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Monday, June 18, 2018

Jessee Luttrell:

Jessee Luttrell was the son of Robert & Lydia Luttrell of Fauquier County Virginia. He was part of a post-Revolutionary War migration of at least 2 brothers & 6 cousins into Kentucky.

Eventually 2 sets of brothers:

  • Michael, Lott, Richard, and Nathan (sons of Michael and Dinah)
  • Jessee, Robert, and Rodham (sons of Robert and Lydia )

Along with another cousin, John (son of John & Winnefred Lawrence Luttrell) and a collection of Sheltons and Rutherfords all would venture thru the Cumberland Gap and continue on the Wilderness road that their North Carolina cousin, Col. John Luttrell, had blazed with Daniel Boone to central and southcentral Kentucky.

These Luttrells, Sheltons, Rutherfords and their descendants would intermarry, settle and raise families in Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, and Alabama.

This group, the "Allied Families", would first settle the south and central area of Kentucky. They would homestead, marry, and prosper.

From here a subgroup would migrate to Illinois (heretofore we will refer to this group as the 'Illinois Group'), and another group (including Jessee and his brother Rodham) would migrate to Tennessee along the southern border with Alabama (heretofore we will refer to this group as the 'TN/AL Group'). Other's (including Jesse's brother Robert) would remain in Kentucky (the KY Group). All three groups contained members or descendants of the original Allied Family.

Among the group that would move on from KY to TN were:

  • Rodham, Jessee & Francis Shelton Luttrell: Luttrell brothers and their families.
  • Vardeman Shelton, Peter & Mary Graham Shelton, Dudley & Catherine Shelton Rutherford, and Eliphas Shelton: siblings above.
  • At least one of James Shelton's offspring, David Shelton, made the journey to TN/AL.
  • Lott Luttrell would pass away in TN/AL., Nathan Luttrell and several off-spring, Michael Litral who would later migrate to IL. All three are siblings
  • John Luttrell: cousin from an 'orphan' branch.

Years later, prior to the Civil War, there was another migration consisting of some descendants of the above into the Laurence and Randolph Counties of Arkansas. Others ended up in Missouri.

  • Many of Nathan Luttrell and Richard Luttrell (deceased in KY), descendants would end up in Texas.

Jesse would have 129 descendants over the next five generation.

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