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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bertha A. Littrell Thurman: born April 11, 1919

Bertha Ann8 Littrell (John Daniel7, Timmons Seburn6 Literal, Eli Franklin5, Rodhom4, Robert3 Luttrell, Richard2 Lutterell, James1 Lotterell) was born April 11, 1919 in Lawrence Co., TN. She married Lindsey Prior Thurman (#421) September 22, 1938. They both were buried: MO., Anniston, Anniston Cem.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

2018 Littrell Family Reunion: October 20, 2018

descendants of John & Kizzie Comer Littrell

How to get to the reunion:

www.littrellfamily.net is an open website, meaning anyone can view it, for this reason we limit the information we post here. We do not share the reunion site address here as it is a private residence all year round.

The reunion site is the same place as the last 6 years. If you haven't been there then try to contact a first cousin or any cousin who has been there for directions.
We have a Facebook group page that you can request membership in and once your membership is approved you will have access to more specific information. If you aren't on Facebook email me at

Please don't wait to the last minute to get information as those of us trying to coordinate things will be busier as the date approaches. At some point we will be unreachable by internet as there is no internet on-site.

Presently we advise everyone coming to make lodging arraignments soon. On the day of the reunion** we will have a meeting point in Doniphan for those who don't know the way.


**the day before also if necessary.


If you are camping let us know. There's room for campers and tents… There are hookups, but limited, and facilities for tent dwellers are a port-a-let.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ollie Onene Littrell Curtis: Born March 13, 1917

re-posted from 2010
Past Birthday Celebrations [b.3-13-1917] for the last surviving child of John D. and Kizzie Z. Comer Littrell were held in her home and then at Ryan's in Sikeston, MO. before her years made the celebration to difficult for her.  The last one was held in 2006.  These dinners have served as sort of a reunion event since the discontinuance of the Wappapello reunions.
Onene passed away 12-30-2010.

-click the picture to view a slide show of Onene’s Birthday Dinners-
ollie oneneft
Onene 108732~1
Onene Littrell-Curtis & baby, possibly Rueben, OJ or Les (even though the inscription says JD).
Onene and JD were only five years apart, OJ was 9 years younger than Onene, Leslie 11, and Rubin 13 years younger. Onene is believed to be 13 years old in the picture based on her memory of the picture being taken when she got her first pair of shoes on her 13th birthday.
Bert and Onene
Bert & Ollie Onene (Littrell) Curtis
Missouri circa 1936/37
Onene met Bert when he was running sugar for Moonshiners.


Monday, March 5, 2018

John L. Littrell: Memorial

JL is the grandson of John D. & Kizzie (Comer) Littrell

John L. Littrell, of Hazelwood, MO, entered into eternal rest after a courageous battle, on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, at the age of 67. Loving husband of 43 wonderful years to Sharon Littrell; beloved son of Mary Evelyn Barron and the late Leslie Littrell; devoted father of Jennifer Bruer and John R. (Candice) Littrell; cherished grandfather of Dalanie Littrell, Addison Bruer, Savannah Littrell, and Collin Bruer; dearest step-brother of Robert (Laurie) Barron, Eugenie (Ken) Ytuarte, and Emerson (Diane) Barron; dear brother-in-law of Pam (Mike) Kokoszka, and Dianne (Jim) Gould;

John proudly served his country with honor in the United States Navy. He was the founder and owner of John Littrell Irrigation, which spanned a 30 year career. John enjoyed fishing, hunting, and walks in the woods. He was a friendly and generous man, who never met a stranger. John will be remembered for his kind and nurturing nature, who was a beloved husband, son, father, grandfather, brother, and friend to many. He was dearly loved and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Memorial contributions may be made in John’s honor to Grace Church STL Bereavement Ministry.

more on the family of Leslie ‘Les’ Littrell
more on: First Cousins: The Last Generation?

