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Monday, November 15, 1999

Mary A. Littrell who was married to David Alexander Fore:

From: Noel Parrish<NPParrish@aol.com>
To: GlennDL
Subject: Littrell genealogy
Date: Monday, November 15, 1999 5:56 PM

Hi, I saw your web site on the Littrells.

One of my ancestors is Mary A. Littrell who was married to David Alexander
Fore.  I don't have any info at all about Mary other than she was David's
spouse. David was born in Kentucky December 28, 1841.  Many of David's
siblings were born or lived in Lawrence County, TN.  Some of the Fores were

I am pretty sure that she ties in with your Littrell family though because
one of her sons, my ggreat-grandfather, was William Shelton Fore.  He was
born in Arkansas. 

I was wondering if you had any info or could provide me with any leads as to
the parentage of Mary?

Thanks so much!
Noel Parrish

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

Lott Litteral married Nancy Bray:

-----Original Message-----
From: Arline & Bob Simino <absimino@primary.net>  To: GlennDL  Date: Friday, March 05, 1999 9:26 AM

Glen,Please get back to me,on Lott Litteral Marr Nancy Bray
Litteral,Children Ailsey,Susan there are others I can support,Nancy Bray
was from NC,Lott Litteral we do not know who his parents are, B-1812 we
think in Tn.1850 census Lincoln Tn. came to Mo in 1857, Please give me the
email to this fam. I cant for the life of me find it now but saw it on your
page ,Thank You God Bless Arline Simino


Arline & Bob
    Presently I only have knowledge of two "Lotts" and neither where born in
Tn.   The elder Lott was the grandson of Richard and Mary Luttrell of
Fauquier County, Virginia b.1772.   He was won of the 12 Luttrell cousins
who along with the Shelton clan migrated out of Virginia to Kentucky
c.1795-1806, from there some of them migrated into Tennessee, and Illinois,
while some stayed.   This elder Lott migrated to Warren County Tennessee
where I last have him on the 1810 Census.   One of his brother Richard's
sons was named Lott [b.1791 Kentucky]and he migrated with his brothers to
Illinois [with some Rutrherfords & Sheltons] where he lived till his death
in Pisgah, Illinois.
    It doesn't sound like either one fits your Lott.   I would be highly
surprised if I don't eventually come across your Lott.   Right now most of
my research is stuck in Kentucky for probably the rest of March, but my next
step is into the Tennessee area.   I post almost everything to the Website
as I process it and I'll put you on my E-mail list.   Don't be shy about
prodding me for more, sometimes I need it.  Unfortunately, I can't devote as
much time as I would like and answering all the E-mail I get takes some
time.   That's why I post it to the website because it gets to more people


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