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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Jessie Daniel Littrell: married September 1, 1931

Jessie Daniel8 Littrell (John Daniel7, Timmons Seburn6 Literal, Eli Franklin5, Rodhom4, Robert3 Luttrell, Richard2 Lutterell, James1 Lotterell) was born September 08, 1910 in Loretto, TN., and died January 21, 1963 in St. Louis, MO. He married Viola Mae Johns (#411) September 01, 1931 in Loretto, TN., daughter of William Johns and John Bivens (and the widow of John Simbeck). She was born November 09, 1909 in Lawrence Co., TN., and died October 13, 1970 in St. Louis, MO.
Children of Jessie Littrell and Viola Johns are:

i. Teresia Beatrice9 Littrell,
ii. Jessie Dolan9 Littrell,
iii. Willa Dean9 Littrell,
iv. Mary Christine9 Littrell,

v. Ronald Lyvonne9 Littrell,
vi. Otis Carl9 Littrell, born August 15, 1942 in Loretto, TN.; died January 18, 1945 in East Prairie, MO.
vii. Malcolm “Mike” Gene Littrell,
viii. Gary Russell9 Littrell,
GRL-12 (8)

Jesse Daniel & Viola Mae (Johns-Simbeck) Littrell

1930, TN., Lawrence Co., Census w/family Sheet 12A/B:
1930 Census V Simbecks parents In the 1930 Census for Lawrence County, Tennessee Viola Johns Simbeck is living in the household of her father-in-law (line 44, Henry J. Simbeck) following the death of her husband, John. Listed/continued on the next page of the census are Viola (Johns) Simbeck and her two children, Geneva, and James (Bud) Simbeck, lines51, 52 and 53.
1930 Census Viola Johns Simbeck .Under “Relationships” (col. 6) Viola is listed as Daughter-in-Law and Bud and Geneva as grandchildren indicating they are living in the household of Henry (Head-of-Household)
Viola would eventually remarry to Jessie Daniel Littrell, the oldest son of John & Kizzie Littrell. Sheet 12A/Sheet 12B Families of Loretto, TN Area:1930~gdl2002
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  1. First information I have found about my Mother Geneva Lenora Simbeck Sandrell ...I am so excited to find this info. Bless you for hand entering this historical information.



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