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Friday, December 6, 2019

The Unknown Burial Site of Colonel John Luttrell

Mark Hayden
August 27, 2019 at 1:47 AM

…I came across this site since I'm researching Col. John Luttrell, of the Transylvania Company who died Sep 13, 1781, in battle at Lindley's Mill in North Carolina. One would think he was buried in the mass grave along with the other fallen. However, I've come across an unusual claim that he was eventually interned 300 miles away at the Old Gray Cemetery in Knoxville, Tennessee . . .see find a grave memorial 170648952. Can you shed any light on t(his) burial record? Please email me at: mwhayden1@gmail.com Thanks, Mark Hayden


  1. GlennDL
    December 6, 2019 at 11:38 AM

    Where Col. Luttrell is buried is unknown to me, but I assure you it is unlikely to be in the Old Gray Cemetery, or for that fact the state of Tennessee. At the time of his death, the Transylvania Company was not associated with Tennessee outside of Elizabethton until after Luttrell's death. Luttrell, along with Judge Henderson, was present at the negotiations and signing of the Treaty of Sycamore Shoal in 1775, near Elizabethton, after which they left immediately to join Daniel Boone on the Wilderness Road in Kentucky. The time between then and the Colonel's death is very well accounted for as he was in Boonseborough until he returned to North Carolina to join the Militia in the cause for independence. Most of his family was still in Virginia except for hi brother Thomas at Ft. Boonseborough and his wife in North Carolina. His relationship to the Knoxville Luttrells was distant.
    In researching the work of Nancy Goldsberg and Laura Luttrell there is no reference to his burial site which is probably due to the assumption that the times did not allow for the long-distance transportation of the deceased... the war, the cost, etc.
    His will does not designate a burial site. The most likely sites would be in North Carolina, either on his estate or near the battlefield of his death. It would be a stretch to assume any other site such as Fort Boonseborough, his birthplace in Virginia, Elizabethton Tennessee, or especially 115 miles from Elizabethton in Knoxville. His will was contested by his wife, brothers and half brothers and no mention is made of his burial place... he mentions an unborn child in his will but the child died and is not mentioned in probate.
    It is worth noting that the Old Gray Cemetery in Knoxville has 16 known Luttrell's buried there but was not founded until 1850. Nearly 70 years after the Colonel's death.
    The posting in Find A Grave has the earmarks at an attempt to flesh out some responses in the hope of establishing a desired link between the Colonel and the Knoxville Luttrells. There is a link' going back to Northumberland County, Virginia to the common ancestor, but there is no link from Colonel Luttrell forward to any descendants... he died without a child, his wife took up with a doctor of ill repute and is never heard from again after probate.

see also:

Monday, October 28, 2019

Veteran Day Dedications: 2019

Veterans Memorial – East Prairie Missouri
As is our annual tradition we will be posting dedications honoring our family's veterans by recognizing their service. Beginning today, and continuing through mid-November, we will post at least one article a day commemorating a family member who served in the military whether in war or times of peace. We will post more than one a day on many days. Feel free to post your own service pictures, letters and memorials, here in the Littrell Family [Facebook] Group page.
  • To view these daily post go to the family’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/littrellfamily.net/) or to view the post directly use the Table of Contents (in the right-hand column) and make your selections in the “Military Roll Call Section”.
These commemorations will be based on, but not limited to, the 35 family Veterans commemorated in the book “The Littrell Family Journals Volume III: Military Roll Call”.
The Veteran dedications will be listed in groups by the era in which they served.
If you have information on a family Veteran who is not mentioned in the book, or additional information please provide that information (pictures, stories, newspaper clipping, memorials, etc.,) to me at the reunion, or via the email or postal address below
Please, the commemorations we are talking about are not just for blood-line descendants... they can include spouses too.
PO BOX 20794

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Viola Mae Johns~Simbeck~Littrell: died October 13, 1970

reposted from Oct. 2016

Viola Mae Johns (#411) September 01, 1931 in Loretto, TN., daughter of William Johns and John Bivens. She married John Simbeck. Widowed, she then married Jessie Littrell  She was born November 09, 1909 in Lawrence Co., TN., and died October 13, 1970 in St. Louis, MO.