Thursday, March 1, 2018

First Cousins: The Last Generation?

reposted March 1, 2018

WHO ARE THE 1st COUSINS? GDL-2011 (17)

Jesse Daniel Littrell Family:GRL-12 (23)

Gary Russell, Mike (Malcolm) Gene, Jesse Dolan, Ronald Lyvonne

2002 TSL Reunion (16)Christine
Mary Christine
Willa Dean Littrell Brown
Willa Dean
Jesse Daniel & Viola Littrell Family
Bud & Geneva

not pictured: Teresia Beatrice & Otis Carl

Verily Viola “Sis” Littrell Johnston Family:OLC-11d (1)Mable Lurene & Verily BerniceLJO-1d (2)crpdJ. Fred

More 1st Cousins photos

Living First Cousins (23)

W. Dean Littrell, Gary R. Littrell, J. Fred Littrell, M. Lurene Johnston, Martha Rae Curtis, Rex Littrell, Bill Davis, J. Darlene Thurman, Ann M. Thurman, Mike (Malcolm) G. Littrell, Mary Catherine Littrell, Sheila D. Littrell, Monte L. Thurman, Troy L. Littrell, Glenn D. Littrell, Fred G. Littrell, Joyce Davis, Richard (Rick) N. Littrell,
Pam Davis, B. Rachelle Littrell, Janet P. Littrell, Orville J. Littrell, Wallace (Wally) J. Littrell

Even though there are some spouses of John & Kizzie's children still living the passing of Onene Littrell-Curtis at the end of 2010  meant there are no surviving children of our common ancestors, John and Kizzie. Onene was the last of her generation. The 1st Cousins (the grandchildren of John & Kizzie) are now the current eldest generation.

Most, but surprisingly not all, of the first cousins know each other.

Beginning with the migration of the family from Tennessee to southeast Missouri in 1932 John and Kizzie left their oldest daughter Viola, ‘Sis’, in Tennessee where she remained the rest of her life and raised her family. Jesse, who had also remained in Tennessee until the family’s moonshine adventure forced him and his family to join his parents in Missouri would settle in the St. Louis area. Eventually Les and Red would also settle in St. Louis and Rubin and Noble in Ohio and Indiana, respectively. JD would travel the world as a career soldier and sailor before joining Rubin in Indianapolis. OJ, Letha Mae, Bertha and Onene would remain in the boot heel area of Missouri. Two children would pass without offspring.* 

So with 3 siblings in St. Louis, 4 siblings in southeast Missouri, 1 sibling in Tennessee, 2 siblings in Indianapolis, the children of John & Kizzie were spread out pretty good over a 5 state area. Even so, with reunions and holidays the family saw each other enough that most of John and Kizzie’s grandchildren, the first cousins, came to know each other.

But John and Kizzie passed and as their children grew older the get ‘togethers’ became less frequent. The first cousins children grew and also spread out as they settled. For years  the occasional reunion and too many funerals were the only times most of the first cousins saw each other. As their children grew that generation has come to know little of their family history and of their own generation. That generation, the great grandchildren of John and Kizzie are for the most part total strangers to each other and their heritage.

This family has reached the point where if we rely on the funerals of first cousins to unite us in the future the ties to each other, John, Kizzie, Jesse, Noble, etc. will be lost. No longer will anybody be able to say ‘That’s a Littrell for you’, and even if they did who would really know what that means?

This is the reason some of us put so much effort into attending and effecting the attendance at family reunions, as well as the website and Facebook group page. We hope you all will get involved. You may not know anyone at the reunions, but I promise you we don’t bite.

5th Annual John & Kizzie Littrell Family Reunion
October 17, 2015
Between Grandin
Doniphan Missouri


Deceased First Cousins (13)

Bertha M. Johnston (1939-1941)
Otis Carl Littrell (1942-1945)
Martha A. Johnston (1941-1947)
Ronnie Dale Davis (1947-1947)
Felecia E. Littrell (1959-1966)
Jerry G. Davis (1952-1967)
T. Beatrice Littrell (1932-1974)
J. Dolan Littrell (1933-1990)
R. Lyvonne (Vaughn) Littrell (1940-1992)
Richard R. Littrell (????-????)
V. Bernice Johnston (1937-1998)
M. Christine Littrell (1938-20??)
Christopher (Chris) D. Littrell, 1966-2015
John L. (JL) Littrell, 1950-2018

 *Troy Lee ‘Dick’ Littrell died at age 22 in Missouri.  There is evidence and tradition that Kizzie had another child who either died at birth or soon thereafter in Tennessee.


