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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jesse Littrell Family: PHOTOS

GRL-12 (8)Jesse Daniel & Viola Mae (Johns-Simbeck) Littrell
These pictures were courtesy of Ida Bryer, Onene Littrell Curtis, Evelyn Nolen Sarber, Gary R. Littrell, and Rex Littrell.


The picture to the left was contributed by Ida Bryer several years ago.  It shows the family of Jesse & Viola Littrell, the inset is Gary, who was away when the picture was taken.  At the time Ida sent me this picture it was preferable to send small resolution pictures because of the slow dialup speeds that were available.  Now I need a larger copy of this picture.  If any one can scan and send me one it would be very helpful.  If any one has both photos that would be great, send the two and I will be able to merge them into one in a little more artistic manner than was available when this picture was done.

Is there another family picture available?

Thank you,  GlennDL

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