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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Jace Showalter: US Army

Jace is the grandson of Jeffrey Dolan Littrell(USAF Ret.) and the great-great-great grandson of John and Kizzie Littrell.

With the enlistment of Jace on July 3rd, 2017 a family tradition of military service that goes back 241 years continues.

Jace Showalter FB (1)Jace is at least the 36th family member to serve in the military since the beginning of World War II. Beginning with the 7 sons and son-in-laws of John and Kizzie who served their descendants account for 73 years of unbroken military service. Starting with Red, OJ, Jesse, Bordie and JD (World War II) and continuing with Blaine Davis, Garrett Littrell, Steven Johnson, Angela & Joel Paff and now Jace, today and into the future…

Jace took his basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and his MOS training at Goodfellow AFB where he is presently stationed.

Jace Showalter FB (2)Jace Showalter FB (4)Jace Showalter FB (6)

Over the last 72 years, covering 5 generations. From 1942 to 2017 there has always been a descendant (family member) of John & Kizzie Littrell in the military.

Jace Showalter FB (14)

originally posted 11-11-17


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