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Monday, October 31, 2016

Littrell Family Veterans Day Dedication and Luncheon

Friday, 11 November 2016
12:00 Noon Dedication
Veterans Memorial
Luncheon following
at Boomland on I-57
outside of Charleston, Missouri

We will be holding the informal ceremony this Veterans Day (November 11th) at the Veterans Memorial in East Prairie.
Chief Master Sergeant Wallace 'Wally' Littrell, Retired, will say some words and lead us in prayer, which will be followed by an opportunity for photographs.
We will then proceed to 'Boomland" for the Family Luncheon.
The family veterans being recognized with a brick are:
  • Red Littrell -Army WWII
  • Jessie Davis -Navy WWII
  • OJ Littrell -Army WWII
  • Les Littrell -Army
  • JD Littrell -Navy/Army WWII/Korea
  • Bordie Thurman -Army WWII
  • Rubin Littrell -Army Korea
  • Bill Davis -Navy
  • Troy Littrell Army Vietnam
  • JL Littrell -Navy Vietnam
  • Glenn Littrell -Army
  • Blaine Davis -Navy
  • Wallace Littrell -Air Force Retired
  • Tim Littrell –Navy
  • Angeka Pfaff – Air Force Retired
  • Jeff Littrell – Air Force Retired
We encourage all descendants of John and Kizzie to attend the ceromony and luncheon. We will have the book "Military Role Call: The Littrell Family of Mississippi County, Missouri" available for review at the luncheon.*
After the last Littrell Family Luncheon we posted information about the Veteran's Memorial in East Prairie  Missouri. It was decided that we would facilitate the purchase of a brick for our families Veterans, descendants of John and Kizzie of East Prairie. We posted this information on June 9th with the plan being that we would have a dedication followed by another family lunch on Veterans Day this year.
We encourage any one who is descended from John & Kizzie who missed this opportunity to purchase a brick for their Veteran to still do so. It may be too late for this dedication but it isn't to late to do it. Be sure to let it be known that you wish the brick to be placed with the Littrell family bricks.
*The book list the Military Service of 35 descendants of John and Kizzie who have served in the military as well as ancestors of John and Kizzie that served since before the Revolutionary War.
We ask that anyone who has a copy of the book to bring it for viewing.

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