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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Migrations and Homesteads:

We currently have 10 articles posted (post) on this website concerning the migration history and homesteads of our ancestors. These stories appear under the “Ancestral Lines:” section and those articles are labeled (Index Label) “Homestead Articles”.

Below is a list of these articles so that you can read them in the order of their historical date (reference):

Our Ancestral Movements: From Virginia to Missouri (Migration): While we have been developing the story of the family’s Missouri migration from Lawrence County, Tennessee to the bootheel region of Missouri we have seen more information falling in place on earlier migration stories…
Cemetery Tour: Fairview Church (Homestead): With the formation of the Fairview First Congregational Methodist Church in 1915 the Bluesprings community became known as Fairview. The land for the church was donated by Mary Catherine Urban Literal’s brother, James Urban, and the land for the cemetery by Mary Catherine herself…1926us enlarged
The Missouri Migration: John & Kizzie Littrell (Migration)   ......... When Uncle Jim and Dad returned to Tennessee after checking out Missouri, Dad didn't return with Uncle Jim and his family to Missouri until a few years later. Dad ran a store in Tennessee, but because he….
The Family’s Migration Story: Tennessee To Missouri Ferry (Migration)   The story told about Uncle Jim's journey references “...they landed in New Madrid on the ferry...”. The story told of Grandpa John's journey does not reference how they got across the Mississippi River. In trying to trace…
Laura Brown Littrell: A Jouney There And Back (Migration)   In 1919, I married Edward Littrell and we had nine children, six boys and three girls. We lived in and near Loretto until 1929 we moved to South East Mo….
LaForge Community: Do you know anything about it?  (Homestead)  “... after crossing on the ferry from Tennessee to the New Madrid area to join his older brother James, John & Kizzie moved into the LaForge Community...”
Tenant Farming in the Missouri Bootheel: 1930s   (Homestead)    Grandpa John and Uncle James brought their families to the Bootheel area of Southeast Missouri in the early 1930s. As tenant/sharecropper farmers they faced hard and unfair times trying to establish a foundation for rearing a family….
The Tennessee to Missouri Migration:  (SUMMARY)    Comer, James Littrell, John Littrell, Littrell, Belew, Thurman, Curtis, Shelton. Migration from Lawrence County, TN to the bootheel of Missouri…
Littrell Family Homestead: John & Kizzie, East Prairie, Mo. (Homestead)   The homestead is located on the edge of town (East Prarie, Missouri) on the corner of Goose Lane and Duck Circle (the western intersection)…
Our Heritage, Homestead, Reunions, You and Your Kids.  (SUMMARY) The make-up of our families is just as representative as the "melting pot" quality of this country. We are descendants of Irish, Prussian, French-Norman, English, and German intermarriages from our earliest ancestors, and from our modern day marriages, our descendants are also going to posses Filipino, Hispanic, Scottish, African and Native American ancestries…

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