rotate different banners for the “LittrellFamily.net on Facebook” site.

Littrell Family Moonshine Stills:

from Evelyn Nolen Sarber to posted toGlenn Littrell on FaceBook

  • Hey Glenn, thought you may know. (had to copy & paste, no share button on original post from Rachel)
    Rachel Pengi Brown
    To all the cousins out there: I'm in search of a photo of Great Grandpa Littrell (Willa Dean's dad) with his stills. Could you let me know if you have one or ask around to see if anyone does? I know they exists, I just don't know where...
    Morgan Johnson Alesia Littrell Burrows Laura Littrell Hanks Angela Sarber Jade Renee Van Pelt Shelly Wells Brown Please tag any other family members you have as friends. It would mean alot to my grandma if we could find one.Helen Nolen D'Angelo

    Evelyn Nolen Sarber:
    Helen Nolen D'Angelo  has mom's photos, (Teresia B Littrell)...maybe Helen Nolen D'Angelo does??3 minutes ago ·
  • reply from Glenn Littrell: I have yet to see any pictures of the stills and have never heard anything that led me to believe they exist, but that doesn't mean they didn't or still don't exist. I would be very interested in them myself. If Rachel has any info or leads I would be glad to pursue them. Uncle Jesse's (Dean father) branch would be the most natural source for pictures of the stills in Tennessee, Glenn Littrellsince he remained there the longest (except for Sis's family, but I have never heard any stories of her family being involved). In Missouri I would think Red's branch would be the most likely source, but while Fred & Janet have spoken of the moonshine they've never mentioned any photos to my knowledge.
    Onene's husband Bert Curtis met Onene when he was running sugar for the moonshiners on the levi (Missouri), but I've never heard anything that suggested he was connected to the Littrell families enterprise.
    Have you seen the videos from last years reunion near poplar bluff? Where were talking about these old stories? When we do it at this years reunion (October) I'll be sure to bring this question up.
    I'm going to post this exchange on the website ( www.littrellfamilly.net ) maybe someone will respond.
    Hope you guys and Rachel are planning to come to the reunion of all of Grandpa Johns descendant.

Rachel Pengi Brown Posted on FaceBook:

Littrell Still_thumb[2]
Laura sent me a picture of the stills!! Thank you Laura Littrell Hanks!!! Though if anyone else has anymore I would still love to see them!

Glenn to Laura:

I've just seen the picture you sent Rachel. Does the picture have an inscription on the back, do you know the history of the picture, who's in it, etc.  Can you scan it in a higher resolution? Do you have anymore like it?

Reply from Laura Littrell Hanks

  • Glenn, the only thing on the back is in my dad's handwriting and says "Whiskey still." I don't know anything of the picture and am not sure how I got it. I guess my mom gave it to me. This is the only one like this that I have.
    I'll try to get a better scan.

Original post: This post/article is a consolidation of two previous post: “Pictures Of The Family Moonshine Stills?” posted 9-12-2012 and “Littrell Stills (Moonshine): Part 2” posted 9-16-2012, both of those articles are contained here and both original articles have been deleted.     GlennDL

Sunday, June 9, 2013

JD Littrell and Comer relatives in Washington:

Taken during JD’s second time stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Hopeful that I can identify the Comer branch in the next few months (probably have it on file now but research is directed somewhere else for now), but thought I would put it out there in case anyone has information.

First picture inscription: "On the ocean beach, we was clam digging. Got our limit. We are drinking coffee. Mike Comer (?) I don't know the other boy, the next one is Bob Comer, Steve Comer, Vergle Wife Katheline, Louie + me."      

Second picture inscription: "This is Mt. Ranier, snow on the ground and realy hot.”

Third Picture inscription: "I caught 4 like the one in my hand, and I got two sharks. WoW. The guy in the center caught the big one. JD, Washington"

Just came across this ten minutes after I posted the above
JDL-1950s (67b)"I was on my way to  Mt. Ranier mountain, thats it behind me, with snow on it."  JD

Friday, June 7, 2013

Bobby Jimerson: 9-24-2001

from: New Madrid County Obituaries

New Madrid-Bobby Jimerson, 54, died Sept. 24, 2001, at his home.
Born May 5, 1947, in New Madrid County, son of the late E.J. "Bob' and Mary Margaret McCane Jimerson, he was a member of Fraternal Order of
Eagles Aerie 44206 of New Madrid and was a barge operator for Noranda Aluminum.
Other survivors include: two daughters and sons-in-law, Bobbie Lynn and Starlin Kelley Jr. and Joanna Christine and Charles 'Chuck' Howard of New
one brother, Ronnie Jimerson of New Madrid; two sisters, Shirley Carter of the LaForge Community and Patricia Kolwyck of New Madrid;
and four grandsons, Trey Kelley, Garret Kelley, Chance Howard and Tatum Howard of New Madrid; and one granddaughter, Janie Kelley of New
He was preceded in death by one brother, Glenn Allen Jimerson; and one sister, Carolyn Sue Jimerson.
Friends may call after 5 p.m. Wednesday at Richards Funeral Home, where services are scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday, the Rev. Merrill Duffy, pastor
of the First Church of God in Lilbourn, will officiate.  Burial will follow in the Evergreen Cemetery.
Submitted by Cathy Horton Lee

