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Monday, December 1, 2014

Haughty [LANDTROOP]:

  Ezell-Landtroop Wedding enteredFTMUpdate: 11-23-2015: New information is in ‘grape’.

This Landtroop family (article right) bears the same surname as Mary Catherine Urban’s mother, Susannah L. E. Landtroop wife of Cassandra Urban.

     In researching Mary Catherine's ancestors and their descendants we came across this family, which, by their surname, location and dates are probably related to Mary Catherine. Until that relationship/connection is made we list them as unknown relatives.  

     When they are connected we will show them in the Urban family line and change their surname from all caps to “Landtroop”.

......1 Haughty [LANDTROOP]
.........2 Mai LANDTROOP
           + William EZELL m: 1933 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA

Until a recent visit to the St. Louis County Library we had no more information for this small family that is contained in this newspaper article.

From resources at that library we were able to identify the Landtroop’s in the article, as well as clear up some other ‘mysteries’.

We still have not connected the William EZELL mentioned, and have not identified any children (not mentioned) of Mai & William.

Below is the above information, corrected and updated to our files. With the exception of Viola Johns and John Henry Simbeck we do not list the 3rd generations.

The new information on the Landtroops also clears up some questions about Viola Johns and John Henry Simbeck, which will be covered in another post.

1 George C. Landtroop b: Nov 09, 1845 in Alabama, USA, d: Apr 18, 1921
   + Mary Neece
...2 John Henry Landtroop b: Dec 10, 1876 in Alabama, USA, d: Apr 27, 1934
...2 Marion Huston Landtroop b: Jul 15, 1879 in Alabama, USA, d: Dec 21, 1943
      + Laura Mae Fisher b: Nov 06, 1895 in Tennessee, USA, m: Aug 04, 1912 in Lawrence, 
         Tennessee, USA, d: Jan 02, 1962
             [children not shown here]
...2 Elizabeth Betty Landtroop b: Oct 06, 1881 in Alabama, USA, d: Feb 27, 1941 in Loretto,
          Lawrence County,Tennessee, USA

      + Henry J. Simbeck b: Dec 05, 1879 in Tennessee, USA, m: Nov 23, 1902 in Lawrence,
         Tennessee, USA, d: Sep 10, 1957
......3 John Henry Simbeck b: Jan 21, 1904 in Tennessee, USA, d: Oct 22, 1929 in Loretto,
          Lawrence,Tennessee, USA
      + Viola Mae Johns b: Nov 09, 1909 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA, m: Jun 13, 1926 in
          Lawrence,Tennessee, USA, d: Oct 13, 1970 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
......3 Joe Simbeck
......3 Louis Simbeck
......3 William Simbeck
......3 Edward Herman Simbeck
......3 Pauline Barbara Simbeck
...2 Nancy Lee Landtroop b: Jul 18, 1884 in Alabama, USA, d: Aug 24, 1858 in Loretto,
        Lawrence  County,Tennessee, USA; Chronic Pulmonary Fibrosis / Informant Mrs. Fred
      + Elic Fisher b: Mar 02, 1893, m: Oct 11, 1914 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA, d: Nov
         07, 1950 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA
...2 Fanny Dasie Landtroop b: Abt. 1887 in Alabama, USA
...2 Frances Landtroupe b: 1889 in Alabama, USA, d: 1930
     + David Payne b: 1887, m: Sep 22, 1912 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA
...2 George Landtroop b: Feb 19, 1894 in Tennessee, USA
      + Virgie Hamsley b: May 20, 1906, m: Oct 01, 1922 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA,
          d. Jan 20, 1924
      + Verena Hamsley b: Oct 09, 1909, d: Jan 09, 1947 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA
...2 Susie Landtroop
      + James R. Fowler b: Aug 22, 1878 in TN., Wayne Co., [Holly Creek Community],
         m: Jan 27, 1901 in Lawrence, Tennessee, USA
      + Newton
...2 William E.J. Bill Landtroop
      + Haughty Fowler

......3 Beulah Mai Landtroop
      + William EZELL m: 1933

......3 Audie Landtroop
......3 Willie E. Landtroop
......3 Rosa Landtroop
......3 Walter Landtroop
......3 Ruby Landtroop
......3 Ruth Landtroop
......3 Louise Landtroop
......3 Brownie Landtroop

Lawrence News: 4-21-1933 ----------------------------
     The identification of any other persons in this article would help us immensely. The absence of ages and in some cases first names has made definite identifications difficult. We can assume some possible identification but this might be misleading.
     The positive identification of any of those in the article could open the door to the identification of the remaining person. Any researchers who can shed any light on this article would be doing us a great service.

William Ezell is an unknown Ezell, the family of Kizzie Zore Comer Littrell.
IMAG0004[3][2]  GlennDL

Landtroop, Lantroop, Lantrip, Lathrop, and all spellings.
Ancestors of the descendants of Timmons Literal & Mary Catherine Urban through her mother.

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