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Friday, August 1, 1980

1980 Littrell Family Reunion @ East Prairie MO

courtesy of John ‘JL’ Littrell

1980 Littrell Family Reunion in East Prairie MO. photos courtesy of John 'JL' Littrell.
If any of these photos do not belong in this album let me know (I wasn't at this reunion)
If you have any photo from this reunion please share them with us so we can share them with everyone.
Eventually we will work these into a video and put it on the DVD for nest years reunion.

1980 Aug EPrairie (7)

If you can help with any information on these pictures send it to me by email, OR… you can leave it here on the website, which is better because then everyone can see it and either confirm or dispute it. Disputing it isn’t bad because we want to be sure, or to know if we are unsure. Its also better because we don’t have to worry about me getting around to transferring your information from your email to here. See the note below Letha Mae’s family picture

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