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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Murder Of John Perry Luttrell:

When Rodhom Literal (#599) migrated from Casey Co., Kentucky to Lawrence County, Tn., he left at least one grown son in the Casey County area around Dunville.
Rodhom Literal, JR and his wife Matilda Horton, along with the descendants of his father's brothers and cousins from the Virginia migration, left generations of Luttrells in the south-central area of Kentucky.
A grandson of Rodhom Literal, JR., was one of these descendants. He (John Perry Luttrell) and his wife Rebecca lived in the Dunville area in the early 1900s. Rebecca was also a Luttrell by birth. She descended from her great-great-grandfather Richard Luttrell,  a cousin of Rodhom Literal (#599).
According to one source, John was an “M.G., minister of the Gospel, performed several Luttrell marriages”
In August of 1909 there occurred a deadly incident at Dry Fork Church near the community of Phil that left John and his son-in-law, Addie Chapman, dead:
Known to be involved in the fight was John and Addie (both stabbed to death), John Chapman, as well as John Luttrell’s daughter, Polly Jane (Luttrell) Chumley and her husband John, and at least 3 other Luttrells and 2 other Chapmans.
JohnPerryLuttrellPolly and her husband received life-threatening wounds (gunshot and stab wounds), but both survived.
The 3 unnamed Luttrells and 2 unnamed Chapman’s were arrested.
We don’t know if Addie’s wife, Rebecca A. (Luttrell) Chapman, was involved or not, but it appears the fight erupted between John and Addie Chapman and Mr. Luttrell.
The article says the Luttrell and Chapman families for a long time had bad feelings between them, which is surprising when you realize that Addie Chapman had married John Luttrell’s daughter Rebecca just 6 months before the fight.
(Phil is about 4 miles east of Dunville.)
Note: For Descendants of John Daniel Littrell (LITTRELLFAMILY.net ON FACEBOOK) John Daniel Littrell and John Perry Luttrell would be 2nd cousins. To figure your relationship to John Perry Luttrell count your ancestors from John Daniel Littrell (he would be 0) to yourself (X), You would be 2nd cousin, X removed from John Perry Luttrell).

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