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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Susannah Belew–Comer:

 Birth~ Nov. 26, 1792 Union County, South Carolina, USA

Susannah was born in Union Co., South Carolina, a daughter to Zachariah and Mary (Bullington) Belew. Susannah came from good sturdy stock. She and all of her siblings except one outlived their first spouse, made rough journeys across, states, mountains and river by horseback and wagon. Her ancestors were farmers by trade, soldiers by duty, good citizens by choice, Baptist by faith and prosperous by hard work and fearless ventures.

She married Daniel Comer in Union Co. and they had five children. Daniel died in 1825, and in 1827, she moved to Lawrence Co., TN with her children and her parents. Her oldest son, Jesse (age 11), rode the entire journey on horseback with his mother, over 450 miles.

On March 31, 1827 she buys 40 acres from her father, Zachariah. We don't know who inherited any lands owned by Zachariah and Mary Belew.

Her second marriage was to Aaron Springer after his first wife, Ruth (Little) Springer died - 11-24-1834. Aaron and Ruth had also made the journey from Union County, South Carolina.


Susannah died May 13, 1848 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. She is buried in an unmarked grave in Second Creek Cemetery.

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