Noble James Littrell Family:
JL-2011 (44)crpd

Ollie Onene Littrell Curtis Family:
Martha Rae Curtis Savat
Martha Rae

Bertha Ann Littrell Thurman Family:

OLC-4 (1)crpd

Anna Marie & Joyce Darlene 

OLC-5d (2)

Monte Linden

Redford “Red” Littrell Family:

Fred Littrell


Janet Littrell
Janet Pandora

John Daniel “JD” (Junior Dolan) Littrell Family:
GDL-2012 (122)
Troy Lee, Richard Noble & Glenn David

Letha Mae Littrell Davis Family:
2012 Reunion (Oct)
Joyce, Billy Lee & Pam
Jerry Davis Jerry Gale Davis,

not pictured:  Ronnie Dale Davis.

O.J. Littrell Family:
Mary,Wally,Sheila, Chris & Orvile
Mary Catherine, Wallace “Wally” James, Sheila Diane, Christopher David & Orville John.

Leslie Littrell Family:
MLC-2011 (6)
John L. “JL” Littrell

Albert Rubin Littrell Family:

MLC-1d (9)crpd

Richard Rubin, Felicia Ann & Betty Rachelle 

note: Even though I have hundreds of family pictures many have yet to be digitized. If you have a better picture of someone then send it to me and I’ll switch it in. We will have a scanner at the reunion if you want to bring pictures' to be scanned and put on next years DVD/CD and the websites and books.

As always if I have mis-identified someone let me know.


For additional information (click):

Sunday, February 25, 2018

John Daniel Littrell (Grandpa John): New documents discovered.

ALC-1(3)While doing research into a Facebook query about the potential connection of an unidentified Littrell in the St. Louis area I came across some additional records pertaining to our grandpa John and some of his brothers and cousins. Amongst these papers were the World War I draft registration for Grandpa John, and a delayed birth certificate for Grandpa John dated 1947. While I still have to process much of these papers I thought I would expedite what I found for Grandpa John and share it (here) on the family website and the family Facebook group page.

The draft registration card: (left-click to enlarge, side two in footnotes below)
JDL~draftcard (1)Dated September 12th, 1918, John Daniel Littrell registered for the draft at age 33, giving his birthday as January 26th, 1884 and living in Loretta Tennessee (Lawrence County). From what I can make out he lived on Route 2. (see updated notation below*)
His description is giving as a white, native-born, self-employed farmer. His nearest relative is shown as Grandma Kizzie (Comer) Littrell. John signed the document.
On the reverse side of the card, John is described as medium height, medium build, blue eyes and dark colored hair. The registration card makes no references to draft status other than to state Grandpa John has not lost any limbs, eyes, or suffers from any physical disqualification. At 33 years of age and having a family it is probable that he was not under threat of conscription (the war ended 60 days after Grandpa John registered). We know from our own research and family knowledge that John never served in the military, even though he had seven sons and son-in-law's that did serve through World War II, Korea, and the Cold War.

During World War I there were three registrations. (Grandpa was too old for the first two.)

  • The first, on June 5, 1917, was for all men between the ages of 21 and 31.
  • The second, on June 5, 1918, registered those who attained age 21 after June 5, 1917. (A supplemental registration was held on August 24, 1918, for those becoming 21 years old after June 5, 1918. This was included in the second registration.)
  • The third registration was held on September 12, 1918, for men age 18 through 45.

  read more on the WWI draft

The delayed certificate of birth:
It is very probable that most of the families in Lawrence County Tennessee prior to the 1930s were never issued birth certificates because most births were occurring in the home and were being delivered by family doctors and unlicensed midwives. These births were usually entered into a journal maintained by the doctors and the midwives. In Grandpa John's family, it is said that his sister, Suzie Smith, was a midwife who delivered many of the family. I am unfamiliar with what the protocol was but it is more than likely that any record of births we're simply a catalog of these doctors and mid-wife entries and no actual birth certificate was ever issued. Whatever the case may be it is highly improbable the grandpa John ever had a birth certificate. (see updated notation below*)
Prior to discovering Grandpa John's delayed birth certificate, I was aware of one other instance where the family had to obtain a delayed birth certificate. My little brother Rick was born in France while dad, JD Littrell, was in the service, and in order to meet the requirements for taking a French born child* out of the country, France, it was necessary for Dad to produce a birth certificate proving that he (Dad) was a natural born American citizen.
Thus he contacted Grandpa John and Kizzie to try and get him one. As the story was told to me, part of the process was that John and Kizzie would have to provide proof that Dad was indeed born in America and this proof usually came in the form of affidavits from lifelong friends or family and producing the birth records of the time. The most common records outside of church records were the records of doctors and midwives and established family bibles. Having researched dad's delayed birth certificate there's clear reference in that document that the Family Bible was used to verify his birth along with affidavits provided by Grandpa and Grandma.

