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Saturday, February 21, 2015

First Cousins: The Last Generation?

WHO ARE THE 1st COUSINS? GDL-2011 (17)


Jesse Daniel Littrell Family:GRL-12 (23)

Gary Russell, Mike (Malcolm) Gene, Jesse Dolan, Ronald Lyvonne

2002 TSL Reunion (16)Christine
Mary Christine
Willa Dean Littrell Brown
Willa Dean
Jesse Daniel & Viola Littrell Family
Bud & Geneva

not pictured: Teresia Beatrice & Otis Carl

Verily Viola “Sis” Littrell Johnston Family:OLC-11d (1)Mable Lurene & Verily BerniceLJO-1d (2)crpdJ. Fred

More 1st Cousins photos


Living First Cousins (24)

W. Dean Littrell, Gary R. Littrell, J. Fred Littrell, M. Lurene Johnston, Martha Rae Curtis, Rex Littrell, Bill Davis, J. Darlene Thurman, Ann M. Thurman, Mike (Malcolm) G. Littrell, Mary Catherine Littrell, Sheila D. Littrell, Monte L. Thurman, Troy L. Littrell, John (JL) Littrell, Glenn D. Littrell, Fred G. Littrell, Joyce Davis, Richard (Rick) N. Littrell,
Pam Davis, B. Rachelle Littrell, Janet P. Littrell, Orville J. Littrell, Wallace (Wally) J. Littrell

Even though there are some spouses of John & Kizzie's children still living the passing of Onene Littrell-Curtis at the end of 2010  meant there are no surviving children of our common ancestors, John and Kizzie. Onene was the last of her generation. The 1st Cousins (the grandchildren of John & Kizzie) are now the current eldest generation.

Most, but surprisingly not all, of the first cousins know each other.

Beginning with the migration of the family from Tennessee to southeast Missouri in 1932 John and Kizzie left their oldest daughter Viola, ‘Sis’, in Tennessee where she remained the rest of her life and raised her family. Jesse, who had also remained in Tennessee until the family’s moonshine adventure forced him and his family to join his parents in Missouri would settle in the St. Louis area. Eventually Les and Red would also settle in St. Louis and Rubin and Noble in Ohio and Indiana, respectively. JD would travel the world as a career soldier and sailor before joining Rubin in Indianapolis. OJ, Letha Mae, Bertha and Onene would remain in the boot heel area of Missouri. Two children would pass without offspring.* 

So with 3 siblings in St. Louis, 4 siblings in southeast Missouri, 1 sibling in Tennessee, 2 siblings in Indianapolis, the children of John & Kizzie were spread out pretty good over a 5 state area. Even so, with reunions and holidays the family saw each other enough that most of John and Kizzie’s grandchildren, the first cousins, came to know each other.

But John and Kizzie passed and as their children grew older the get ‘togethers’ became less frequent. The first cousins children grew and also spread out as they settled. For years  the occasional reunion and too many funerals were the only times most of the first cousins saw each other. As their children grew that generation has come to know little of their family history and of their own generation. That generation, the great grandchildren of John and Kizzie are for the most part total strangers to each other and their heritage.

This family has reached the point where if we rely on the funerals of first cousins to unite us in the future the ties to each other, John, Kizzie, Jesse, Noble, etc. will be lost. No longer will anybody be able to say ‘That’s a Littrell for you’, and even if they did who would really know what that means?

This is the reason some of us put so much effort into attending and effecting the attendance at family reunions, as well as the website and Facebook group page. We hope you all will get involved. You may not know anyone at the reunions, but I promise you we don’t bite.

5th Annual John & Kizzie Littrell Family Reunion
October 17, 2015
Between Grandin
Doniphan Missouri


Deceased First Cousins (13)

Bertha M. Johnston (1939-1941)
Otis Carl Littrell (1942-1945)
Martha A. Johnston (1941-1947)
Ronnie Dale Davis (1947-1947)
Felecia E. Littrell (1959-1966)
Jerry G. Davis (1952-1967)
T. Beatrice Littrell (1932-1974)
J. Dolan Littrell (1933-1990)
R. Lyvonne (Vaughn) Littrell (1940-1992)
Richard R. Littrell (????-????)
V. Bernice Johnston (1937-1998)
M. Christine Littrell (1938-20??)
Christopher (Chris) D. Littrell, 1966-2015

 *Troy Lee ‘Dick’ Littrell died at age 22 in Missouri.  There is evidence and tradition that Kizzie had another child who either died at birth or soon thereafter in Tennessee.


Noble James Littrell Family:
JL-2011 (44)crpd

Ollie Onene Littrell Curtis Family:
Martha Rae Curtis Savat
Martha Rae

Bertha Ann Littrell Thurman Family:

OLC-4 (1)crpd

Anna Marie & Joyce Darlene 

OLC-5d (2)

Monte Linden

Redford “Red” Littrell Family:

Fred Littrell


Janet Littrell
Janet Pandora

John Daniel “JD” (Junior Dolan) Littrell Family:
GDL-2012 (122)
Troy Lee, Richard Noble & Glenn David

Letha Mae Littrell Davis Family:
2012 Reunion (Oct)
Joyce, Billy Lee & Pam
Jerry Davis Jerry Gale Davis,

not pictured:  Ronnie Dale Davis.

