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Friday, November 10, 2017

MRC Generations: Jesse, Billy & Blaine Davis–Father, Son, & Great-Grandson

AFD-1d (7)

AFD-1d (6)

blaine scott davis (wayne's son)

Jesse Davis, Billy Davis & Letha Mae Littrell Davis


Blaine is the son of Wayne Lee Davis and grandson of Billy & Alberta Davis and great grandson of Jesse & Letha Mae (Littrell) Davis and great-great-grandson of John & Kizzie. Jesse and Bill also served in the US Navy.

Bill Davis



Blaine Scott Davis

While there have been several 2 generations of service combinations:

Renny & Zachariah Belew (father-son)*

Rodhom & Eli Literal (father-son)

Robert, Rodhom & Eli Literal (father-son-grandson)  & Jesse, Bill, and Blaine served in three different conflicts.

*Renny Belew actually served at the same time as three of his son’s did. In the same unit during the American Revolution.


The above information is from: Military Role Call: The Littrell Family of Mississippi County, Missouri, The Littrell Family Journals Volume IV. (click here)
Littrell Family Veterans Video

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