(need picture of Bobby or his tombstone)

Bobby married Sheila Diane Littrell of New Madrid, 12-7-1969 in Marston, Missouri who also survives him…      GlennDL 

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Arthur Lee Littrell: 1-6-1989

 from: New Madrid County, Missouri Genealogy Trails

Arthur L n Florence Littrell Littrell, Arthur Lee; 77, a resident of Austin, Texas, formerly of New Madrid, died Friday, January 6, 1989, at Seton's Medical center in Austin, Texas.
He was born February 16, 1911, to the late J.C.and Donie Ezell Littrell. He lived in Austin for the last 16 years, where he worked for Environquip for 10 years,
retiring on August 2, 1985; on December 23, 1933, in New Madrid, he married Florence Horton, who survives in the home.
Other survivors include one daughter, Joyce Lukrofka of San Diego, Calif.; one son, Donald Wayne Littrell of Lake Worth, Fla; five sisters, Clera Beeson, Auvine Lynxwiler, Lorene Thompson, and Rachel Thompson, all of Sikeston, and Vela Nolan of Pensacola Fla; three grandchildren.
Two brothers preceded him in death. 
Funeral services will be conducted today, Wednesday, Jan 11, at 1p.m. at Richards Funeral Chapel with Rev. Paul Lathum, pastor of the New Madrid Methodist Church, officiating. Burial will follow in the Evergreen Cemetery in New Madrid, with Richards Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

Submitted by Kay Lee, Lees102@aol.com


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Faith Ellen Littrell Hogue: 4-14-2007

Daily Dunklin Democrat: Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Faith Ellen Littrell Hogue, 67, of Wappapello, Mo., formerly of Campbell, Mo., died Saturday, April 14, 2007, at her residence.

Born Sept. 6, 1939, in Campbell, daughter of the late John and Mamie Ezell Tate, she was a postmaster in Campbell and a member of the New Life Fellowship Church in Campbell.

OJ Littrell Family She married O.J. Littrell, who preceded her in death. She later married Don Hogue, who preceded her in death. She was also preceded in death by five brothers, John L., Joe, Bob, Frank and Jerry Tate.

Survivors include three sons, O.J. and Chris Littrell and wife, Patti, all of Wappapello and Wally Littrell, of Jackson, Tenn.; two step-daughters, Mary Cook, of Portageville, Mo., and Sheila Jamerson, of New Madrid, Mo.; one brother, Bill Tate, of Cape Girardeau, Mo.; one sister, Mary Williams, of North Little Rock, Ark.; 13 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held at 2 p.m., Monday, April 16, at the New Life Fellowship Church in Campbell with the Rev. Bruce Vinson officiating.

Burial was in the Woodlawn Cemetery at Campbell.

Memorials may be made to the New Life Fellowship Church in Campbell.

Landess Funeral Home of Campbell was in charge of arrangements.

pictured: March 1960 -- OJ Littrell, Orville John Littrell (age 2yrs.), Faith Ellen

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tommy Beeson: 1-30-2004


Sikeston Standard Democrat: Sunday, February 1, 2004

SIKESTON - Cecil Thomas "Tommy" Beeson, 63, died Jan. 30, 2004, at his home.

Born Feb. 18, 1940, in Sikeston, son of Clera Littrell Beeson of Sikeston and the late W.T. Beeson, he was a veteran of the U.S. Army and of the Baptist belief. He earned his pilot's license while being employed by Potlatch and owned and operated Beeson Flying Service until retiring in 1997. After retirement he became a driver for Rettig Enterprises and Duckett Truck Center, where he was currently employed.

On Feb. 18, 1960, he married Christine Cooksey. She died on Jan. 3, 1993.

He and Helen Cooper were married Feb. 17, 1986, and she survives of the home.

Other survivors include: four sons, Rusty Beeson of Jefferson City, Steve Beeson of Mammoth Springs, Ark., and Jeff Beeson and Keith Beeson of Benton; two daughters, Cathy Herbert of Sikeston and Deborah Hanff of DeSoto; four stepsons, Tim Anderson, Roger Wilcox and Steve Anderson of Springfield and David Anderson of North Carolina; two sisters, Jackie Hubbert of Benton and Karen Sue McBride of North Carolina; and 23 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

He was also preceded in death by one son, Tracy Beeson; one stepdaughter, Nicole Thatcher; and two brothers, Thurman Beeson and Bobby Beeson.

Visitation is from 5 to 8 p.m. today at Ponder Funeral Home in Sikeston, where services are scheduled for 11 a.m. Monday. The Rev. Randy Lemmons, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, will officiate.

New Madrid American Legion Post 595 will conduct graveside military rites at Garden of Memories Cemetery in Sikeston.

Pallbearers will be: Steve Beeson, Jeff Beeson, Keith Beeson, Braxton Cray, Roger Wilcox and Tim Anderson.

Thomas Beeson is a grandson of James & Donie Littrell

Redford ‘Red’ Littrell Family: PHOTOS

JD Littrell Family: PHOTOS


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