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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Laura Brown Littrell

Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 11:30 AM
To: glennsworld.littrell@gmail.com
Subject: HelloLaura__Ezell_Brown__Littrell

Hello Glenn, It has been a long time but I think that I was on your mailing list several years ago. I found you and your website by accident when I was searching for information about my great grandmother Laura Brown Littrell. I believe that it was you who sent me a photo of her as a very young girl.
Shortly there after my computer died and life become very eventful to say the least. That said I have a new email address and started working on my family tree yet again. So please add me to your mailing list. Thank you
Take care
Bonnie Kellum

April 7, 1988
The Democrat Union Lawrence County, Tennessee
To the Editor:

I would like to be a member of your over 80-club.I was born near Loretto, the daughter of H.M. and Martha (Ezell) Brown July 4, 1901.

I went to school at Pebble Hill School, which is gone now. My first teacher was Miss Anna Wisdom from Lawrenceburg.I entered third grade when I started school until the Pebble Hill school was built there was no school near enough to attend. My mother taught my sister and I at home. At first there was only three months school term and than later five months. We lived five miles away from the school and we walked it each day to and from school. There was no school buses in those days.

In 1919, I married Edward Littrell and we had nine children, six boys and three girls. We lived in and near Loretto until 1929 we moved to South East Mo. My father and mother came to Mo. in 1930. Within the next few years, both my father and mother died, also a sister and my oldest brother. In 1940 my husband died and in 1941 a son.

The children and I moved back to Tennessee in December of 1941 we bought a small farm near Liberty Grove.

In 1946, I married K.G. Campbell. He died July 2 in 1960. By then, all my children were married and I went back to MO. for a few months, a very unhappy few months and I came back to Tennessee. the most beautiful state in the world. I have a trailer and I live alone in Loretto. I do my housework, work in the garden and flowers and I am content.

There has been many changes in these 80 years. Some people say the good old days, but I, for one, don't think some of them were so good.

I have read the D-U for many years and for several years was a D-U correspondent for Loretto Route 4. The D-U is the best county newspaper in the South.

                           Thank You
                           Laura Campbell
Photo courtesy of Auvine Littrell Lynxwiler: Inscription on back of picture says: "This is Lo??? Littrell. She was Ed Littrell's wife I don't know what kin she was to Dad + Uncle John", also on back in pencil:"Laura Littrell.

note: Laura’s children descend from George Literal, brother to Timmons Literal and son of Eli Franklin Literal, but Laura and her descendants also descend from Hobardt Ezell (Kizzie Comer Littrell’s grandfather) and an as yet unconnected Belew family line. (see also Unknown Belews)

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