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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

William Littrell:

From: Littrell's [ljlittrell@nckcn.comSent: Saturday, December 02, 2000 9:10 PM  To: GlennDL  Subject: William Littrell

Hello, My name is Jeremy Littrell, I am currently researching family history and have found a lot of fuzzy things that you may or may not help to clear up. I have found some possible information just by sketchy paper and word of mouth. I hope that you may aide me in my endeavors.

My ggg grandfathers name is said to be William Littrell born in 1795 in Littrell Kentucky. He married Sarah Harrison.?? He is said to have 12 children of which I only know my gg grandfathers name was William S. Littrell He was born in 1831 in Littrell, Kentucky. He married Sarah Gibson and eventually migrated to Kansas they had 2 children Raymond my g grandfather and Annie.

I would like to know where this lineage might come from if the story and information is factual.   Thanks a lot my email in jeremy_littrell@hotmail.com Please help me any information would help thanks.

*********************************************  REPLY ************


I can't say I have an exact match for your Williams's, but the closest of the 44 William Littrell/Luttrells I have are:

  • a.. William Luttrell [FTJ#3116], b. abt.1795 in Virginia [or possibly TN as his Parents, William and Elizabeth Witt Luttrell moved to E Tenn abt. 1796]. He supposedly died in St. Francis County, Missouri [date unknown. I have no family information on him other than his wife was supposed to be Susan Kerr [?Sarah?], whom he married in Jefferson Co., TN. 1-2-1822. He was a bondsman for the marriage of two of his sisters in 1818 in Knox County TN. When he left TN or arrived in Missouri is unknown but it would not me unusual for him to have been in KY at some time after 1822 as he did have cousins in KY. What part of Kentucky Is Littrell Kentucky, I believe I've seen reference to a Littrell community in south central KY and possibly a town of Littrell in E. KY. This William's family lived in the same area that the town of "Luttrell" TN eventually grew from.
  • b.. William F. Luttrell [FTJ#4957], son of James Luttrell, b. before 1832. All indications are he was born in E. Tenn, I have no more information on him at all. He was the nephew of the above William.
  • c.. William M. Luttrell [FTJ#3839], son of Rodhom & Matilda Horton Luttrell, b. between 1825-1830 in KY., probably south central area of Green/Lincoln/Adair/Casey Counties. Married Sarah McGowan, 1-12-1848 in Garrard CoKY., and had two known children: Martha & Precilla. Other children, death dates, and location after marriage unknown.
  • d.. William Thomas Luttrell [FTJ#5054], son of John R. & Mary Alice Duncan Luttrell of Morgan CoIL. John R. was born in Adair CoKY and he and Mary were married in Morgan CoIL.; where William T. was probably born on 12-20-1831. William T. had a brother, Isaac, whom he wrote to from service as a Union soldier. Post Civil war information on William T. is unknown or I haven't processed it yet.

I realize The above probably won't match up with your Williams but don't be shy about reminding me to recheck in the future. I'll put your info in my 'check back on later' file but sometimes I overlook a possible connection if I'm not reminded to.

Glenn D. Littrell

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