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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Albert Rubin Littrell: 1930-2004

Ruben is a son of John & Kizzie (Comer) Littrell


On the 21stof December, 1951 Ruben and Shiley Anita Nelsn when to probate court in New Madrid to obtain a marriage license. On the next day they received the license and were married in Marston by Elder Ottie Brown The license was recorded on the 24 of December, 1951.

Ruben and Shirley would have 3 children:

  • Richard Rubin Littrell: “Yes, that would be me. Richard was married to my mother Linda Lou and they divorced years ago before he married the next Linda. They had my brother and I in 76 and 77. We are his only natural children. Richard only adopted one child named Lynn Albert who lived with my parents (Linda and David) until he was 16. My brother and I were both adopted by our father David. We were still very close to Richard as my mother, brother and Lynn were with him the day he passed away. Our family spent Christmas before he passed in the hospital with him. My parents and Richard were very close. My brother Bubba (Richard Jr) came to Missouri in 96 with Emma and Ralph to visit. I am not sure if you were there during that time. As for the Littrell descendent that I was engaged to, I did not end up marrying him and never really found out how close we were in the Littrell family. Funny”
                 email from Robin Angeline Littrell,6-24-2010
  • Betty Rachelle Littrell: Rachelle had on daughter, Felicia Ann Littrell.
  • Felicia E. Littrell: Felicia died on February 5th, 1966 in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is burried in Mounds Cemetery, New Madrid County, MO.

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