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Sunday, December 13, 2009

George P.Literal Descendants

Dear Glenn,
  I just found your website from the Lawrence County Archives,My husband William Henry Hood is a direct descendant of Rodham Luttrell,his grandfather was George P.Literal,and his father was Henry Dee Littreal,the spelling of the Luttrell has changed through the generations.We have no photographs of Rodham,Daniel or Henry.But we have information to add to your family tree.
   My name is Ann Hood and I am the wife of William Henry Hood,I am also the
family genealogist,and I need what information about Rodham Luttrell and George P.Literal.Henry Dee Littreal was a civil war veteran from the state of Tennessee,and he is buried in the state of Arkansas.He has a civil war headstone,I put it there myself in October of 2008,and although he had been dead for 100 years we gave Henry a full funeral,the land Henry is buried on is the land that he owned.
  I do have documentation of land records for George and Henry.I have the civil war records for
Henry,the record is 54 pages long,I can mail you a copy of his civil war record,but they cannot be e-mailed because of their length,and I have Henry's estate papers which is 30 pages.I am looking foreward to hearing from you.Thank you.
    Ann Hood


  1. Ann,
    I have two descendants of Rodhom named George [no middle initial] one is Rodhom's son, married Catherine Hollaway who had a son William [no known middle name] and the other a nephew of this George, married twice to Nanny Dildine & Nancy Riscilla Jones, with a son Henry [no known middle name] and William Turner.

    The first william is too young to have served in the Civil War and the second William and Henry above too old. Where does the Daniel you mention fit in? What is the direct line from your husband to Rodhom?
    GlennDL [aka Martlet6]

  2. Glenn,
    My Henry was the son of George and Catherine Holloway,and their son Henry married Elizabeth Holloway,my Henry did fight in the civil war.My husband William Henry Hood is the grandson of Louisa Eliza Elmira Littreal,and Louisa was the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Littreal,I have Henry's complete civil war file which is 55 pages long.I have long looked for Henry's family,I have no photos of this family but am interested in all information that I can find.Louisa first married at age 16 to a William Yandell,after his death she married Patric Leonider Hood,but I do have 2 photos of Louisa.No one had done any family history on this side of the Littreal family until I started some years ago,and I have some census records.I am willing to share all that I have with you.Thank you.
    Ann Hood

  3. Did George P. Littrel have a son named Levi. Does your henry have an uncle named Levi. I have the information on Levi and his family.
    I have very little information on the children. I know who they are and whom they married until it comes to my family.



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