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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jesse Comer’s Estate

Ancestor's mentioned in this analysis:

  • Daniel P. Comer: Husband of Ollie Ezell and father of Grandma Kizzie Zore Comer (married John D. Littrell). Referred to here as Daniel.
  • Susan Comer: Daniel’s sister (married John W. Potts). Referred to here as Susan.
  • Hannah Comer: Daniel’s sister (married a Powell). Referred to here as Hannah.
  • Jesse Comer: Father of Daniel, Susan and Hannah. Referred to here as Jesse.
  • Samuel Ellison: Brother-in-law (married Mary Comer) of Jesse. This is the same Samuel Ellison that Jesse pulled from the millpond and buried after he had been stoned to death.
  • Susannah Belew Comer: Mother of Jess and Mary (Susannah married first Daniel’s father and then a Springer). Referred to here as Susannah.
  • Rennie Belew: Uncle to Jesse and Mary and brother of Susannah. Referred to here as Rennie.
  • Zachariah Belew: Veteran of the Revolution and father of Susannah and Rennie. Referred to here as Zachariah.

In the will of Jesse  (1887) he describes his land as encompassing a creek running north and southwardly and Lambs Ferry Road doing the same.

The portion of the estate left to Daniel would be to the east of the creek and Susan portion (including the ‘mansion’) would be to the west, comprising 151 1/4 acres total. This land was deeded to Jesse from Bennie D. Todd and Jesse places its value at $1,000.00 .

From the description in the will we believe the land is about a half mile north of Bishop Chapel Road where for a little over half a mile Bluewater Creek and road are parallel. We assume this is the approximate location based on the description1 2  and on two other events:

  1. Daniel’s children (including Kizzie) attended nearby Pebble Hill School.

  2. Daniel and his wife, Ollie, are buried in nearby Bishop Chapel Cemetery.

Pebble Hill School 1902

Pebble Hill School 1902
(note Kizzie Comer is the barefoot little girl, 5th from the left, front row.)

Jesse’s will also contained other provisions, but they lack descriptions that might help identify their location:

  • He deeded to Daniel 25 acres he obtained from John W. Potts in 1869 and 19 acres from Rennie (Jesse’s uncle).

  • He willed that Daniel and Susan compensate their sister, Hannah, $166.00 each for her interest in the estate and that Daniel receive another 140 acres he had obtained from the heirs of Samuel Ellison.

  • He also willed that a 129 acres he had obtained from Renne be sold and proceeds from it and his personal property be sold at auction and the proceeds be divided between his three children, Hannah, Susan and Daniel. (Jesse had accumulated 138 acres from his uncle Rennie.)

Who was the J.H. Belew who signed as a witness? If he was the son of Dennis Belew what was the relationship between Dennis, JH and Jesse?

From: “The Littrell Family Journals: Volume II”,
book and full title still in pre-publication.

Reference notes:

1  In Jesse Comer's will he describes a creek running north and southwardly and Lambs Ferry Road doing the same.

  • Lambs Ferry Road runs from Bishop Chapel Road north to Highway 43 just south of Leoma, about 5 miles.
  • Bluewater Creek also runs the same length from Bishop Chapel Road and departs from Lambs Ferry Road above Glendale Road. North of Glendale Road there are two creeks that cross Lambs Ferry Road but there direction is more east-west than north-south.
  • South of Glenndale Road (approximately 3.5miles) there are two portions where Lambs Ferry is to the east of Bluewater Creek:
  • The first possible (and most probable) location occurs about a half mile north of Bishop Chapel Road and for a little over half a mile the creek and road are parallel. At that point both turn easterly and Bluewater eventually ends up on the east side of the road. This is also the closest location to Pebble Hill Road and Bishop Chapel Cemetery.
  • The second possible Location is a little over 2 miles north of Bishop Road (at Union Hill Road)for about half a mile the two run parallel again until Bluewater Creek crosses the road again. From here going north Bluewater is always to the east of the road.

2  Of course we acknowledge that our method of determining this possible location is unscientific and based on vague information. In addition this will was written over 120 years ago. While there might be only minor natural shifts in the course of Bluewater Creek over this period of time there could have been man-made shifts and the course of Lambs Ferry Road could have undergone major changes. But we put forth this theory in the hopes that those more familiar with the area might redirect us as is necessary. We of course will, in time, make our own visit to the area, but will it be productive?

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