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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Leatha Mae Littrell: born 6-23-1924

Leatha Mae Littrell fourth and youngest daughter (9th child)of John & Kizzie Littrell.
Leatha Mae Littrell  was born June 23, 1924 in TN., Lawrence Co., and died January 18, 1979 in FL., Ft. Meyers(1) She married (1) Jesse Lee Davis (#428)(2) July 12, 1941, son of Jesse Davis and Fannie Largent.
Children of Leatha Littrell and Jesse Davis are:
  1. Billy Lee Davis.
  2. Ronnie Dale Davis, born in 1947, died 1947.
  3. Jerry Gale Davis, born May 20, 1952, died May 6, 1967 in a car accident in East Prairie, MO.
  4. Joyce Davis.
  5. Pamela Davis.

Letha Mae & PamJesse & Letha Mae Littrell DavisPDW-- (13)

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