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LittrellFamily.net Events Calendar

General guidelines for inclusion on the LittrellFamily.net Events Calendar
  • Any family based events for the children and their spouses of Timmons Literal.
  • Any family based events for the direct ancestors of the spouses of Timmons Literal’s children: James & Donie, John & Kizzie, Suzie and Benjamin, Mozela and Alonzo, Press and Margaret.
  • Any family based events for direct and indirect ancestors of Timmons Literal and Mary Catherine Urban (Timmons wife).
  • Any family based events for direct descendants of Timmons Literal’s children **.
  • Family based events are: birth, birthdays, death, obits, anniversary, reunions, family get togethers, funerals, etc.
**beginning with Timmons grandchildren Calendar Events will be created for direct descendants only, event information for spouses will be listed as part of the descendants event. i.e.., as a great grandchild of Timmons, an event could be created for my birth, and my daughters birth as direct descendents, but any event for my wife would have to be appended to my events.


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