Children of John Simbeck and Viola Johns are:

i. Geneva6 Simbeck,
ii. James Edward6 “Bud” Simbeck,

Children of Jessie Littrell and Viola Johns are:  

i. Teresia Beatrice9 Littrell,
ii. Jessie Dolan9 Littrell,
iii. Willa Dean9 Littrell,
iv. Mary Christine9 Littrell,
v. Ronald Lyvonne9 Littrell,
vi. Otis Carl9 Littrell, born August 15, 1942 in Loretto, TN.; died January 18, 1945 in East Prairie, MO.
vii. Malcolm9 “Mike” Gene Littrell,
viii. Gary Russell9 Littrell,

Jesse Daniel & Viola Littrell Family

Bud & Geneva Simbeck


Saturday, October 5, 2019

2019 Littrell Family Reunion: October 19, 2019

descendants of John & Kizzie Comer Littrell

How to get to the reunion:

www.littrellfamily.net is an open website, meaning anyone can view it, for this reason we limit the information we post here. We do not share the reunion site address here as it is a private residence all year round.

The reunion site is the same place as the last 7 years. If you haven't been there then try to contact a first cousin or any cousin who has been there for directions.
We have a Facebook group page that you can request membership in and once your membership is approved you will have access to more specific information. If you aren't on Facebook email me at

Please don't wait to the last minute to get information as those of us trying to coordinate things will be busier as the date approaches. At some point we will be unreachable by internet as there is no internet on-site.

Presently we advise everyone coming to make lodging arraignments soon. On the day of the reunion** we can have a meeting point in Doniphan for those who don't know the way. {email me if you want to set this up)


**the day before also if necessary.

North End Motel- 573-996-2164

If you are camping let us know. There's room for campers and tents… There are hookups, but limited, and facilities for tent dwellers are a port-a-let.

If any of our links are/info is outdated let me know.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Family Dates For September:

If your ancestor or family member has a date coming up let us know so we can include it on the calendar.
Click the event (in red or light blue) to see the post.
September 1st, 1931:  Jesse Littrell married Viola Mae Simbeck.
September 2nd, 1988: Krista Catherine White          
September 3rd, 1966: Sharon Denise Cook White    
September 8th, 1910: Jesse Littrell was born.
September 15th, 1934: Onene Littrell married Bert Curtis.
September 22nd, 1938: Bertha Ann Littrell married Lindsey Prior ‘Bordie’ Thurman.
September 23rd, 1933: J. Fred Johnston is born.
September 24th, 1927: O. Imogene ‘Gene’ Hampton born.
September 24th, 1988: Lindsey Prior ‘Bordie’ Thurman died.
September 25th, 1940: Rex Littrell born.
September 29th, 1941: Bertha May Johnston died.
We will try to provide specific information on the Events Calendar, and this webpage (and on Facebook) one or two days before the anniversary date.
  1. Cover V1You can view all family events by clicking the tab “LittrellFamily.net Events Calendar” near the top of the page.
  2. View the calendar for information and to help us identify missing information.
  3. You can submit events and dates for the calendar by email: indianaglenn@gmail.com or by Facebook post on the group page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/littrellfamily.net/


Jessie Daniel Littrell: married September 1, 1931

Jessie Daniel8 Littrell (John Daniel7, Timmons Seburn6 Literal, Eli Franklin5, Rodhom4, Robert3 Luttrell, Richard2 Lutterell, James1 Lotterell) was born September 08, 1910 in Loretto, TN., and died January 21, 1963 in St. Louis, MO. He married Viola Mae Johns (#411) September 01, 1931 in Loretto, TN., daughter of William Johns and John Bivens (and the widow of John Simbeck). She was born November 09, 1909 in Lawrence Co., TN., and died October 13, 1970 in St. Louis, MO.
Children of Jessie Littrell and Viola Johns are:

i. Teresia Beatrice9 Littrell,
ii. Jessie Dolan9 Littrell,
iii. Willa Dean9 Littrell,
iv. Mary Christine9 Littrell,

v. Ronald Lyvonne9 Littrell,
vi. Otis Carl9 Littrell, born August 15, 1942 in Loretto, TN.; died January 18, 1945 in East Prairie, MO.
vii. Malcolm “Mike” Gene Littrell,
viii. Gary Russell9 Littrell,
GRL-12 (8)

