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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Butler Family: Gabe Butler & Sophia Littrell

From: Byron Butler
Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2000 10:03 PM
To: gdl@glenns-world.com

     My name is Byron Butler and I live in Madison County, Alabama.  I'm doing some research on my Butler family History. My g-g-g-Grandfather was Gabriel Butler of Lauderdale County, Alabama. Sometime around 1820 Gabe married a Littrell woman (I have seen her name listed as Sophia but I'm not sure about that) - I think in Lauderdale County but I'm not sure.  I was wondering if you have any information or any suggestions on how I might go about finding some information regarding this Littrell lady - She is my g-g-g-Grandmother.  Any help will be appreciated. “

26, May 2001
From Betty Gay to GlennDL

".....I noticed a query from you or Byron Butler about Sophia Littrell. I have a copy of an old Gabe Butler family history by Charles G. Butler written 1934 in Amarillo, Texas.  Gabe Butler was born in North Carolina. about the time of the Revolutionary War.  His second wife was Littrell woman whom he married in North Carolina and their family walked to Doublehead Reserve Indian Territory (Lauderdale CoAL) before 1810 *
    Gabe Butler and my Gresham (Grisham) ancestor Thomas Gresham were listed on the Petition (below*) as settlers or "intruders" on Chief Doublehead's lands.
    Charles  G. Butler said Gabe Butler was of English descent and the Littrell woman was Irish descent. Janice and Lynn Butler, Lexington Al. have a deed (original) where Gabe Butler sold property about 1834 to Daniel White. Janice has Gabe's wife listed as  Sophia Littrell Butler in her research. 
    I have not researched Littrell-Butler in N.C. but would start in Chatham Co. NC.  My White ancestors in Lauderdale CoAL came from Chatham Co., NC about the same time as Gabe Butler.  Also a Colonel Literal had a regiment in Chatham County, North Carolina in the Revolutionary War and a General Butler.  Which may indicate Littrells and Butlers living in the same area.
    If you or Byron need copies of the old family history ___ let me know.
    Please send me any additional info you have on Sophia Littrell-Butler.  I don't have any idea if she is related to our Littrell line or not."
    Betty Gay Chaffin

To Date (2013): We have no more information than what is above. The inquiry is interesting though because of it’s reference to:

  • the Indian Territory in 1810: One myth surrounding our ancestor is about the reason he doesn’t show up on records from the time he leaves Kentucky until he appears in Lawrence County, Tennessee is the possibility that he settled in the part of the Indian Territories that would eventually form the counties of Lawrence (Tennessee) and Lauderdale (Alabama). This would of been during the time his brother and cousins appeared to the east in Franklin County, Tennessee.
  • the references to Gabe & Sophia coming from the Carolinas to Lauderdale County, Alabama, two reference points also included in another myth that Battle of Lindley's Millwhen Rodhom left Kentucky he first went to the Carolinas and settled near his father who had migrated to there.

The reference to Col. Literal is to Col. John Luttrell, and a historical connection to General Butler from North Carolina is a fact (see xxxxxxxxxx), but the reference to Betty’s  ancestor coming from Chatham County, North Carolina is a little inaccurate if she’s talking about her Littrell ancestor. The Colonel is related to us but not a direct ancestor, he died childless. The Colonels migration to Chatham County, North Carolina, did not involve any of our direct Ancestors. It is not unconceivable though that unidentified siblings, uncles or cousins resided in the area from which Sophia may originate.

To date (2013) we have do further information on this query, but it is interesting enough to investigate when time allows, or an opportunity presents itself.

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  1. Betty Gay Chaffin,
    I have a photo copy of a copy of the Gabe Butler and property by Charles G. Butler Amarillo, Tx. If you have an electronic copy of this document I would love to have a copy. My great-grandfather was Gabe Butler was a grandson of Gabe Butler and the Whiteside wife.

    Are you familiar with the Butler Cemetery in Elgin Crossroads Alabama. Gabe's 2nd wife by the name of Littrell wife might be buried in this cemetery. Today you have to prove your Butler linage to be buried in the Butler Family Cemetery. I have a great-uncle who died when he was a toddler that is buried in there. I will also look through my documents to see if I find a first name for the Littrell if you have not found it by now.



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