At the time I researched dads birth certificate I inquired with Aunt Onene (Littrell-Curtis) as to the family Bible that was used as proof of Dad's birth. The reason why I inquired about the Family Bible is that Dad at one time told me that it was lost in the flood of 1937, in Mississippi County Missouri. But the delayed birth certificate for dad was issued in the 1950s which raised doubts as to the existence of a family bible. (click here for more on the flood of 1937)
Aunt Onene produced for me a family bible and confirmed that it was not the original Bible which was lost in the flood. She said that Grandma tried to reconstruct the births, deaths, and marriages that had been in the original Bible. At the time a close examination proved that many of the dates entered by Grandma Kizzie from memory were incorrect. I do not presently know who actually has possession of this Bible.

When did Grandma try to recreate the family bible?

The need for Grandpa and Grandma to get Dad a certified birth certificate establishes that the family bible used was constructed sometime between the flood in 1937 and Rick's birth in early 1950. This newly discovered delayed birth certificate for Grandpa John now establishes that that Bible was reconstructed sometime between 1937 and the issue date of Grandpa John's delayed birth certificate in 1947.

Why did Grandpa need a delayed birth certificate?

JDL~DBC (1)The delayed birth certificate for dad was needed in order to establish his and Rick's citizenship so that Rick could leave France, but why did Grandpa need a delayed birth certificate?
My best guess, and a very practical explanation, would be that based on the date Grandpa John obtained his new birth certificate, which was November 1947, and his age on that date would have been 63 years old, my conclusion is that he was obtaining is proof for the purposes of gaining access to his Social Security benefits. (see updated notation below*)

JDL~DBC (2)In the case of Dad's birth certificate, Grandpa and Grandma completed affidavits attesting to his being born in the US and lifelong citizen. On Grandpa John's delayed birth certificate the required affidavits from two lifelong friends or relatives were provided by Lew Ayres, a distant cousin and neighbor of John and Kizzie, and H. A. White. I have always been aware of the Ayers family associations to our family in the Fairview Community (Bluewater area of Loretta), and while the name H. A. White sounds familiar I cannot at this time place it.
At the time that Lew Ayres sign his affidavit he was age 73 and at the time that H. A. White signed his affidavit, he was 85 years of age. Both men state that they are neighbors of John & Kizzie.

*Rick's birth certificate is a French birth certificate.

Tennessee Delayed Birth Records, 1869—1909. Nashville, Tennessee: State Library and Archives:  Birth certificates were not required by law in Tennessee until 1908. However, the state began to issue delayed birth certificates starting in 1935 after birth certificates were required to register for the newly created Social Security program. Delayed birth certificates provided documentation for those born before the state law took effect or who didn’t have a birth certificate for some other reason. Delayed birth certificates were issued only to people who applied for them; they were not given automatically. People applying for a delayed birth certificate were required to supply supporting documents that proved their birth information.

JDL~draftcard (3)Lawrence County Registration Card, Registrar's Report P.M.G.O. Form No. 1 (Red) Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County, Tennessee. Provost Marshal General (Office of)
Rural Free Delivery (RFD) is a service which began in the United States in the late 19th century, to deliver mail directly to rural farm families. Prior to RFD, individuals living in more remote homesteads had to pick up mail themselves at sometimes distant post offices or pay private carriers for delivery. RFD became a political football, with politicians promising it to voters and using it themselves to reach voters. The proposal to offer free rural delivery was not universally embraced. Private carriers and local shopkeepers feared a loss of business. The United States Post Office Department began experiments with Rural Free Delivery as early as 1890. However, it was not until 1893, when Georgia Congressman Thomas E. Watson pushed through legislation, that the practice was mandated. However, universal implementation was slow; RFD was not adopted generally in the United States Post Office until 1902. The rural delivery service uses a network of rural routes traveled by carriers to deliver and pick up mail to and from roadside mailboxes.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Jesse Luttrell/Littrell connection tentativly established:

See previous article: Possible new family connection in the St. Louis area

Yes, you are related and that relationship goes back a long way. As yet I can't estimate the exact 'X cousin, X removed' situation.