Jesse Daniel & Viola Mae (Johns-Simbeck) Littrell

1930, TN., Lawrence Co., Census w/family Sheet 12A/B:
1930 Census V Simbecks parents In the 1930 Census for Lawrence County, Tennessee Viola Johns Simbeck is living in the household of her father-in-law (line 44, Henry J. Simbeck) following the death of her husband, John. Listed/continued on the next page of the census are Viola (Johns) Simbeck and her two children, Geneva, and James (Bud) Simbeck, lines51, 52 and 53.
1930 Census Viola Johns Simbeck .Under “Relationships” (col. 6) Viola is listed as Daughter-in-Law and Bud and Geneva as grandchildren indicating they are living in the household of Henry (Head-of-Household)
Viola would eventually remarry to Jessie Daniel Littrell, the oldest son of John & Kizzie Littrell. Sheet 12A/Sheet 12B Families of Loretto, TN Area:1930~gdl2002
241                 reposted from 2016

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Noble James Littrell: died August 08, 1972

Noble James Littrell  died August 08, 1972 in OH., Lorain.
Red & Noble Littrell R~L-2 (2) R~L-J3
Noble James8 Littrell born July 16, 1915 in TN., Lawrence Co., Loretto.
No obituary available.

To see more of Noble’s family click here.

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Redford Littrell died August 05, 1995:

Redford Littrell died August 05, 1995 in MO., Marston. was born December 28, 1920 in TN., Lawrence Co., Loretto, and died August 05, 1995 in MO., Marston .

obit courtesy of Lois Campbell Littrell

50/88/122              reposted from 2016

Friday, July 19, 2019

JD Littrell: born July 19, 1922

JD & ???Born in TN., Lawrence Co., Loretto/St. Joseph, and died December 22, 1995 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
He married (1) Opal Imogene Hampton (#316) December 23, 1947 in Piggott, AR., daughter of James Hampton and Maggie McDowell. She was born September 24, 1927 in MO., Portageville, and died April 23, 1960 in MO., Marston.
He married (2) Gertrud Anita Bock (#317) June 19, 1964 in Dachau, Germany. She was born December 26, 1933 in Brand, Kreis Tachau, CZ.

JDL-1950s (48)

To view the JD Littrell’s Family page click here and after the page reloads scroll down past this article.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Leatha Mae Littrell-Davis: married Jess Davis 7-12-1941

Leatha Mae Littrell was the fourth and youngest daughter (9th child) of John & Kizzie Littrell.

Davis Family Leatha Mae Littrell  was born June 23, 1924 in TN., Lawrence Co., and died January 18, 1979 in FL., Ft. Meyers(1) She married (1) Jesse Lee Davis (#428)(2) July 12, 1941, son of Jesse Davis and Fannie Largent. He was born April 18, 1922, served in the US Navy during WW II, and died June 15, 1970 in MO., East Prairie.

More About Jesse Davis and Leatha Littrell:

  • Cemetery: MO., East Prairie, W.O.W. Cem.

Children of Leatha Littrell and Jesse Davis are:

  1. Billy Lee Davis.
  2. Ronnie Dale Davis, born in 1947, died 1947.
  3. Jerry Gale Davis, born May 20, 1952, died May 6, 1967 in a car accident in East Prairie, MO.
  4. Joyce Davis.
  5. Pamela Davis.

sources: Letha Mae

1 John Daniel Littrell Family Correspondence File, (Letters, Family Group Sheets, and charts sent by family members to the compiler Glenn D. Littrell.), undated and unreferenced newspaper clipping, obituary, contributed by Bertha Littrell-Thurman.

2 John Daniel Littrell Family Correspondence File, (Letters, Family Group Sheets, and charts sent by family members to the compiler Glenn D. Littrell.), Ancestor information for Jesse Lee Davis contributed by Billy Lee Davis [9-11-1990].

To view the LEATHA MAE DAVIS’s FAMILY page click here and after the page reloads scroll down past this article.

