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Monday, May 20, 2013

John & Kizzie Family Pictures: When were they taken?

What year were they taken? They appear to be taken earlier than the 1955 reunion in East Prairie, but that is just speculation.

I believe all these pictures were taken at the same time. In pictures 9, 11 & 1 Les is wearing the same shirt. Kizzie also appears to be wearing the same dress, but all my memories and most photos of Kizzie are in black & white and she always appears to be wearing the same dress. Same thing for John’s wardrobe.

12.) The two little girls in the middle suggest that this was taken about the same time as 9 below, even though everyone else is wearing different clothes. John & Kizzie look older, a Pic 12little haggard, but I think its probably the composition and clarity of this particular picture.  Has kind of a ‘Grapes of Wrath’ quality to it.
left side: Bertha or Letha Mae? middle: Gene, Martha Rae and Letha Mae or Bertha; the two girls, John & Kizzie; right side:  Onene and Les.  This picture probably is part of a larger picture the way Les and the little boys arm are ‘cut off’ indicate. Are the two little girls Ann & Darlene… need more input from YOU!!!!
Don’t know who the girl is behind Les? or the boy behind Onene.

Evelyn Nolen Sarber said... Picture #12...the girl behind Les is my mother,  TERESIA BEATRICE LITTRELL. 3/17/32 - 12/12/74   (June 23, 2012)

9).  Les, John, Noble, Jessie, Red, JD, Kizzie, and Azilee are identifiable in this picture. Plus either Bertha or Letha Mae and based on the identification above that’s Beatrice next to her. Pic 13I’m betting the seated lady with the baby and her back to us is Aunt Claude. I always have trouble identifying children but is the girl between Claude and Kizzie either Darlene or Ann? Group picture (12 above) with this girl in it but with a different hairdo,  GlennDL                          photo courtesy of JL Littrell, 11-2011

Untitled-Scanned-07ad10). This picture and another one of Kizzie alone are from Dad’s (JD) collection. I suspect this picture was taken at the same time as 1, 9, & 11 but have no real reason other than similarities that could easily be explained away. GlennDL




Pic 10 (3)11). Again I don’t think these pictures are from the 55 Reunion because everyone appears younger (to me) and the absence of Ruben and Viola ‘Sis” in #6, who where at the 55 reunion. If there absence could be explained or we assume they hadn’t arrived yet then my argument becomes weak. GlennDL
photo courtesy of JL Littrell, 11-2011

Pic 14 1.)  b2f/l2r: Red, Noble, Jessie, John, Kizzie; Les, OJ, JD; Letha Mae?, Bertha?, Onene. The younger Bertha and Letha Mae get the harder it is for me to tell them apart. I’m thinking that the absence of ‘Sis indicates that this is in Missouri, probably East Prairie. When? I’m thinking pre-war.  There are two more like this: one with just the brothers and one with Kizzie, John and the brothers that was taken before everyone was ready.    Where is Rubin?
photo courtesy of JL Littrell, 11-2011 

Troy posted on FaceBook that he believes the (this) picture is from the early 50s which would mean between 51(Dad in Korea)and 53 (Oct) Dad in France. But all the siblings (to me) look so much younger than they do in the 55 family reunion picture that I can't help but believe that this was taken between WWII and Korea.  (November 15, 2011}

This is JD but when and where? The girl striking the pose in the background? Consensus is that it is Beatrice, the same girl in the photos above. (9 and 12)  I played with enhancing the guy in the background but the only thing I got from it was that he might have a mustache. There is also consensus that it is most likely Jesse.

Mary Catherine said... I went back and looked at the picture I was talking about it has Jesse, Pam,Onene. The porch looks pretty much like the one of JD and a man sitting down and a girl standing behind JD. The girl looks some like me before I started wearing glasses, but I also seen what looks like the same girl in a previous picture where there were people around a picnic table and I believe Grandma Kizzie Littrell was sitting down. I probably really have you confused now. :)lol     December 2, 2011

Penny said...  Ok, talked to dad and he says… …Rex wonders if the picture with JD in front of the porch if the man seated could be Red. Happy hunting! December 3, 2011

GlennDL said...  Oh yeah, I thought the guy on the porch might be Jesse, at the time JD and Red were of a similar slender build, the guy is a little thicker, like the older Jesse??

I think the only way we'll know is if someone else has this picture. December 3, 2011

Mary Catherine said...  I thought the man on the porch might be Jesse. Did you look at the picture again of people standing around what I think is a picnic table. The girl looks a lot like the one behind JD that is posing on the porch.  December 4, 2011

GlennDL said...  I thought you meant another picture , but after your last comment I realized which picture you were talking about. I've imposed a cut-out of the girl from the picnic table onto the picture (its posted now) and there is a resemblance, even possible the dress. 

Lot of speculation though. When I get time I'll play with enhancing the pictures a little more. December 4, 2011

Mary Catherine Littrell- Cook said...  My Mom looked at the pictures of the girl on the porch behind your Dad, she said she didn't think it was me, that I wouldn't have been that old when taken. She thought it could be one of Sis's girls or one of Jesse's girls… December 8, 2011

troylee@indy.rr.com said...  the girl in the picture looks sooooo familiar, as if i remember knowing her long ago, when she was older. July 18, 2012

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