I still don't have my software up and running so what I have so far is limited, which means that the exact tie-in has to be verified.

Your friends Fagan is probably the son of Charles Fagan Littrell. Some dates (birth, marriage, deaths, wife's name) for her Fagan would go a long way to solidify this possible connection.


To summarize:
Jesse Littrell m. Sarah Jane Walker, one of his sons was Joseph Andrew Littrell, and one of his sons was John Steven Littrell who had sons Charles Fagan L. and John David L. (and 6 other children). The connection with us goes back 200 years to two brothers, our Rodham and her Jessie. Who coming from Farquire County Virginia, migrated as young men, along with a group of siblings, uncles, and cousins, to the Southwestern end of the state near the Cumberland Gap. Around 1800 they would migrate to South Central Kentucky and remain there for several years leaving family is they eventually migrated to South Central Tennessee around Lincoln and Franklin counties. From there they would settle in the area along the Tennessee-Alabama border in the counties of Lauderdale County Alabama and Lawrence County Tennessee.

In doing this research at the library I have discovered several documents pertaining to this line that a previously didn't have. As a result, I'm going to create a page for the family line of Jesse Littrel in anticipation of connecting her to that family line on the Littrell Family News website, www.littrellfamily.net, not the Facebook group page (that page is strictly for descendants of John & Kizzie). I will start posting information there as soon. These new documents or draft registration cards for her ancestors, Census records, Social Security, service records, and marriage documents. Once I set up the family page for her family line I'll send you a link to share with her. I realize there's a possibility she might not be computer literate and if that turns out to be a problem I can send her hard copies of what I have by mail. My first choice though is to create a page that not just provides her with information but other family members so she can direct them there.

Out of curiosity is your friend's name Whitney?

Monday, January 29, 2018

The 1937 Flood:

re-posted from January 2015

In January, 1937, John and Kizzie lived near Walnut Grove and East Prairie (Missouri), during that winter there was severe flooding on the Tennessee and Kentucky side of the Mississippi. As the flooding got worse it was decided that the 3rd dike would be blown to save East Prairie and relieve flooding on the other side of the river. At the time, the family lived in a "stilt" house on the River Plain (spillway), so Kizzie and most of the family loaded up and headed for Tennessee.1 2

Even as they left, the water was floorboard high on the truck they were riding in. Bertha and Red remained with Dad and moved everything they could up into the loft.

Most of the families in the flood plain temporarily moved into east Prairie - but Dad, Bertha and Red loaded up the Model T, and along with Alf Ball and his 2 wagons and 8 mules moved into a two-story house with _____(?) for 3-4 weeks during the flooding. The water was so high that it almost reached the second story. Local whiskey makers stayed in business by moving their stills into their lofts. Whiskey was obtained by floating up to the lofts.

After the water had receded, the family returned to the house, which had floated over a mile away. What was not moved out of the house or placed in the loft was lost. Unfortunately, the Family bible was in some boxes or a trunk that were lost in the flood. Evidently, at a later date, Kizzie tried to record all the family information into a new Bible, but much of that information has proven unreliable


1 The Weekly Record, January 29, 1937 / February 5, 1937: This was one of the countless flood that plague the Mississippi throughout history, there were worst floods before and since, but this was the first to impact our family and was particularly hard for the families of the River ‘spillway’ as over 500 (1500-2000 people) families were evacuated. The fear was that newly built levee would not hold in light of predictions that the river would crest at 1 foot higher than the devastating 1927 flood that broke the Dorena Levee. Over 20 feet of water flooded the spillway and 23 WPA workers died in a spillway accident when their barge carrying 150 levee workers sank in the spillway. Families would again be forced out in May as flooding threatened the spillway farmers again. Flooding this time was imminent as the levees had not been repaired, but at least the area was not plagued by the snow, sleet and freezing temperature that accompanied the January flood.

2 Onene Litrell-Curtis, Bertha Littrell-Thurman, Red littrell, & JD Littrell gdl/1994

Newspaper clipping from the “Remember East Prairie When:” facebook page.

also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio_River_flood_of_1937


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Possible new family connection in the St. Louis area:

Article updated: see link at bottom of this article.

