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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Family Dates For September:

If your ancestor or family member has a date coming up let us know so we can include it on the calendar.
Click the event (in red or light blue) to see the post.
September 1st, 1931:  Jesse Littrell married Viola Mae Simbeck.
September 2nd, 1988: Krista Catherine White          
September 3rd, 1966: Sharon Denise Cook White    
September 8th, 1910: Jesse Littrell was born.
September 15th, 1934: Onene Littrell married Bert Curtis.
September 22nd, 1938: Bertha Ann Littrell married Lindsey Prior ‘Bordie’ Thurman.
September 23rd, 1933: J. Fred Johnston is born.
September 24th, 1927: O. Imogene ‘Gene’ Hampton born.
September 24th, 1988: Lindsey Prior ‘Bordie’ Thurman died.
September 25th, 1940: Rex Littrell born.
September 29th, 1941: Bertha May Johnston died.
We will try to provide specific information on the Events Calendar, and this webpage (and on Facebook) one or two days before the anniversary date.
  1. Cover V1You can view all family events by clicking the tab “LittrellFamily.net Events Calendar” near the top of the page.
  2. View the calendar for information and to help us identify missing information.
  3. You can submit events and dates for the calendar by email: indianaglenn@gmail.com or by Facebook post on the group page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/littrellfamily.net/


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