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Monday, May 27, 2019

Susannah L.E. Landtroop: born 5-27-1837

Susannah was the 5th child of the Virginian, Stith Landtroop, who moved to the Madison/Limestone County areas of Alabama around or before 1826. Susannah married Cassandra Urban, the son of a Prussian immigrant in 1856.
Susanna Urban is Mary Catherine Literal’s mother. Nancy, Susan, Susan, Agee, Margaret, and Daniel are all Mary Catherine’s siblings
Susannah & Cassandra are both buried in Hill Cemetery, Lauderdale County, Alabama.
.........4 Susannah L.E. Landtroop b: May 27, 1837 in Alabama, USA
          + Cassandra Urban b: Jul 04, 1831 in Alabama, USA,
                   m: 1856 in Madison, Alabama, USA
5 Mary Catherine Urban b: Abt. 1857 ; Alabama or Tennessee ??
             + Timmons Seburn Literal
                      b: May 27, 1856 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA; from death certificate,
                      m: Jul 25, 1877 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA   
                                                     We descend from Timmons and Mary Catherine.

............5 John H. Urban b: Abt. 1860 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA
............5 James C. Urban b: Feb 20, 1860 in Tennessee, USA
             + Mary E. Newton b: May 16, 1856 in Tennessee, USA,
                       m: Sep 18, 1881 in Lawrence,Tennessee, USA
............5 Martha C. Urban b: Abt. 1864
             + John Harrison Smith m: Aug 03, 1881 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA
............5 George T. Urban b: Abt. 1866
............5 William C. Urban b: Abt. 1868 in Tennessee, USA
             + Emily Garrett b: Abt. 1867 in Tennessee, USA, m: Abt. 1888
............5 U.S.G. Urban b: Oct 1869
............5 Susan Malissa Urban b: Nov 26, 1871
             + Samuel Stutts b: Jul 15, 1871
............5 Daniel J. Urban b: Abt. 1874
             + Lola Sirvirginia Philips
............5 Thomas Marion Urban b: Oct 26, 1876
             + Mary Ann Robertson b: Nov 26, 1887
............5 Nancy L. Urban b: Dec 13, 1878
             + Claude P. Richardson b: Jan 11, 1881, m: Bef. 1898
............5 Margaret Urban b: Mar 01, 1881
             + Noah F. Robertson b: Sep 24, 1879
............5 Albert Agee Urban b: Oct 26, 1884
             + Emma b: Jul 04, 1886

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Littrell Family Mother’s Day (video):

Using photo's from past Mother's Day and photos from the family files I put together a Mother's Day Video. Please send me any pictures (with comments/commemorations) and I will try to put them in the next version video. You can email them to me at: indianaglenn@gmail.com or share then[post] to the family group page..

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Bertha A. Littrell Thurman: born April 11, 1919

Bertha Ann8 Littrell (John Daniel7, Timmons Seburn6 Literal, Eli Franklin5, Rodhom4, Robert3 Luttrell, Richard2 Lutterell, James1 Lotterell) was born April 11, 1919 in Lawrence Co., TN. She married Lindsey Prior Thurman (#421) September 22, 1938. They both were buried: MO., Anniston, Anniston Cem.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Kizzie Zore Comer Littrell: 4-1-1967

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Friday, January 11, 2019

Cassandra Urban: married Susannah L.E. Landtroop

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(Cassandra was the father of Mary Catherine Urban, wife of Timmons Literal.)

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    Cassandra Urban was born July 04, 1831 in Alabama, and died July 21, 1912. He married Susannah L.E. Landtroop (#114) Abt. 1855, daughter of Stith Landtroop and Mary. She was born May 27, 1837 in Alabama ??, and died November 29, 1908.(1)

    Family oral history and the inconsistent spelling of Cassandra and his fathers name have combined to confuse them with each other. It is most probable that the elder Cassander, husband of Catherine Wise, was born in Prussia and migrated to Lauderdale County, Alabama sometime before 1830, and had at least one son (Cassandra) who spoke some German.

    Children of Cassandra Urban and Susannah Landtroop are:

    susannah familynames

  1. Mary Catherine Urban. (wife of Timmons Literal, mother of James C., John D., Presley Eli Sr, Suzie L., Lesley, & Mary M., Littrell)

  2. James C. Urban, born February 20, 1860 in TN.; died August 23, 1945.

  3. Martha C. Urban, born Abt. 1864. She married John Harrison Smith August 03, 1881 in Lawrence Co., TN.(5)

  4. George T. Urban, born Abt. 1866.

  5. William C. Urban, born Abt. 1868 in TN.

  6. U.S.G. Urban, born October 1869.

  7. Susan Malissa Urban, born November 26, 1871; died December 23, 1925. She married Samuel Stutts; born July 15, 1871; died May 25, 1938.

  8. imageDaniel J. Urban, born Abt. 1874.

  9. Thomas Marion Urban, born October 26, 1876; died May 04, 1963.

  10. Nancy L. Urban, born December 13, 1878; died February 09, 1957. She married Claude P. Richardson Abt. 1900; born January 11, 1881; died December 20, 1957.

  11. Margaret Urban, born March 01, 1881; died March 25, 1969. She married Noah F. Robertson; born September 24, 1879; died September 25, 1937.

  12. Albert Agee Urban, born October 26, 1884; died February 15, 1951. He married Emma [?]; born July



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