ALB: Hey I met this woman on FB - we could be related, her name is Michele Rogers, maiden name Littrell. Her family is from AL. Her father is Steven Littrell, Grandfather, Fagan Littrell. She didn't know what her great grandfather's name was but she does know her grandfather's( Fagan) uncle was John David Littrell. She did tell me her grandfather Fagan had several brothers..... any of these names sound familiar or look familiar. I looked on her website, didn't see any of these names.

GDL: Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Since my upgrade to Windows 10 (compatibility problems) I don't have access to my computer files to check the information you gave be. I'm having this problem with older hardware and software and can't say how soon I can get it resolved. The information doesn't jump out at me and I will probably need more in the long run. My current guess would be that if there's a connection it previous to her grandfather. If I don't get my genealogy software running I may have to upgrade it. If I don't have a solution by next week I'll visit the state library and use their software. I'm posting this exchange to the website in case some visitor can chime in.Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses, closeup and indoor

The above is shared from a Facebook conversation between Alesia Littrell Burrows.

If you have information please comment or send it to: indianaglenn@gmail.com 

I will update this info as needed.

Article updated: Jesse Luttrell/Littrell connection tentatively established:

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Cassandra Urban: married Susannah L.E. Landtroop

(Cassandra was the father of Mary Catherine Urban, wife of Timmons Literal.)

Fall96 (1)crpd

    Cassandra Urban was born July 04, 1831 in Alabama, and died July 21, 1912. He married Susannah L.E. Landtroop (#114) Abt. 1855, daughter of Stith Landtroop and Mary. She was born May 27, 1837 in Alabama ??, and died November 29, 1908.(1)

    Family oral history and the inconsistent spelling of Cassandra and his fathers name have combined to confuse them with each other. It is most probable that the elder Cassander, husband of Catherine Wise, was born in Prussia and migrated to Lauderdale County, Alabama sometime before 1830, and had at least one son (Cassandra) who spoke some German.

    Children of Cassandra Urban and Susannah Landtroop are:

    susannah familynames

  1. Mary Catherine Urban. (wife of Timmons Literal, mother of James C., John D., Suzie L., Lesley, & Mary M., Littrell)

  2. James C. Urban, born February 20, 1860 in TN.; died August 23, 1945.

  3. Martha C. Urban, born Abt. 1864. She married John Harrison Smith August 03, 1881 in Lawrence Co., TN.(5)

  4. George T. Urban, born Abt. 1866.

  5. William C. Urban, born Abt. 1868 in TN.

  6. U.S.G. Urban, born October 1869.

  7. Susan Malissa Urban, born November 26, 1871; died December 23, 1925. She married Samuel Stutts; born July 15, 1871; died May 25, 1938.

  8. imageDaniel J. Urban, born Abt. 1874.

  9. Thomas Marion Urban, born October 26, 1876; died May 04, 1963.

  10. Nancy L. Urban, born December 13, 1878; died February 09, 1957. She married Claude P. Richardson Abt. 1900; born January 11, 1881; died December 20, 1957.

  11. Margaret Urban, born March 01, 1881; died March 25, 1969. She married Noah F. Robertson; born September 24, 1879; died September 25, 1937.

  12. Albert Agee Urban, born October 26, 1884; died February 15, 1951. He married Emma [?]; born July


Redneck Family Tree

reposted from 1993

     Many many years ago
     when I was twenty three,
     I got married to a widow
     who was pretty as could be.

     This widow had a grown-up daughter
     Who had hair of red.
     My father fell in love with her,
     And soon the two were wed.

     This made my dad my son-in-law
     And changed my very life.
     My daughter was my mother,
     For she was my father's wife.

     To complicate the matters worse,
     Although it brought me joy,
     I soon became the father
     Of a bouncing baby boy.

     My little baby then became
     A brother-in-law to dad.
     And so became my uncle,
     Though it made me very sad.

     For if he was my uncle,
     Then that also made him brother
     To the widow's grown-up daughter
     Who, of course, was my step-mother.

     Father's wife then had a son,
     Who kept them on the run.
     And he became my grandson,
     For he was my daughter's son.

     My wife is now my mother's mother
     And it makes me blue.
     Because, although she is my wife,
     She's my grandmother too.

     If my wife is my grandmother,
     Then I am her grandchild.
     And every time I think of it,
     It simply drives me wild.

     For now I have become
     The strangest case you ever saw.
     As the husband of my grandmother,
     I am my own grandpa!


courtesy: Douglas Baker, 1993



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