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Monday, June 11, 2018

The Littrell brothers Draft Cards World War II and Korea:


Redford Littrell: notice the description of residence “1/2 mile northwest of Anniston…” Maybe this can help us locate the farm they lived on out side of Anniston. Date: 2-16-1942, World War II.


John Daniel Littrell, JR: AKA Junior Dolan, AKA JD.  6-30-1942 the World War II draft. Issued In Union Co., KY


Leslie Albert Littrell: Uncle Les, 12-9-1946, the Korean War Draft.


Redford “NMN” Littrell: Notice the “(first name only)” notation for Uncle Red’s middle name above. The family story is that Red’s military records had the letters “NMN” in place of his middle name because he didn’t have one. This was not unusual as not everyone had a three-part name; first, middle, last. It wasn’t until the advent of Social Security that people were required to have a middle name. This was a dilemma for the Littrell family as middle names were not consistently used.

It appears that Rubin, Red, and maybe Les didn’t initially have middle names. We aren’t sure about Les as he was named after his Uncle Leslie A. Comer who may have been Leslie Albert Comer. This is speculative though as Leslie often went by LA Comer and some in the Comer family believe the “LA” stood for Lester A.

All the children of Kizzie & John may have had middle names but over the years just forgot them or since Kizzie and John didn’t use them they were not aware of them. This born out by the double initial names of JD and OJ. ( as late as the 1940 census JD and OJ are still referred to only by their initials.

When faced with the need for a full three-part name we know that Rubin made up his middle name (also Albert) and when signing up for the WPA CCC Camps OJ had to make up full names for himself and JD: Oliver James and Junior Dolan. We have no idea the authenticity of Oliver James, but we now believe we have found proof that JD was actually John Daniel which would have made him John Daniel Littrell, JR., thus OJ’s use of Junior. Where he got Dolan from is a mystery.

By the time JD did his draft card, he was already using Junior Dolan, even though this was a short time after being given that name by OJ… he is still working at the CCC camp in Breckinridge, Kentucky.



This would not be the only connection between JD and Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky. After returning from Korea in 1952 he would be stationed there (in the Army) were his second son Glenn (me) was born.    more on Camp Breckinridge, KY.

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