O.J. Littrell Family:
Mary,Wally,Sheila, Chris & Orvile
Mary Catherine, Wallace “Wally” James, Sheila Diane, Christopher David & Orville John.

Leslie Littrell Family:
MLC-2011 (6)
John L. “JL” Littrell

Albert Rubin Littrell Family:

MLC-1d (9)crpd

Richard Rubin, Felicia Ann & Betty Rachelle 


note: Even though I have hundreds of family pictures many have yet to be digitized. If you have a better picture of someone then send it to me and I’ll switch it in. We will have a scanner at the reunion if you want to bring pictures' to be scanned and put on next years DVD/CD and the websites and books.

As always if I have mis-identified someone let me know.


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Monday, February 16, 2015

Chris Littrell has passed away: UPDATE

Chris LittrellJust received word that Chris Littrell has passed away. Chris is the grandson of John & Kizzie (Comer) Littrell, and the son of OJ & Faith Ellen (Tate) Littrell, both deceased. Don't have any more information at the moment but will post arrangements here and on Facebook when received.

Funeral arrangements for Christopher Littrell are tomorrow, Wednesday, February 18, 2015. From 4:00 p.m. for family and 5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. for the public. The funeral is Thursday morning at 11:00 a.m. At Fowler-Sullivan funeral home in Poplar Bluff, Mo. Chris is the Grandson of John & Kizzie Comer Littrell, and the son of O.J. Littrell & Faith Ellen Tate Littrell. His wife is Patti Siebert Littrell of Wappapello, Mo. And he has two daughters Courtney Littrell & Amanda Littrell of Wappapello, Mo. He also has a grandson, Aydin & a granddaughter, Addison. He has two brothers Orville (OJ) Littrell of Campbell & Wallace (Wally-Connie) Littrell of Jackson, Tn., also two sisters Mary Catherine Littrell-Cook (J.C) & Sheila Littrell Jimerson both of Portageville, Mo.


Christopher David Littrell, 48, of Wappapello, Mo., passed away Monday, February 16, 2015 at his home.

He was born June 15, 1966, in Poplar Bluff, Mo., to the late Oliver and Faith (Hogue) Littrell. Mr. Littrell had worked as a truck driver and enjoyed fishing, hunting, and playing with his grandchildren.

On May 24, 1986, he married Patrice (Siebert) Littrell in Glendenville, Mo. She survives.

He is also survived by his daughters, Courtney Littrell and Amanda Littrell; two sisters, Mary Cook and Sheila Jimerson; and brothers, Orville Littrell and Wallace Littrell; as well as grandchildren, Aiden and Addison.

Visitation  will be held from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at Fowler-Sullivan Funeral Home in Poplar Bluff, Mo.  Funeral services will begin at 11 a.m. Thursday, February 19, 2015 in the funeral home chapel. Burial  will be in the Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Cris Littrell

Friday, February 13, 2015

Viola ‘Sis’ Johnston Family: PHOTOS

V. Viola When John & Kizzie migrated to Missouri to join his brother James two of his children Jesse and 'Sis' stayed  behind.  Eventually some trouble over something called 'moonshine' led to Jesse joining the family in Missouri leaving Sis and her family as the only descendants of John & Kizzie remaining in Tennessee. 

Their three children [who lived to adulthood]: J. Fred, Bernice and Lurene remained and raised their families in the Lawrence CoTN area.  Two children died young: Berthie Marie and Martha Ann.Bernice, Lurene, Sis, Lawrence & Fred: Johnston

Monday, February 2, 2015

Joyce Reba "Dottie" Rambo

joyce luttrell ramboINQUIRY: I ran across this and was wondering if you would know if they were related to our family in anyway.     Mary Catherine Littrell-Cook

Response: Based on the Obituary information I have no Luttrell’s that I can connect to Joyce Luttrell. Her father, Vernon was probably born before 1916 (based on Reba being born when he would have been 18 or older. This would make him too young to connect to any Luttrell’s in Kentucky without knowing who his parents were.

In addition, Joyce’s birthplace, Anton, Kentucky does not come-up in a Google or map research as a town. The only reference I find to such a place is the Community of Anton, a community in Madisonville, Kentucky, located on Anton Road in Hopkins County.

I have no record of any Luttrell or Littrell Ancestors in Hopkins County, but Hopkins County was formed from other counties in Kentucky that we do have ancestors in: Henderson, Logan, Christian and Lincoln counties. Unfortunately, Hopkins was formed in 1806 and if Joyce had any ancestors in the area it probably was not the area that became Hopkins County.

To make a connection with Joyce we would have to have at least her grandparents information. Most of my research on the Luttrells-Littrells in Kentucky ends at the Civil War, so we would probably need information back to then. At this point I don’t see us making a connection with Joyce without the help of a family member of hers or someone taking her on as a project.


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