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Saturday, January 2, 2021


Throughout this year, I will be posting monthly 'clips' from the Littrell Family.net Events Calendar similar to this one for the last week of the year (Busiest Week Of The Year For Littrell Family?)... showing events for that month.

1] To ensure that we have correct and complete information on all descendants of John & Kizzie.
2] To ensure the current "Events Calendar" on the LFN website is correct and complete.
3] To produce an accurate family print calendar for 2022.
We will make the print calendar using online services such as Vista Prints or Lulu Press and make them available for online purchase.
The print calendar will include family pictures if available.
The website calendar will include holidays, all descendants, and John and Kizzy's ancestors that are known and provided.
The print calendar will include holidays and all ancestors. It will also include all known descendants of John and Kizzie down to the "First Cousins."
Events that will be targeted will be births (including adoptions), marriages, and deaths.
What the project needs from you:
Watch the monthly 'clips' here on this group page. Let me know if any information is inaccurate, incomplete, or missing.
Inform me of corrections and additions that need to be made for that month via comments on the clips or email
at indianaglenn@gmail.com
Knew information collected during this project will also be used in the upcoming family history book, so please include pictures, stories, and documents that may be suitable for the calendar project and the book.
(To include all descendants in the print calendar would make traditional one-month pages impractical... the print would have to be so small it would be unreadable.))

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