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Susannah L.E. Landtroop: born 5-27-1837

Susannah was the 5th child of the Virginian, Stith Landtroop, who moved to the Madison/Limestone County areas of Alabama around or before 1826. Susannah married Cassandra Urban, the son of a Prussian immigrant in 1856.
Susanna Urban is Mary Catherine Literal’s mother. Nancy, Susan, Susan, Agee, Margaret, and Daniel are all Mary Catherine’s siblings
Susannah & Cassandra are both buried in Hill Cemetery, Lauderdale County, Alabama.
.........4 Susannah L.E. Landtroop b: May 27, 1837 in Alabama, USA
          + Cassandra Urban b: Jul 04, 1831 in Alabama, USA,
                   m: 1856 in Madison, Alabama, USA
5 Mary Catherine Urban b: Abt. 1857 ; Alabama or Tennessee ??
             + Timmons Seburn Literal
                      b: May 27, 1856 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA; from death certificate,
                      m: Jul 25, 1877 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA   
                                                     We descend from Timmons and Mary Catherine.

............5 John H. Urban b: Abt. 1860 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA
............5 James C. Urban b: Feb 20, 1860 in Tennessee, USA
             + Mary E. Newton b: May 16, 1856 in Tennessee, USA,
                       m: Sep 18, 1881 in Lawrence,Tennessee, USA
............5 Martha C. Urban b: Abt. 1864
             + John Harrison Smith m: Aug 03, 1881 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA
............5 George T. Urban b: Abt. 1866
............5 William C. Urban b: Abt. 1868 in Tennessee, USA
             + Emily Garrett b: Abt. 1867 in Tennessee, USA, m: Abt. 1888
............5 U.S.G. Urban b: Oct 1869
............5 Susan Malissa Urban b: Nov 26, 1871
             + Samuel Stutts b: Jul 15, 1871
............5 Daniel J. Urban b: Abt. 1874
             + Lola Sirvirginia Philips
............5 Thomas Marion Urban b: Oct 26, 1876
             + Mary Ann Robertson b: Nov 26, 1887
............5 Nancy L. Urban b: Dec 13, 1878
             + Claude P. Richardson b: Jan 11, 1881, m: Bef. 1898
............5 Margaret Urban b: Mar 01, 1881
             + Noah F. Robertson b: Sep 24, 1879
............5 Albert Agee Urban b: Oct 26, 1884
             + Emma b: Jul 04, 1886

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Friday, January 11, 2019

Cassandra Urban: married Susannah L.E. Landtroop

reposted from 2018
(Cassandra was the father of Mary Catherine Urban, wife of Timmons Literal.)
Fall96 (1)crpd
    Cassandra Urban was born July 04, 1831, in Alabama, and died July 21, 1912. He married Susannah L.E. Landtroop (#114), Abt. 1855, daughter of Stith Landtroop and Mary. She was born May 27, 1837, in Alabama ??, and died November 29, 1908. (1)
    Family oral history and the inconsistent spelling of Cassandra and his father's name have caused confusion when identifying them. It is most probable that the elder Cassander, husband of Catherine Wise, was born in Prussia and migrated to Lauderdale County, Alabama sometime before 1830, and had at least one son (Cassandra) that spoke some German.
    Children of Cassandra Urban and Susannah Landtroop are:
    susannah familynames
  1. Mary Catherine Urban. (wife of Timmons Literal, mother of James C., John D., Presley Eli Sr, Suzie L., Lesley, & Mary M., Littrell)
  2. James C. Urban, born February 20, 1860, in TN.; died August 23, 1945.
  3. Martha C. Urban, born Abt. 1864. She married John Harrison Smith on August 03, 1881, in Lawrence Co., TN.(5)
  4. George T. Urban, born Abt. 1866.
  5. William C. Urban, born Abt. 1868 in TN.
  6. U.S.G. Urban, born October 1869.
  7. Susan Malissa Urban, born November 26, 1871; died December 23, 1925. She married Samuel Stutts; born July 15, 1871; died May 25, 1938.
  8. imageDaniel J. Urban, born Abt. 1874.
  9. Thomas Marion Urban, born October 26, 1876; died May 04, 1963.
  10. Nancy L. Urban, born December 13, 1878; died February 09, 1957. She married Claude P. Richardson Abt. 1900; born January 11, 1881; died December 20, 1957.
  11. Margaret Urban, born March 01, 1881; died March 25, 1969. She married Noah F. Robertson; born September 24, 1879; died September 25, 1937.
  12. Albert Agee Urban, born October 26, 1884; died February 15, 1951. He married Emma [?]; born July
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