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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Congratulations to Deztiny Littrell:

…great-great-granddaughter of John & Kizzie Littrell, great granddaughter of Ruben Littrell, granddaughter of Betty Rachelle Littrell-Irvin. Deztiny graduated from De LaSalle Academy, Ft. Meyers, FL on May 28, 2013.

  • You, Mary Catherine Littrell-Cook, Betty Rachelle Littrell, Cheryl Littrell Van Pelt and 5 others like this.

  • Glenn Littrell Congratulations girl, now go whip the world!

  • Ava Savat Congratulations ! What a great pic of yall! 

  • Renee Herrera Oh my Aunt Sharon you are still so beautiful!! Thats how i temember you from when i was there 10+ years ago!!!!

  • Mary Catherine Littrell-Cook Congratulations Destiny!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Barroso Great picture! Congrats Destiny! Tell Grandma Sharon hello from all of us.

  • Robin Barroso-templeton Congrats! Grandma looks great and the kiddos are all grown up! I remember Destiny was in your belly when I graduated high school! Now that makes me feel old

  • Felicia Rebelwitacause Littrell Tre is 20 today. I'm ancient. lol

  • Betty Rachelle Littrell I miss yall im proud of u des love u girl

  • Troy Lee tre is 20, hahahahahaha being an adult means if you get into trouble now you have to get your own self out! 8^P

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