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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Pictures: Need help.

Portions of this original post have been removed and reposted as they were identified as belonging with other pictures. (click here to view that post)

This post has also been updated 5-28-13.

In trying to identify some of the pictures posted earlier I went back to the collection Rex sent me after Azilee passed away. At least I thought I was going ‘back’ to it. Turns out I had never looked at it. I’ such an idiot I must have kept putting it off until at some point I thought I had done it. Age is a bummer.
Like JL’s collection there were a lot of pictures I had never seen before and I will keep posting them and the ones from JL’s collection and hopefully we can identify most of them.




Gary Littrell and Rex (also see Penny’s comments using the ‘comments’ link below.) confirm that it is Gary, Von, ???? and Malcolm.  No one seems to know who the baby (girl??) is.


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  2. The picture of the boy standing and a boy on a tricycle my guess the boy standing is Rex and the boy on the trike favors Rickie, your brother. Just guess from some of the features of their faces.

  3. Ok, talked to dad and he says that in picture of a little boy standing and boy on tricycle: Rex is standing, not sure of the little boy. On Picture of the four little kids, he's pretty sure that the little one on the right is Malcolm so he wonders if the other three are Jess and Viola's children. The last picure is of Rex. Rex wonders if the picture with JD in front of the porch if the man seated could be Red. Happy hunting!

  4. Mary Catherine, Penny (Rex's daughter verifies that its Rex. The other child couldn't be Rick (or Troy), there's a 10-13 year age difference that doesn't show in the picture.

    I'll try to get Gary to look at the picture that Rex thinks is Malcolm.

    Thanks to both of you...don't go away ;)

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  7. I thought you meant another picture , but after your last comment I realized which picture you were talking about. I've imposed a cut-out of the girl from the picnic table onto the picture (its posted now) and there is a resemblance, even possible the dress.
    Lot of speculation though. When I get time I'll play with enhancing the pictures a little more.

  8. Mary Catherine Littrell- CookDecember 8, 2011 at 2:59 PM

    My Mom looked at the pictures of the girl on the porch behind your Dad, she said she didn't think it was me, that I wouldn't have been that old when taken. She thought it could be one of Sis's girls or one of Jesse's girls. She also said the picture of her (Betty) was taken in December 1960.

  9. the girl in the picture looks sooooo familiar, as if i rem knowing her long ago, when she was older.



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