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Friday, January 1, 2010



Silver in the Hair

Gold in the Teeth.

Stones in the Kidneys
Sugar in the Blood.
Lead in the Ass.
Iron in the Arteries.
And an inexhaustible supply of Natural Gas.

I never thought I’d accumulate such wealth...

LittrellFamily.net on Facebook:

This is the portal to the FaceBook site for the Littrell Family. Primarily descendants of John & Kizzie (Comer) Littrell. Non-members can view the site and membership list but only members can post or view post. Feel free to post messages, videos and links. they will appear to group members only and not to the rest of your 'list'. Its a good way to keep your family discussions and post separate from your normal FaceBook activities. Non-members can request to join and members should be able to invite people to join, if not then provide the admin with the request via email.


Why its important to invite your family members to join this group page:
This family has a strong and colorful history, a history that belongs to every family unit whether it is just a single parent and a single child (Uncle Noble and Rex after the death of Corine) or a family as big as Grandpa John & Grandma Kizzie's (with 12 children), whether it is a family with step children (as when Uncle Jesse married the widow Simbeck (Aunt Viola)) or a family with half siblings (as when Uncle OJ remarried and had children by his second wife as well as his first). This family has a wide collection of diversity whether its nature is religious, political, racial, or national. This family has its closet skeletons and its righteous few. All in all there is a lot this family has that should be shared and passed on for many generations.
This group page and the non-facebook page (
www.littrellfamily.net ) are two of many tools we have to share and spread information about our heritage, past and present, but we all have to be sure to share that information with our family members to foster that heritage.
We now have 110 members in LittrellFamily.net on Facebook bridging 4 generations and spread out from New York to San Diego, from Florida to Colorado, but their is always room for more. Is everyone in your family that is on Facebook in the group? If not why not and what can anyone do about it? ANYONE can't! Only you can do something about it.
Non-members of this group page can see who's in the group, but they can't see what's posted on the group pages. They can see some photo's, but not all. They can't see the conversations. And most importantly, they can only receive invitations to join the group from someone on their 'Friends' List. If I know about them I can send them a link to the group, but if they're not on my friends list I can't send them an invitation to join, because I'm not on their friends list any facebook message I send them may not make it through their privacy settings.
Now I could send them a friend request and if they accept I could then send them an invitation to join the group, but what if they don't accept? Not every distant cousin is going to accept a friend request from a 61 year old cousin they never met. Even sounds a little creepy doesn't it? Besides I like to keep my friends list kind of small and the whole idea behind the family group page is to have a place for sharing with family without sharing EVERYTHING we post on Facebook.

click to visit LittrellFamily.net on Facebook


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